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Many of us dream of taking time away from work in order to travel the world and experience new people and places, but the reality is that it can be very difficult to achieve. And the main obstacles people face are usually financial restraints.

So what if you could actually earn money while you’re travelling? Not only would it mean that you could have some extra cash to help fund your trip, you may even come home to a tidy sum of money upon return.

Of course, the last thing you want to be doing when traveling is working, so we have explored how something as simple as a smartphone and some well selected apps can help you earn and travel at the same time.



International shipping can be a costly affair and there are always companies as well as individuals looking for cheaper ways in which to send and receive goods, especially overseas. Flyta is a unique way in which those looking to ship specific goods can be put in touch with those looking to head off on their vacation.

Travellers are able to enter in both their destination and travel dates and if this matches with any shipping requirements they’ll receive a fee for taking said items along with them. It’s a particularly useful service for those looking to send off items that are hard to come by in certain countries.


This Irish based start-up which launched last year is a great way to save quite a bit of money on your travels provided you have a certain skill. Travellers that are looking for a place to stay are able to share their talents in a skill-based capacity in exchange for accommodation during their trip.

It’s available in more than 65 countries each featuring their own particular set of in demand skills such as DIY, cookery, or speaking another language.



Airbnb is fast becoming the most popular way in which to find accommodation online ahead of your travels. The sites filled with various home, apartment and other holiday rentals available in over 190 countries around the worlds.

There are more than 1 million listings on the site currently meaning you’ll never be short of choices no matter where you are headed to. What’s more is that it’s the perfect place for you to advertise your home or apartment for rental purposes whilst you’re away.


Those who find themselves on long-haul flights and other lengthy journeys will no doubt have plenty of time to spare. Mobile-based gaming is a popular way to kill time during these drawn out periods, and games like the Europalace mobile app can be a welcome distraction.

Whilst you’re not necessarily guaranteed to pick up a win or profit from the wide selection of great casino games on offer you can certainly take advantage from a welcome bonus and try your luck.

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