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Whether you’re a light packer or an overpacker (guilty!), underwear is the one thing every traveler needs to pack. And every now and then, it does pay to give your underwear draw a refresh. 

But instead of buying the same old underwear you previously had (you know – the ones which gave you a wedgie in Morocco, and made you chafe in the Amazon’s humidity), a savvy traveler should aim to improve their underwear choices. 

If you’re sick of wedgies, chafing, and odor in your suitcase (though underwear odor is a natural deterrent for having your suitcase hijacked), I have one word for you: Hemp.  

Hemp is a cannabis Sativa fibre that is naturally antibacterial, anti-microbial, and a breathable fabric to wear. Hemp garments are not only strong, UV resistant and feel great against your skin, they’re also one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics. 

WAMA Underwear specializes in ethical and sustainable hemp underwear, and since realizing the fantastic benefits of hemp undies for travel, I’ve stocked up on their boxers for Mike, and their underwear and bralettes for myself. 

Here’s why you should switch to WAMA hemp underwear for travel. I haven’t had a wedgie since!

Why You Should Switch to Hemp Undies for Travel: WAMA Underwear Review

About Hemp Fibre

WAMA Underwear Best Hemp Underwear for travel review

Hemp fibre isn’t new, and has been used to make clothing in countries like China for thousands of years. But its reputation for being coarse and heavy, and the stereotypes attached to the well known narcotic, saw 20th century fashion lean towards silk, wool, cotton, and polyester.  

To get the fibres hemp is ‘retted’ (soaked in dew or chemicals to soften) and then ‘scutched’ (the fibres scraped off) like linen. But companies like WAMA can now do this mechanically using little energy and no chemicals.

Hemp traditionally has a reputation for being coarse and heavy. However, modern techniques now produce a fibre and yarn that are both soft and strong, that can be knitted and woven, and that gets softer with every wash. 

It works well in blends with other fibres, WAMA Underwear having found the perfect blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 3% spandex. The cotton fibers make the garment softer and spandex fibers add stretch and recovery performance.

As a crop, hemp requires little water and usually no chemical fertilisers and pesticides. It grows fast, with high yields, making it an environmentally friendly fibre, and far more sustainable than cotton. 

So hemp underwear is a great ethical choice. But you should be comfortable with your ethics (pun intended), which WAMA Underwear 100% is. 

What’s it Like to Wear WAMA Hemp Underwear?

Wear WAMA Underwear Best Hemp Underwear for travel review

Hemp fabric, and in this case the WAMA Underwear signature fibre blend, is super comfortable and feels great against your skin. 

Unlike other natural fibres, hemp is super strong so it doesn’t break down from continuous washing and wearing, it just gets softer. And this is a great combination of being both soft and supportive. 

It’s also incredibly breathable as a fabric, with an increased airflow which makes it moisture wicking; it wicks away excess moisture from sweat, making it comfortable to wear in humid destinations, or for physical activity like sports, hiking, or adventure. 

The fabric is strong, but the addition of 3% spandex makes WAMA’s range for both women and men stretchy, giving great freedom of movement, which doesn’t see chafing or rubbing, and doesn’t encourage wedgies. 

Pro tip: The freedom of movement also makes it comfortable for every body; despite ordering my sizing before I became pregnant, both the underwear and the Racerback Bralette have stretched with me, the fabric remaining just as supportive and comfortable for my changing body type. 

And WAMA Underwear looks great; not that there are many settings where you’ll be parading around in your underwear (in many countries you can get arrested for that!!), but their various styles allow you to choose a cut you’re personally comfortable with, and it’s always a boost of confidence when you know you look good down there, even if it’s a secret from everyone else on the plane. 

If you’ve never tried Hemp Underwear, WAMA has a great refund policy; if for any reason you are not happy with your first pair, they’ll send you a new size, color or issue you a refund. No questions asked & no returns needed.

What’s it Like to Travel With Hemp Underwear?

Travel with WAMA Underwear Best Hemp Underwear for travel review

Just because underwear is comfortable for everyday use doesn’t automatically make it the perfect choice for travel. 

Once you hit the road there are a range of other considerations you have to start thinking about, like odor, washing on the road, and durability. 

Practicality wise, Hemp’s unique natural qualities make it the best travel underwear you can get. And not only because the strong fabric means you’ll be replacing your underwear less. 

The naturally breathable and moisture wicking qualities of WAMA Underwear mean you’ll be able to comfortably wear them in all settings; on a plane, and in all types of adventure, whether you’re in humid places like the Amazon, or trekking Mt Kilimanjaro.

And hemp is naturally antibacterial which means the underwear stays cleaner and fresher for longer, with UV protection at the highest rate of UPF 50+. 

Antibacterial fabrics help fight odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. And it’s a lasting, continual protection that lasts wash after wash. But more importantly for travel, antimicrobial fabric stays cleaner for longer and in between washings. 

While we still recommend you wash your undies after each use, the realities of travel often mean extending your wear time between washes, turning underwear inside out (don’t lie – you know you’ve done it), and leaving worn underwear in your suitcase with other clean clothes. 

Which is why the odor resistance of antimicrobial hemp underwear is perfect for travel. WAMA Underwear’s collection doesn’t have any permastink. And in celebration of this, we’re giving it it’s own subheading …

Odor Free Underwear (No Permastink!)

WAMA Underwear Hemp Underwear for travel review

Ah, the smell of worn, sweaty underwear. Left in your suitcase for two weeks. 

You know it, I know it, WAMA Underwear doesn’t know it. 

Sweat is a problem that every traveler has. We’re more active when we travel, and when you sweat, the bacteria on your skin consumes the nutrients in your sweat and breaks it down, producing odor. 

Antimicrobial fabric inhibits the growth of unpleasant odors before they start on the garments by controlling bacterial growth. This means it’s not as smelly as polyester or cotton underwear. 

And having kept my WAMA underwear in my suitcase over many trips, I can confirm that it’s odor resistance is a real asset. 

As a traveler, it also means you can wear it for an extra day or two in a pinch. Like if you miscalculated your time between washes, or if the airline loses your luggage

WAMA Underwear Line

WAMA Underwear Hemp Barlette for travel review

WAMA has a fantastic line of both mens and women’s underwear, allowing you to choose a style you’re most comfortable with. 

When it comes to Women’s Underwear, they offer hipsters, bikini cuts, thongs, boy shorts, or high waisted. There are a range of colors including black, green, hemp, and nude. 

The hipster panties have a low rise waist and flexible waistband which sits comfortably at the hip. The Bikini underwear flatters any shape, and doesn’t have any slippage.

Their Thongs allow you to avoid the dreaded panty lines, and have a stretchy low rise waist. And we love the option of boy shorts for women which offer full coverage and ultimate comfort, which don’t ride up and are perfect for wearing under dresses and skirts, or even on their own as activewear. 

The Women’s bralettes are in two styles; the Triangle Bralette is great for low cut looks, and is a traditional fit with adjustable, convertible straps. The Racerback Bralette is a comfortable pullover style. Both offer a supportive design with no underwire, but with double-layered hemp fabric. 

Mens Underwear

Mens WAMA Underwear

The Men’s Underwear line offers boxer briefs, trunks, boxers, and briefs, which have a strong flexible waistband offering great support, and don’t bunch no matter what pants you wear with them. 

About the Company

WAMA Underwear is an organic, hemp underwear brand who are on a mission to make hemp the best undies in the world, by constantly improving the fit, function and design. 

Committed to creating a positive impact on our world through safe and fair labor practices, eco-friendly initiatives, and respect for community values, they also aim to bring more awareness to hemp as an option for clothing, especially underwear. 

They started from scratch creating their own unique hemp fabric. They obsessed on every detail from the stitches, pattern pieces, colors and overall design, and because of their innovative use for hemp fabrics, they’ve been recognized as a Green America Certified Business, and a PETA Approved Vegan brand

Serious about conservation, hemp requires about 50% of the water that cotton requires to grow. And WAMA’s website keeps track of their total impact; as of today with 3,739,920 days of drinking water saved because of choosing to use hemp!

Beyond the environment, WAMA is also committed to the best practices that support people, and partner with factories focused on fair wages, quality work environment, and treating employees with dignity.

An American company, their factories are based in China (China being the worldwide leader in hemp textiles), as hemp is mostly grown on small family run organic farms. They have WAMA team members based out of China to oversee that their values are upheld. 

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Hemp WAMA Underwear Coupon Code

WAMA Underwear is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for the best underwear for travel. They have become my underwear of choice, not only for their natural materials, but for being such a well rounded product which is both comfortable and practical for travel. 

They offer great fit and support, durability, breathability, and anti-bacterial with anti-odor properties. They get softer with every wash, and are organic, eco-friendly and can help save the planet. 

Hemp is the perfect fabric for your underwear. 

Visit to change your draws – use the coupon code MEGAN10 on checkout for 10% off your order!

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WAMA Underwear Hemp travel review

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 100+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



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