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Why Vienna is a Great Family Destination

Travelling with young children is always interesting. Somehow they add to the adventure. Sure, you have to juggle things a bit and you definitely have to plan a lot more than you would if it were only adults travelling. But, it is still a lot of fun having them with you.

After a while, you get the hang of it and travelling with your children becomes a lot easier. Often, you are pleasantly surprised by just how well the needs of children are accommodated, these days.

Vienna offers a great example of what I mean. When people think of this city they rarely think of it as a destination for families with children. This is a great shame because as you will see really is a great place for families.

The Vienna Opera

Take for example something that Vienna is especially famous for, opera. Most people would not dream of buying Vienna Opera Tickets if they had young children.

They would know that no matter how well-behaved their little ones were are there is no way they can sit patiently through a performance that is several hours long. Plus, it is all in a foreign language and the storylines are convoluted, improbable and totally beyond the understanding of most adults let alone a child.

Despite the difficulties, the Viennese have managed to take the art of opera and make it truly kid-friendly. The Volksoper Wien regularly stages kid-friendly performances of Pinocchio and Hansel and Gretel. They are shorter than a normal opera, a lot of fun and really easy to follow without being dumbed down. Adults love them just as much as children do.

Visit Schönbrunn Palace

Kids really enjoy Schönbrunn Palace. The world´s oldest zoo is a fantastic place to be for children. They will really enjoy dressing up in period costumes and learning about the lives of the children who lived in the palace over the centuries.

It also the location of a brilliant Children’s Museum, that is on the west side of the palace grounds. The Maze and Labyrinth are also very enjoyable.

Making Art interesting

The art galleries of Vienna are wonderful, but once again they are not necessarily fascinating places for children. This problem is something that the Belvedere has been able to solve.

When you visit you can pick up a booklet guide that is for children. It tells them a little about the art and encourages them to look at it by encouraging them to find specific pictures and spot the mistakes that have been made in them.

A Musical Treat

Vienna is famous for being the home city of several famous composers, so unsurprisingly music is very important to the Viennese.

Once again, they have found ways to make the classics accessible to the younger generation. The Haus der Musik regularly hosts interactive music classes for children to enjoy, including tourists.

The Prater Amusement Park

This small amusement park is very popular. Its rides are quite old but are nevertheless exciting enough for this generation of children to still be able to have a good time.

The 200ft high Ferris wheel gives you a great view of the city. Your older children are also likely to like the ghost train and ice mountain. With 250 rides and attractions, you are sure to find something for each of your children to enjoy.


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