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Tips for Planning Affordable Travel to Branson

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Set between the blue lakes and rolling hills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains, and with one of the biggest theatre scenes the United States has to offer, Branson, Missouri, is quickly becoming one of the biggest tourist destinations within the US.

People flock here from all over the world for award-winning shows and entertainment, and access to a diverse range of outdoor recreation. Travelers enjoy an energetic nightlife, and world-class shopping, though what most don’t realize is that a trip to Branson doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Between early bird specials on theater productions and deals on cheap Branson hotels, a trip to Branson can be more affordable than what most travelers would think.

The following are all tips for planning affordable travel to Branson, Missouri.

Travel Off-peak for Cheap Hotels

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Tourist season in Branson is summer, and this is when accommodation prices really peak.

If traveling to catch a show, remember that theatre performances feature all year round, and traveling during spring or fall (September – February) means a greater chance of finding a deal on a cheap hotel. Theatre tickets will also be cheaper for those who travel off-peak.

Plan for a Picnic

Eating out is one of the biggest expenses of travel, but with Branson’s thriving outdoor recreation scene, and near some of the country’s best natural attractions, enjoying a meal has never been more affordable.

Plan for a picnic in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Photo CC DI Jones.

Plan to picnic for the days you are spending in Branson – you would be surprised at just how much money you can save by hitting up a grocery store for a DIY meal as opposed to a pricey restaurant reservation.

Pick a park, and plan for a picnic!

Book a Complimentary Airport Shuttle

Taxis are another huge travel expense, although for those who arrive at the airport, there are many more affordable options for making your way into the city.

City buses operate to and from Branson Springfield Airport, and many hotels also offer complimentary shuttle services.

These are much more affordable alternatives to the 40-mile taxi ride.

Enjoy the Ozark Mountains for Free

While there are a fantastic range of paid tours which allow travelers to experience the Ozark Mountains (ziplining, parasailing, caving and much more), there are many ways to experience the area for free.

If traveling by car, driving the scenic State Route 165 from the intersection with State Route 76 offers fantastic views, and there are many opportunities and trails throughout the mountains for hiking and self-guided tours.

Travelers can find cascading waterfalls, beautiful limestone bluffs, and naturally formed bridges along many of the trails and other natural features.

Affordable Travel to Branson

Even though Branson is one of the US’s most popular tourist destinations, that doesn’t mean that travelling here is not affordable.

Use the above tips and tricks to plan an affordable getaway to Branson. This way, visitors can enjoy spending time in a leading entertainment capital of the world without breaking the bank.

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Featured Photo Credit: Drew Bandy

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