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There’s definitely no shortage of things to do in London, though you may not consider it to be an overly adventurous city.

Historic, yes. Culture, certainly. But adrenaline pumping adventure?

Despite the UK’s often stiff reputation, there are in fact a number of thrilling activities for heart pumping adventure in London, or just outside the city.

If you’re looking for a base that’s close to it all, staying at The Barbican Rooms London offers an ideal location in the heart of London, and convenient access to the best adventure spots in and around the city.

Consider jumping and diving into the following activities!

Adventurous Things to do in London

Bungee Jump at the O2

Bungee Jump

If you’re seeking an adrenaline-fuelled rush nothing is quite as exciting as jumping from a 50 meter crane perched precariously over the city. You’ll find magnificent views of The Thames, Canary Wharf and Central London.

This bungee jump is only available for one weekend every month, so it’s essential that you book your jump in advance and get in early. You can indulge in either a solo or tandem bungee jump near the massive O2 arena.

While at the top enjoy the exhilarating views of the business district of Canary Wharf and other prominent landmarks before you take the ultimate leap of faith downwards. You can choose to jump over the water, or onto a massive airbag.

Image: Bill Morrow (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr 

Cool Off in Summer at the Serpentine

When the mercury soars in London there’s nothing quite as refreshing as taking a dip in one of the lidos or public reservoirs. There are many outdoor swimming holes across London, but one of the most popular is Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake.

Popular for its ducks and boating, there is a 100 m section designated for swimmers to enjoy a cool swim. You’ll be sharing the water with ducks and swans, but the water is tested every week to make sure it’s safe.

While it does get crowded on the summer weekends another great spot to swim is in the rustic surroundings of Hampstead Heath in north London. With two of the three ponds open year-round, swimmers can splash about in them surrounded by natural wilderness.

Navigate the Rapids at Lee Valley

White water rafting RF

If you enjoy the thrill of charging through rapids while clinging on for dear life and dodging boulders, then white water rafting is something you will enjoy at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

The centre played host to the 2012 London Olympics canoe slalom event and has a 300 m course that has since been transformed into white water rapids. Among the best man-made white watercourses in the world, there are various water-based activities to choose from.

Rafters can experience the same thrill and adrenaline rush rafting at the centre, which includes a steep 5m drop. Other activities on offer include canoeing and the exciting sport of hydro-speeding which involves navigating the rapids on a board instead of a raft.

Try Free Running / Parkour

Free running, or Parkour as it is famously known, is a new trend sweeping through the millennial generation in London. It involves running around obstacles in the most efficient manner.

Visitors will see Parkour athletes demonstrating their dexterity in areas like the South Bank and Waterloo. It makes the urban landscape come across as one large adventure playground, although leaping and balancing on narrow ledges can be a dicey business.

Those interested in learning the sport can sign up for lessons to get the hang of it at Parkour Generations in various locations across London.


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