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Berlin – Germany’s Hotspot for Young Travellers!

Berlin rocks! It’s just that easy. Germany’s capital is a melting pot of different cultures, life styles, arts, culinary delights, and traditions.

Walking through Berlin means walking through a major part of Europe’s history. A city which has been destroyed and torn apart during and after the Second World War. For decades, it has been a democratic island surrounded by a communist state. It was then reunited and re-elected as the capital of Germany, and today stands as a symbol for what human beings can achieve if they are all driven by the same force and idea of freedom and justice.

So, let’s take a look into this amazing city and highlight some hotels, restaurants, and cool places.

Hotels in Berlin – The Choice is Yours!

And the choice most definitely depends on your travel budget. Here are three of many options where you can catch some zzz – from expensive and posh to low budget, yet cool.

The Adlon Kempinski Berlin – A Holiday Residence for the Rich and Famous!

Hotel Adlon Kempinski

Photo CC by PercyGermany

The “Adlon” is one of the most renowned and famous luxury hotels in the city. Back in 1907, the rich merchant Lorenz Adlon called in a favour from Kaiser Wilhelm II and build this awe-inspiring hotel right next to the historic landmark “Brandenburger Tor”.

Since day one, the Adlon was the city’s prime address for big players from the worlds of politics, commerce and show business. As you may find out when looking up this 5* hotel on the WWW the Adlon hosted a large number of VIPs, like Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin and even Adolf Hitler during his days.

So, if you are willing and able to pay a minimum rate of approximately 330 Euro per night, you are more than welcome to unwind in one of Berlin’s most exclusive hotels.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin – THE Concept of a Design Hotel

Photo CC by 準建築人手札網站

“Come as you are!” is the motto of this young German hotel chain. You will find a 25hours hotel in all major German cities, each representing their town in a unique and very stylish way.

The 25hours Bikini Hotel in Berlin is located in the western part of town, right between Berlin Zoo and Breitscheidplatz.Everything is cool, easy going, fresh and stylish. The staff is super friendly and will treat you rather like a friend than an average hotel guest.

On the rooftop, you may chill out by the bar or have some great food in the restaurant, while enjoying the stunning 360° panoramic view over the city. Depending on the season, you will pay around 110 to 130 Euro per night.

Generator Berlin Mitte – Total Coolness for 18 Euro a Night

18 Euro for a bed per night in one of the most stylish and coolest low budget hotels in Berlin speak for themselves! The hostel “Generator Berlin Mitte” in the heart of the city has it all!

A very cool interior design, comfortable rooms (either dorms or private rooms, which cost from 30 to 60 Euro per night), one of the hippest bars in Berlin and a number of friendly staff and fellow travellers make this low budget hostel a really great place to stay!

 Berlin Nightlife – Just Dive in and Let it Happen …

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Again, you will find yourself in front of a vast variety of options. For well-heeled guys traveling alone you can book a gorgeous model to accompany you through the night.

Reserve a table at the restaurant “Tim Raue” in Kreuzberg and prepare to be blown away by culinary fireworks! Then head to the VIP club “The Pearl” and enjoy a bottle of champagne before you retreat to your hotel suite.

For all the rest, take it easy, and just let Berlin happen! To get an idea, you could check out some of the countless blogs about this fantastic city and its bustling nightlife. For example, the blog by Christina “Happy to Wander” describes perfectly what this city does to someone, who is willing to jump in.

Berlin has it all! From laid back Jazz clubs to stylish night clubs to hardcore underground techno raves in the run-down factory halls in the eastern part of town – Berlin’s nightlife will give you exactly what you’re looking for … and much, much more.

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