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Being the best man at a wedding is no easy task; not only are you expected to be the groom’s personal aide and advisor, but you must also help with arrangements, keep the ring safe, give a toast, and help tackle any unexpected problems that might disrupt the wedding.

But everyone knows the best man’s most important task is to plan the most amazing, over the top stag party that will put the groom’s bachelor days behind him in a way he won’t soon forget. While delivering the perfect stag party filled with fun, lascivious entertainment for the groom’s last hurrah can be a lot of pressure, choosing the perfect destination can take you most of the way there.

The perfect stag party location will give you a huge variety of different daytime and nighttime options to choose from, whether they are fun bonding activities or mischievous adventures in debauchery that no one but the groom’s best men will ever find out about.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the party destinations across the world that will make for a trip that the groom – or anyone else in the party – will never forget.

Best Stag Party Destinations in the World

Las Vegas, USA

What kind of list would this be if it didn’t start with the most famous bachelor party location of all time? Las Vegas, Nevada is the absolute capital of sin of the world; a place where you will never have a shortage of options for excess, mischief or decadence.

Not only does Vegas have one of the best party scenes in the world, featuring an insane and diverse clubbing scene, the best pool parties on earth, unreal strip clubs, and plenty of gambling fun.

Heading to the hotel’s casino before a night out is the perfect opportunity to start heating up the engines. However if you are new to casino games you can practice your skills online before placing any best on the real tables. Every game you will find in Vegas casinos can be found online, allowing you to learn the rules and objectives of each game and make the best out of your money.

But Vegas isn’t just gambling and party. If you’re looking to give the groom a completely different kind of experience, Vegas offers activities as diverse as going to Cirque du Soleil, jumping from a plane, shooting machine guns in the desert, a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, or hitting the racetrack at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. No matter what kind of party you want it to be, chance are Vegas has what you need in spades.

Fountains of Bellagio.

Bangkok, Thailand

While it might seem this list is just checking off all the bachelor party locations from the Hangover series, the truth is Bangkok is a stag party staple for a reason.

A 24/7 festive city filled with amazing nightlife, exotic and exquisite food, and exotic clubs featuring sexy pole dancers and contortionists that are ready to give you a show that practically defies the limits of the human physique. While I won’t go into what goes into these shows, the one thing I can guarantee is that it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Visiting the red light districts in the Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy districts you will find plenty of amazing nightclubs and bars to get the party started. You can also book a bachelor party bus, which will take you around the city with plenty of alcohol, your own DJ sound system and, of course, some beautiful pole-dancing ladies ready to put on a show.

Other than its partying, perhaps what the city is most known for are its famous massage parlors, where any possible stress or anxiety will be treated until it leaves your body completely. Not only are these the perfect place to nurse a hangover, but they will make you feel completely rejuvenated before you continue the day’s festivities.

Full Moon Party Thailand

Photo credit: Joe Stump

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Europe’s capital of sin, Amsterdam has absolutely everything you can dream of for a bachelor’s party in one amazing location. A city bursting with beauty, history, sensuality and decadence, Amsterdam offers a stag party all sorts of attractions, naughty and nice

Boasting the most famous red light district in the world, a visit there not only includes the beautiful vistas, world class museums, and crazy street performances in practically every corner, but also plenty of mischief hidden within.

Visit any of the city’s cafes where you can enjoy one of many types of edible or smokeable cannabis, or take a stroll through the red light district’s streets where you will find plenty of sexy vixens displayed in windows throughout. The nightclub scene is also world class, and you’ll find plenty of crazy parties to give the groom a night he won’t soon forget.

A definite bachelor party must is to join one of the beer bike parties, moving bars where everyone will peddle together while you get a tour of the city in the best possible way: With a beer in your hand. Also, make sure to check out the Striptease Dinner, where you get to enjoy not just a delicious meal, but also a sensual strip tease show as a side.

Beer bike Amsterdam

Photo credit: FaceMePLS

Ibiza, Spain

If the groom is a fan of electronic dance music and dancing the night away, there is probably no better place on earth to take him than the Spanish island of Ibiza.

One of the premier party spots in Europe, Ibiza offers plenty of fun activities to do throughout the day such as karting, parasailing, riding scooters, hiring a private yacht, driving sports cars or even taking a jeep safari.

But let’s be honest, if you are in Ibiza for a bachelor’s party you are all about the nightlife. Start your evening by hopping into a disco bus that will take you around the city and into popular night clubs like the world famous ‘Pacha’ or ‘Amnesia’.

Practically every night, you will find a one of the world’s most famous DJs playing somewhere in the island, giving you the chance to lose yourself to the music and go wild.

Caal Smile...what a great DJ!

Amnesia Ibiza

Photo credit: Amnesia Ibiza via Flickr

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

While Cancun may be the most famous party beach in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is truly the ideal bachelor party getaway destination. Boasting stunning beaches, wild nightlife and plenty of fun activities, this beautiful Baja California resort town will keep you very busy (and probably very drunk) for days on end.

During the days, Baja offers plenty of fun in the sun activities at a very reasonable budget. Take the groom on a sport fishing trip, explore the amazing coral reef in a scuba diving expedition or take a “Pole dance cruise” on the Sea of Cortez with some beautiful dancers.

If the group is into extreme sports, there are plenty of opportunities to go parasailing, going on an ATV expedition, zip lining or even bungee jumping that are sure to get the adrenaline going and prepare you for a wild night out.

Come nighttime, Cabo is all about booze and debauchery. Take the group on one of the Cabo bar crawl tours, which will not only take you through all of Cabo’s biggest clubs and bars, but are usually “all you can drink” affairs, making for a crazy (yet supervised) night.


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  1. I think there should be at least one Hollywood movie featuring a bachelor party taking place in each one of the above destinations! They are all ideal for this purpose! I would personally pick Mexico for all the fun activities!

    • Totally agree! That would be such a fabulous movie – I guess technically the Hangover sequels are on the right track with making their way around each location lol

  2. Wow these are pretty exotic stag dos. Possibly a bit far for anyone in the Uk but we are spoilt for choice for places to go in Europe. Heading back to Vegas in a few years to celebrate a big birthday

    • Very true, there are some fabulous spots in Europe for a Stag do – from this list, obviously Amsterdam would be the easiest to get to :) Have an amazing time in Vegas!

  3. Just the perfect list of places to travel for some of the best stag parties ever! Not that I have been to all these places (Ibiza has been on my list for a very long time), but I can vouch for Vegas, Bangkok and Amsterdam. My (girl) friend is about to get married end of this year and we are planning her bachelorette in Goa ;) That’s also a pretty cool place for a stag party!

    • A bachelorette in Goa sounds fabulous! My congrats to your girlfriend! If the groomsmen are looking for ideas for the stag do, feel free to point them here! :)

  4. That’s obviously a cool list of places to go but I am surprised you mention that many time pole dancing and strip clubs. Maybe it’s a bit different in Europe and in the US but I’d be shocked to hear if everyone did this around here. Usually the guys go on a trip together, sometimes they just stay in town and they have a fun night out dancing, partying and going crazy.

    • Hi Melanie – obviously it depends on the personalities of the group of guys, but pole dancing / strip clubs is the stereotypical bucks night / pretty standard from a Western perspective. It could definitely be a difference in culture too though, maybe it’s a more conservative atmosphere where you’re writing from :)

  5. These destinations sound like they would make for some seriously epic bachelor parties. Some of these would’ve gotten my husband in trouble ;) Haha. I think Amsterdam is a cool and more alternative destination. Vegas is a huge scene for it, especially being from the U.S.

    • Haha what happens on boys night stays on boys night right :D Vegas is definitely the more quintessential bachelor party scene, and it’s a fabulous choice if you’re based in the US because there are always really cheap flights. Amsterdam would be my pick for Europe though for sure :)

  6. I feel like all of these places are a great way to get your wedding canceled (or to be too hungover to function for a month). New Orleans would be another amazing place to get into trouble.

    • Bahaha lol well I do recommend planning a stag do with at least a week inbetween the partying and the wedding. But a month + if you feel you may be hungover for that long lol!

      New Orleans would be a great choice to add for consideration indeed!

  7. Hahaha, wish we could’ve discovered this post before our wedding :P Any unmarried friends out their who would like to invite us for their stag party in one of these places?

    • Something to keep in mind for any friends you have with nuptials upcoming :D

  8. I completely agree with these choices. I know my man will have a blast with all the sin that Vegas will offer. Personally more than Vegas, I think Amsterdam is more his kind of place. It somehow, is a little calmer. Of maybe,it is just me who thinks that ;-) Nice list and a very interesting read.

    • Sounds like you’re a very understanding fiance lol :D! I agree with you on Amsterdam being a little calmer than Vegas, and the nice thing too is that it has a bit more to offer in terms of the culture scene for exploring during the day … if they’re not too hungover to explore during the day lol :D

  9. Interesting post! My hubby stayed at home, mainly because weddings are expensive for guests so we agreed to do something cheaper and at home – being from the UK we wouldn’t be able to justify travelling to USA or Thailand for a weekend! But Amsterdam is very popular with British stags, and actually so many guys I know have headed to Prague for all the cheap beer!

    • Thanks Samantha! I loved it during my year in the UK for all of the cheap flight options to Europe lol! Very jealous living here in Australia where it’s quite a long haul to get anywhere :D

      I totally missed the boat on not including Prague here – of course, such a fabulous beer / nightclub scene! I’ll have to make an update :D

  10. You forgot Montreal, Canada. #2 in North America after Vegas!

    • Thanks for the tip Grant! Will keep it in mind for the next update :D!

  11. Haha so my question is Bangkok safe? Lol not trying to get kidnapped we are coming from the United States and are trying to figure out if we wanna do Bangkok or Columbia????? Please let me know your thoughts.

    • Hi Randy, both are perfectly safe destinations so long as you’re not breaking the law (for instance drugs is a big one that gets tourists into trouble in these destinations).

      Bangkok is one of the biggest tourist hubs in Asia, so you shouldn’t expect any trouble. Put some research into which neighborhoods and areas to avoid, and like you would traveling anywhere, practice streets smarts and common sense when you’re out and about. Bangkok probably has more entertainment options than Columbia in terms of a stag night, so I would probably recommend that.

      Happy travels!

  12. Hey! Great List. I just want to add another destination to your list and that would be Taipei, Taiwan. The city boasts famous attractions, bustling nightlife, excellent restaurants and extensive shopping opportunities, as well as a heady mix of history and culture with modern and progressive thinking. This makes it one of the top bachelor party destinations in the world. Taipei has something for almost any interest and every kind of traveller, whether you are on a budget or looking for VIP amenities for your group during your bucks trip. Taipei even offers you amazing food with its mind blowing night markets like Shilin Night Market and Raohe Night Market. These Markets have everything you could ask for whether its gifts, food or any other thing. You can even enjoy some adventurous activities like River trekking, Paragliding, Scuba diving and many more.
    Hope you will add this to your list and let people know about this too.

    • Thanks for sharing, Taipei does sound like an incredible destination. I’ll have to add it to my list to visit soon too! :)

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