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4 Stag Do Activities for Groups With a Need for Speed

Everyone knows the best man’s most important task is to plan the most amazing, over the top stag party that will put the groom’s bachelor days behind him in a way he won’t soon forget.

And while choosing a destination is one of the first things to consider (let’s be honest, since the Hangover trilogy, destination stag do’s are the hottest way to celebrate), choosing activities for the stag do is equally as important.

For groups who have a need for speed, the following activities are available in most destinations, regardless of where you choose to travel to.

Buggy Racing

Buggy racing offers an adrenalin pumping experience for stag groups. Think racing at high speeds on a purpose built track for an awesome driving experience, or hitting up off road country for a more exhilarating race.

Prague and Riga are two destinations which offer great buggy racing opportunities. Experience high speeds, awesome jumps, and sliding action, decked out in a full face helmet, overalls and strapped into a 5 point race harness!

Buggy Racing Car MOtorsport RF

Demolition Derby

No other stag weekend activity is as extreme as demolition derby; a motorsport usually presented at county fairs and festivals where you get to demolish real cars, ruin vehicles and then go back to sightseeing!

After taking the safety briefing, turn on your engines and trap yourself in. The typical demolition derby event consists of five or more drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. The last driver with an operational vehicle is the winner.

I mean, what’s more exciting than crashing a car deliberately! But just make sure that you’re safe – everyone needs to fly home safely for the wedding!

Mini Tank Paintballing

Ever wanted to have all the fun of paintball with none of the pain? Make your way around a paintball field and shoot at each other while driving miniature tanks!

Each tank accommodates a single player, and these vehicles drive like a real tank with 2 steering and braking levers. They’re super agile and responsive being a zero-turn vehicle, and are able to negotiate humps and bumps with ease.

Paintball RF

Segway Games

Segway games are an exciting way to spend a bucks weekend. Whether you’re after some unique heart pumping Segway polo action, nerf-gun jousting, water-blasters or frizbees on Segways, find a destination which offers Segway games, or rent them and create a day of games yourself!


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