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Adventurous Activities on Offer in Branson’s Ozark Mountains

With more theater seats in Branson than on Broadway, travelers head here from all over the globe to experience one of the world’s leading entertainment capitals. An energetic nightlife, world-class restaurants, and streets lined with fabulous shops all attract visitors every year.

But for those who can tear themselves away from the theater and shopping districts, these people will reap the rewards as the beautiful Ozark Mountains sit right outside Branson’s front door. In fact, Branson has a thriving outdoor recreation scene, and the mighty Ozarks are a haven for outdoor adventurers and nature enthusiasts. From parasailing and zip lining to caving and hiking, Branson truly does have it all.

These are the top adventurous activities offered at Branson’s beautiful Ozark Mountains.


The Ozark Mountains are full of beautiful hiking trails, and spectacular views await those willing to put in a good day’s walk.

Hikes exist for all skill levels, and they allow travelers to witness and explore the rolling hills and sprawling mountains of the Ozarks up close. Views extend out past the area’s many lakes –- all of which include trails of their own.

Photo CC DI Jones.

The best lakes for Ozark hiking include Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake, Lake Tanneycomo, and Stockton Lake. These are particularly beautiful to walk at sunrise or sunset.

High-Adrenaline Outdoor Activities

One of the best ways to explore the Ozarks is via a zip line or parasail adventure. It doesn’t get better than a birds-eye view of Table Rock Lake and the sprawling Ozark Mountains from above, and these high-adrenaline activities are easily the most adventurous ways to experience the area.

Travel through the Ozarks at up to 50 mph, and soar over one of the most inspiring natural landscapes North America has to offer. There is even a double zip line set up, allowing you to race someone to the finish.

Zipping over the Ozarks. Photo CC by Ed Johnson.

Those who don’t feel like flying have the option of a canopy tour via a rope bridge course.


With canyons and caves galore, there is no better way to experience the Ozark Mountains than on all fours.

Walk, slide, or simply gaze into Branson’s many caves and taverns. This is an adventure that is suitable for all ages, and there are caves and canyons to suit every skill level.

Straw formations at Cosmic Caverns. Photo CC by Clinton Steeds.

For the best experience, consider exploring Talking Rocks Tavern, Marvel Cave, and Cosmic Caverns.

Getting to the Ozarks from Branson

The best way to reach the Ozarks from Branson is to drive, and there are many affordable car rentals within close proximity to Branson’s cheap hotels.

Adventure in Branson

There is so much more to Branson than its abundance of theaters and live shows. While it may be fast emerging as one of the leading entertainment capitals of the world, travelers heading here should remember to plan for a few extra vacation days for additional tours.

With the wide range of outdoor recreation on offer in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, the extra time will come in handy.

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