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Authored by Greg Balazic

When picturing time spent lazing on a beach, typical travelers visualize a white sand beach with swaying palms set against a sparkling ocean and a searing sun. Many book relaxing retreats and stay in resorts which offer beach access a mere steps from the lobby or your room. Best European beaches.

Though not every beach has to serve as just a place to relax. And not every beach is so easily accessible from your front door. Sometimes you have to work to get there, and sometimes you need to have the guts, too!

There are many types of beaches throughout the world. From those with calm waters suited to families, to those with epic surf for the sports fanatic, there is a market for every taste. Beaches for adventure travelers

And that market includes explorers as well; those who are willing to go one step further, who will risk a bit, and put in a bit more effort to discover a beach which is truly remote. These beaches are often uncrowded, untouched, unexplored and completely unbelievable!

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If a beach day with some added adventure sounds perfect for you, consider the following for your next trip. Most adventurous beaches in Europe.

#5 Galebove Stijene

Let’s start easy. Located in the Croatian town of Pula, Galebove stijene translates to Seagulls’ walls. Unknown beaches in Europe.

What I love about this beach is the diversity of water entries. You can walk easily in the water over the small pebbles or you can jump off a cliff. The height varies from one to thirteen meters. Beaches jump off a cliff.

Water depth is around six metres, so what are you waiting for?! If you have fear of heights, you can always watch daredevils performing crazy stunts. Entrance is more suitable for younger rather than older people.

The coordinates for this beach are 44°51’40.28″N, 13°48’19.02″E.  The beach is also known for several caves which you can explore, dive and take a submarine photo-shoot. Pets are allowed on the beach.

#4 Beach Duino

How about a beach with a view of a castle? There is one in the Italian town Duino. Beaches in Europe that are hard to get to.

The height difference between the parking and the beach is about 50 meters, and you do have to work for it with an uphill climb. But once you make it to the top, the view is worth every minute of the ascent.

This place is also famous for the Rilke trail with its sea cliffs. The coordinates for this beach are 45°46’18.77″N, 13°36’16.99″E.

#3 Beach de la Galère

The south of France has a gem of its own. It’s called Beach de la Galère and it is located near the town Cabasson. Beaches for adventure.

The trail to the beach is definitely not suitable for someone with ton of luggage. First you have to walk for a kilometre, and then your rock climbing skills are put to the test. But once you survive the trail, you are rewarded with the most amazing beach experience. Uncrowded beaches in Europe.

The coordinates for this beach are 43° 5’29.07″N, 6°19’57.09″E.

#2 Cala Salpatx

Moving even farther West, the Spanish town called L’Escala, or the ladder, has a beach called Cala Salpatx. It is not suitable for everyone, because first you have to walk around 750 metres and then climb down for 20 metres. You better bring your climbing shoes! Beaches in Europe no-body goes.

The coordinates for this beach are 42° 6’58.09″N, 3° 9’28.39″E.

#1 Punta Crena

And here is the winner in my book. The best beach for explorers. Why? Because it is difficult to reach, but once you conquer it, you are rewarded with the most spectacular view! And with someone special at your side, this is the place to create lasting memories. Beaches which are hard to get to.

The name of the beach is Punta Crena. It is located close to the Italian town Varigotti. How to get there? The walk to the beach runs for about 500 metres. Part of the trail winds through a forest, and then you’re required to channel your inner rock climber. Beaches for adventure travelers.

It is highly advisable to bring a rope as the ascent and descent are around 50 metres in total. The coordinates for this beach are 44°10’53.93″N, 8°24’24.82″E.

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Greg is a beach enthusiast and the founder of the BeachRex project; a blog dedicated to documenting the world’s most amazing beaches. He is a big fan of photography, and loves travelling, nature, and the sea.

Six years ago he developed a passion for the beaches in his life. He soon quit his job, bought a camera, a camper, and hit the road to document the beaches of the world. So far he has visited six Mediterranean countries, and taken in 2,445 beaches, documenting each meticulously.

His aim with the BeachRex project is to create the biggest online database of beaches in the world to help people find their perfect beach in a flash.

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  1. The post should be Europe’s most adventurous beaches :)

    Anyway, i liked it:) and saved them for a future adventure in Europe

    • Great point, have just edited the title to read “5 European Beaches”, make it a bit more niched for those looking for info on Europe :) Thanks for the tip… hope you enjoy your time at each of these awesome beaches!

  2. This is a great selection of adventurous beaches. I would love to make it to some of these, although I definitely enjoy the stereotypical “resort” style beaches.

    • Nothing wrong with adding a mix of both to your itinerary :) Hope you can manage a few of these awesome beaches soon!

  3. The idea of reaching a beach via a rope freaks me out a little bit! But I would be very keen on sailing or kayaking to get there.

    • I agree – reaching a beach via a rope – it’s really adventurous.
      I love sailing and kayak – these are great ways to explore beaches!

  4. Love this post! The beautiful beach at the end of a difficult trek makes it an even better reward, and I love how these beaches are treated as an adventure, not just a luxury.

  5. Love a list of adventure beaches, right up my alley! Great beaches I did not know about.

    • Glad we could help you out with some extra ideas! Definitely jump on over to Greg’s blog for some further inspiration :)

  6. Hey Greg
    Absolutely stunning beaches ever came across.
    # 1 and # 4 I liked the most.
    Even I’m a beach enthusiast will definitely bookmark this, and soon will come with my fiancee as she is also fond of beaches keep posting ;-)

  7. I’ve been in duino beach, it’s great! Now I need to know the rest =)

    • Happy beach hunting!! Glad we could provide a beach bucketlist for you to work through :D

  8. I haven’t been to any of these beaches yet, add them to the bucket list!

    • A beach bucketlist is always a good thing to have :D

  9. que lugar incrível é uma pena que aqui no Brasil não tem lugares que nem ai, parabéns pelo post

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Edson! Hope you have a chance to visit some of these beaches throughout Europe soon!

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