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We recently spotted the Luna Moth in Savannah, Georgia, and let me tell you; it is the most spectacular and interesting of it’s kind!  Beautiful wings, long sweeping tails and transparent moon shaped spots on each wing explain it’s name.  A huge moth with a wingspan of four and a half inches, they have a white body, pink legs and large pale green wings. They are part of the giant silkmoth family – a group which includes all of the largest moths.

We’re easily excited by new wildlife experiences, but even more exciting is how rare this species is to encounter.  They fly only at night, and only during the spring and summer.  Additionally, these moths only ever live to be a week old! They don’t eat (in fact they don’t even have a mouth); their only purpose is to mate! They generally have a lifespan of about 3 days, surviving off the nutrients the caterpillars stored.

Female Luna Moths produce chemicals called pheromones which attract male moths for mating.  Males can detect the scent from up to a mile away!


Luna Moth

Capturing the moment!

Capturing the moment!


Through the lens.

Wildlife encounter: Luna Moth!

We’re easily excited by new wildlife encounters but this was was especially cool!


The largest of the Moth family.

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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. Meg, I really like the camera shot!

    • Thanks Trish! Trying to get creative with our photography :D

  2. Megan- So cool that you were able to see and photograph such a unique moth. It looks like a butterfly. I love your creative shots as well (photo of the photo). Neato

    • It does look like a buttery doesn’t it!! Thanks Lindsay! :)

  3. I enjoy the resourceful photographs too (photo in the photo).

    • Thanks John. So glad you enjoyed the article and photographs.

  4. Megan- And so neat that you simply could view as well as image a real one of a kind moth. This seems like some sort of butterfly.

    • It does almost seem like a butterfly doesn’t it! It’s definitely beautiful enough to be one!

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