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There are few more romantic scenes than taking in a snow capped mountain by the warm glow of a roaring fire. While ski holidays are indeed active and adventurous, they also have the potential to be some of the most romantic getaways available.

With a little advanced research into everything from intimate restaurants to romantic ski chalets, any winter getaway can quickly become a dreamy escape.

Location Location Location

Ski resorts offer some of the most stunning accommodation options around thanks to the simple fact that the surrounding landscapes are serene and stunning. Investigating ski chalet options in advance can help couples determine where they can best find a secluded spot, with a warm fire and a gorgeous view.

“Zillertal, Ski Resort Mayrhofen-Hippach” by Vasek Vinklat

“Zillertal, Ski Resort Mayrhofen-Hippach” by Vasek Vinklat

Getting away from it all is the hardest part, once couples are settled into a romantic chalet; the mountains can do the rest.

 Indulge in…Everything

 Many ski resorts offer visitors a range of options with respect to drinking, dining and entertainment so it’s worth looking into resorts that are specifically geared toward couples. To spice things up why not make reservations at a romantic restaurant or, sip sophisticated cocktails at a cosy bar?

Romance should be about throwing caution to the wind and indulging in all things sumptuous. Look for resorts with spas, and spend a day getting a couples massage or soaking in a hot tub with a bottle of champagne. Sharing intimate moments in indulgent settings is truly the stuff of lasting love.

 Consider a Surprise

If you’re looking to add a bit of mystery or excitement to a romantic ski holiday, why not plan a small (or large) surprise for your significant other? Lots of resorts offer sleigh rides or other romantic trips; the perfect evening activity before sitting down to a delicious meal.

A couple enjoying Skiing. “Ski 2007 Meribel” by The Next Web Photos.

A couple enjoying Skiing. Photo by The Next Web Photos.

Escaping to a picturesque ski resort is, in itself a pretty romantic gesture. For couples looking to up the ante and create a memorable and magnificent getaway, be sure to do some research ahead of time, to maximise the wow factor and truly pamper one another.

Getting warm and cosy in a winter wonderland is the perfect way to rekindle an old flame, or simply stoke one that’s already going strong.

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