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Why You Should Visit These World Capitals This Winter

Most travelers look forward to their summer vacations each year, though winter is actually a prime time to get away. There are fewer crowds, and as the demand for travel is low, this is the best time of the year to catch a cheaper deal.

And destinations still have a lot going on even though the tourists have departed. As you’re about to find out! The following are reasons why you should visit my favorite world capitals this winter.


Winter in Jerusalem is generally short, though that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some unique things to do. Even if you’re not religious you should consider hearing midnight mass at the Beit Jamal monastery. There are many masses held throughout the Old City and this is a unique opportunity to hear mass in the holy city.

Winter is a fantastic time to explore the city’s many museums – all of which are indoors and heated! There is the Museum of Islamic Art, the Bloomfield Science Museum and the Menachem Begin Heritage Museum. You can also plan for a trip to the Dead Sea if you’re looking for warmth.

Photo CC dungodung


Berne is Switzerland’s capital for snow sports. Whether you’re interested in Cross country, sledding, snow shoeing or skiing, Berne has opportunities for every skill level.

There are also fantastic winter day trips you can organize from Berne. Head to Schwarzsee Ice Palace to explore a palace made entirely from ice, or enjoy the frozen Schwarzsee mountain lake on ice skates. You can even take a horse-drawn sled across the lake. And, for the adventurous, stay overnight in an igloo. Berne hotels are unique!


Jakarta is one of those fabulous locations where winter stays relatively warm. And when in Indonesia, one of the most popular things to enjoy is the cuisine. Jakarta has a diverse range of food options available, and cuisine from all over the archipelago comes together to offer travelers the highest quality Indonesian food.

There are markets and street food stalls for those looking to eat as the locals do. Though if you’re worried about the hygiene, you should eat at a restaurant chain called Sate Khan Senayan. They have locations across Jakarta and serve fantastic Indonesian food.

Jakarta. Photo CC Diary of a Hotel Addict


Winter in Luxembourg is cold, so this is definitely the time of year to take a cultural tour of the many museums. There are more than 70 museums across the country which cover history, military, art and more. Some of the best include the Museum of Art and the Museum Drai Eechelen (a fortress).

Most museums have cafés which serve fantastic coffee and delicious pastries.


There are many reasons to visit Wellington this winter. This cool little capital serves what is arguably the world’s best coffee, offers the most stunning scenic views, has a unique and cozy bar scene, and is a great base for exploring the rest of New Zealand, offering accessibility to both the North and South Islands.

The city is also home to Lord of the Rings – you may recognize much of the city as locations from the films as you explore and wander around.

Photo CC Paul Schwalger on Twitter and Chelebanks on Instagram


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