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Tunisia – An Amazing Introduction to North Africa

If you’ve never visited North Africa before then Tunisia is one of the best places to start. This fascinatingly diverse country is home to incredible historic attractions, beautiful little seaside resorts with superb beaches, and an island that must be visited.

With a mix of exotic souks, ancient ruins, chic resorts and white sand beaches, it’s no surprise that Tunisia is one of North Africa’s most attractive destinations.

Popular resorts

Tunisia does offer everything you could desire from a vacation destination whether you like relaxing on the beach, stepping back in time by exploring ancient ruins, or bargaining over goods at the local markets.


To start with, the Mediterranean beaches are second to none and some, such as the pale white sands of La Marsa or Raf Raf, exude a distinctly Caribbean atmosphere. The beach town of Hammamet is probably as picturesque as it gets and features long, sweeping stretches of sand as far as the eye can see; just over 10Km long to be precise.

Move south from Hammamet and you’ll discover Port El Kantaoui, a chic and cosmopolitan tourist center with a glamorous marina, superb seafood restaurants and of course a pristine beach on which to spend an afternoon.

Amazing sightseeing

There are a few sights that are definitely not to be missed and one has to be the gigantic grand amphitheater, the El Jem, which is the largest in North Africa dating back to the 3rd century. Beautiful little Djerba Island has to be visited for the beaches alone but it’s also a place to explore the Houk Souk castle ruins and take a 45 minute boat trip to go swimming in the emerald waters at Flamingo Island.

Djerba is the perfect spot for some relaxation whether that’s taking a Turkish bath, playing a few rounds of golf on the beach-front course or enjoying the underwater marine life with a spot of diving in the clearest sea waters.

Explore the capital

Tunis is the Tunisian capital and this city is well worth a visit if only to view the ancient ruins of Carthage with its beautiful seafront setting. The Medina, Old Town district, is an atmospheric delight where you can wander through the narrow, winding streets and immerse yourself in the local daily life.

Make your way to the Grand Souk de Chechias to haggle over hand-crafted goods, or have bite to eat and a coffee at the bustling souk café. Finally, make sure to visit the city’s La Goulette port suburb with its stylish promenade, excellent beach and lively restaurants.

Cheap holidays are a realistic option in Tunisia thanks the excellent value for money accommodation and great exchange rates. This is a country that offers something to suit every taste and a major bonus of course is the year round sunshine, which means you’re guaranteed great weather no matter when you arrive.


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