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11 Things to Tick Off Your Checklist Before Travelling Abroad

Whether business or leisure, there is always a level of risk associated with overseas travel. However, without risks, we would gain no rewards. So you can mitigate these risks and make the most of your trip, we’ve compiled 11 things that you need to tick off your checklist before travelling abroad.

Travel Insurance

The first step for safe travel is to make sure you have purchased travel insurance. There is a vast number of travel insurance companies to choose from nowadays, so make sure you do your research first.

Think about the activities you’re planning to undertake overseas. For example, if you’re going to be lazing by the beach, your travel insurance will not have to be as extensive as it will be for a skiing holiday.

Digital Copy of Your Passport

Make several digital copies of your passport, and keep them in your email, on your phone, and print out copies to have on you at all times.

As well as this, make sure your loved ones back home have a digital copy of your passport, in the event of you having to apply for a new passport overseas.


Pack Efficiently

This might seem like an obvious list item, but it’s one that so many of us get wrong so frequently! Pack durable and versatile clothing that is practical to be worn either during the day or at night.

Research the weather conditions of your holiday in advance, so you’re not (literally) left out in the cold!

Foreign Currency

Although most countries have great access to ATMs, it’s always a good idea to take a decent amount of foreign currency with you. This will help in situations where Eftpos isn’t accepted and where there are no nearby ATMs.

Make Your Itinerary Known

Write up a detailed itinerary for your trip, and make sure you have left copies with your family and friends, so they know where you are at all times.

This means that if they haven’t heard from you for a few days and become worried, they can quickly locate the city and accommodation where you will be.

Register with Smart Traveller

Smart Traveller is not only great to register your travel plans with so the government can find you if you go missing, but it’s also a great source of travel information.

With everything from family holiday advice to LGBT-friendly destinations, Smart Traveller is your one stop destination for all your travelling preparations.

Book Your Accommodation

Although it can be fun to spontaneously book accommodation on arrival, it is a good idea to have at least some of your accommodation booked before you embark on your journey.

At the very least, have a serviced apartment near the airport booked for just after you land, such as one from RNR Melbourne.

Get the Appropriate Vaccinations or Medications You May Need

Often, overseas travel means that you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of new germs and diseases. Most of these won’t harm you at all, however there are some nasty ones out there that you need to be protected against.

Check with your doctor about what vaccinations or medications you may need for your particular travels.

Which vaccinations to get before you go overseas

Check With Your Bank or Credit Card Provider About Overseas Transactions

Usually, banks and credit card providers will charge you extra for overseas transactions. However, this isn’t a uniform rule.

So you’re adequately prepared, contact your bank to see the charges associated with overseas transactions.

Bring the Correct Adapters

What use is taking your camera overseas if you can’t even use it? Make sure you bring the correct adaptors, so you can charge your electricals such as your phone, camera and for other items such as hair dryers and shavers.

Activate Roaming on Your Phone

Some mobile phone providers allow you to activate global roaming with the click of a button. Others require you to make an appointment or give them a phone call in order to switch on the service. Either way, make sure you have have roaming activated so you’re able to contact people when abroad.

When venturing overseas, you can reduce the common risks by being thoroughly organised for your trip. Take heed of these 11 tips so your travels can be as safe and fun as possible!

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Photo credits: Passport by Kevin Spencer. Immunization by by Pan American Health.

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