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London is one of the world’s most alluring holiday destinations, drawing visitors to a diverse range of attractions from all over the world.

Naturally, this metropolis has been the backdrop for many iconic movies over the years, so much so that you could say London itself has co-starred in countless feature films!

Lending itself particularly well to romantic comedies, if you’re considering a romantic break here, why not take in some of these well-known movie locations?

London Eye

Built to commemorate the millennium, the iconic Ferris Wheel is a must-visit for anyone wishing to absorb the capital’s atmosphere. The 32 air-conditioned passenger capsules give remarkable views over London.

The film Wimbledon, which focused on a relationship between two prospective tennis stars, had one intimate scene that was filmed in one of the capsules. The wheel’s exterior has also appeared as a backdrop in a range of films, from Run Fatboy Run to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

But as you wait for the Eye to complete its revolution you can easily gaze over the world-renowned skyline and try to recall all the times you’ve seen this same view projected onto the vast screen at your local cinema.

The London Eye

Notting Hill

This affluent and cosmopolitan sector of West London was where screenwriter Richard Curtis chose for his film Notting Hill.

Aside from the streets and buildings, you’ll recognize from the romcom starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, there is much more to explore here. Portobello Road market offers a variety of stalls and is the UK’s largest antique fair. You and your partner can dazzle your palate with tempting gin flavors in the Ginstitute.

Trafalgar Square

Situated in the heart of London in the City of Westminster, this public square is one of the city’s main tourist draws. From Nelson’s Column, guarded by four seven-ton sculpted bronze lions, to the fountains, this is a location where you can feel truly immersed in the city’s hustle and bustle. The square has featured in many films, from the slapstick of St Trinian’s to the tongue-in-cheek horror of An American Werewolf in London.

The world premiere of the very last Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Part II, was held here in July 2011. The red carpet that was unfurled measured 1.2 kilometers in length. Despite the torrential rainstorm that battered central London at that time, fans camped out for a choice spot next to the carpet for up to three days beforehand.

The benefit of visiting Trafalgar Square is that you are already within the vortex of a hundred and one other places to continue your romantic date. There are concerts held in the evening at the nearby St Martin in the Fields, art galleries, and museums, theaters, and restaurants, as well as official walking tours and ghost bus tours.

Trafalgar Square

The Globe Tavern

Another iconic romantic comedy set in the capital is Bridget Jones’s Diary, the warm-hearted tale of one hapless singleton’s struggle to find true love.

This popular pub provides the external shots of Bridget’s flat, featured in the climactic scene where Mark Darcy embraces the eponymous heroine in the snow. The Globe Tavern has gained an excellent reputation for the refreshments on offer, with a wide selection of wines to wash down your pub lunch.

Old Royal Naval College

Situated on the south bank of the River Thames in Greenwich, this historic landmark may not seem an obvious choice as a film set to visit. Formerly an 18th-century hospital for mariners, it is a wonderful building that has welcomed film crews on numerous occasions, from Four Weddings and a Funeral to Les Miserables.

The interior is a perfect location for romance, as you stroll along corridors and gaze at magnificently ceiling paintings, or marvel at the classic architecture. Ceiling tours allow visitors to receive an intimate look at the work being undertaken by conservation artists to restore the ceilings to their previous grandeur.

Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College

Kings Cross Station

Okay, a film about boarding school pupils running around pointing their little magic wands at baddies and demons might not seem terribly romantic, but few can doubt fantasy writer J K Rowling’s ability to tell stories that have captivated kids and adults alike the world over.

If you’re looking for a bit of escapism on your London date, pop into King’s Cross station’s platforms four and five, which doubled as Platform 9 3/4 in the various films. The Harry Potter shop here is a thoroughly entertaining diversion from more obviously romantic locations.

Dans Le Noir

Although the version used in another Richard Curtis romcom About Time was a filmset, the restaurant it famously depicted is real enough, situated in Clerkenwell, EC1R.

Surely the ultimate venue of choice for blind dates – just like Tim and Mary in the film – the gimmick is that you are entirely in the dark while being served a sumptuous array of dishes, brought to your table by visually impaired waiters.

It’ll definitely be an exciting experience as you have to rely on your senses and conversational wit to get to know one another. Thursdays after 8 pm you can move on to the Otra Vista where you’ll even pick up sign language while you enjoy cocktails and uninhibited dancing.

The Tube

London’s underground railway system has been central to the action when many a movie has dipped below the bustling streets. About Time and Love Actually, both feature scenes where the lead actors share a moment, clutching the supports while their carriages twist and turn through the tube system’s dark tunnels.

In the drama Sliding Doors, the tube system actually plays a critical role, as variations in the film’s parallel structures hinge on Gwyneth Paltrow’s character catching a particular train on time. Or not.

Where high-octane blockbusters are concerned, Charing Cross station was used in The Bourne Ultimatum, while there is a nail-biting chase through an underground train in Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.


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Photo credits: The London Eye by Alessandro Grussu. Trafalgar Square by Mariano Mantel. Old Royal Naval College by Adnan Saulat & Binayak Dasgupta. Notting Hill by Garry Knight & donchili.


  1. London is indeed an amazing city! It’s very nice to see this angle for it – perfect romantic places from the movies! I’m sure Notting Hill and London Eye are not to miss in any tour of the city ;)

    • I agree – one of my favorites! And definitely has a romantic air about it, especially after having watched so many rom coms set here :D

  2. London and romance were never linked in my mind. (Not even for romance novels!)
    But, I do recall those rom coms and the locations…
    Thanks for the memories.

    • Hopefully we have been able to change your mind :D

  3. London is a sweet destination for movie fans, indeed! Lovely post, made me wanna book flights.

    • Thanks Mikaela – have an amazing trip :D!

  4. These places are incredible!

    The added bonus of visiting a beautiful destination is be able to see where a movie was filmed.

    standing on the grounds of famous actors and actress. This would be a great place to take your own selfies.

    • Absolutely – London is selfie central! Where many celebrities have come before :)

      Happy travels Lauren!

  5. That’s a great perspective on London, specially for me who have never been to this iconic city! My wifey still raves about her time spent in London and I am itching to travel there soon.

    PS: Ginstitute sounds very interesting to explore ;)

    • I hope you have the chance to travel soon! Plenty of romantic destinations for you :) Happy travels!

  6. Oh yes London! I’ve heard so much about it. Despite of the weather, it sounds like a really beautiful and cultural place to visit. :)

    • Yes the weather can often be a bit gloomy at times, though just means an excuse to snuggle up next to a cozy fire place – romance everywhere :D

      Happy travels Chloe!

  7. The Ferris Wheel and Notting Hill is something I have seen in many movies. Also the places I want to visit when I arrive in London. Thanks for adding a few more places to the list.

    • Glad we could help to expand your London bucketlist Gokul :) Happy travels!

  8. Oh my, missed a lot! I only went to Notting Hill. But I even knocked on the door to see if someone will open it!

    • Just means you have an excuse to return … did someone open the door? Lol I should’ve done that too!

  9. Notting Hill is my favourite rom-com of all time I just love that movie and bonus is that it’s regularly on tv here in Australia. Never got to kings cross to see platform 9 1/3 but did go to warner studio and see the movie set platform

    • I love Notting Hill too! One of those films I can re-watch time and time again! If you head back through London definitely stop by Kings Cross :) It’s a quick stop for the platform 9 3/4 but it’s quite a fun visit!

  10. I was recently in London and they played the tennis movie Wimbledon at a little pop up bar near London bridge. Bad film…but a wonderful spot to watch it!

    • Haha I’ve seen that film, and yes, it’s not an overly memorable one :D But I agree on the location, awesome spot for a pop up cinema!

  11. these places are awesome. and for shooting the files, these are perfect and especially for the romantic scenes.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Jordan – a romantic destination indeed!

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