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7 Places to Visit in Marvellous Morocco

Morocco is an ideal travel destination for city-breakers, adventure enthusiasts and those looking for a relaxing family holiday. Encompassing the staggeringly beautiful Atlas Mountains, the mesmerising Sahara Desert and a range of busting cities, you’ll never have the same Moroccan holiday twice (unless you want too!). What are the best places to visit in Morocco. 

Here are 7 places to visit on your next Moroccan vacation.


Baskets for sale Marrakech - Sept 2014 - 7

The ancient city of Marrakech is known to be full of history, action, and views to die for on your journey through Morocco. This is one of the locations in the country where there is much to do, as you and your family will find endless activities and places to explore on a city break.

These days the city is still quite busy, so it has a very nice blend of relics and everyday local life around.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are one of the most amazing mountain ranges in the whole world, as its climate varies drastically between its different elevation levels.

In some areas of Morocco this could be an ideal spot to go on a skiing trip, find some adventurous hiking trails, embark on a road trip or observe the many different species of wildlife that inhabit the area.


The ancient city of Fes, also known as “Fez”, is one of the most fantastic historic places of the Arab world. There was a point in time when Fes was the capital of Morocco, so there is plenty of culture and religious structures to see that are hundreds of years old. Where to go in Morocco

If you are in town for a long trip this might be one of the places you want to spend a few days in. Even just taking a day to walk around the city would be an excellent experience.

You can discover some great deals to visit Fes and Morocco, so there really is no excuse not too! Best places to visit in Morocco.

Dades Valley

Right between the Atlas Mountains and Jebel Sarhro is where the beautiful Dades Valley lies. As you travel through this area, be sure to stop at all the little villages and towns scattered throughout the valley.

Moroccan forts, red hills, and the Kasbah are just some of the things that you might see and could potentially make your whole trip worthwhile.


Crique au nord d'Agadir

Along the southern coast of Morocco is the city of Agadir that rests comfortably along the Atlantic Ocean’s waterline. There is a perfect spot for anyone who would like to go on a golf trip in Morocco, hang out at the beach, or dive into the many different kinds of meals of elegant cuisine that the city has to offer.

The resort area of Agadir is extremely relaxing and beautiful, so it would be very easy to spend more than a week there if you have the time to do so.


Tangier is one of the top visitor locations for Africans and foreigners alike as it is an extremely unique place that offers a lot of areas to explore.

Some of the highlights of Tangier include the Kasbah, the Ville Nouvelle, and the medina. Although its image is much different today than it was 80 years ago, it is still a charming place to check out.


The desert town of Merzouga is one of the top places to visit if you are planning on going on a camel trekking adventure. The Bedouin culture is rich here, and this is an ideal place for visitors to get a glimpse of the traditional looking Sahara Desert scenery.

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Photo credits: Featured by Jamie McCaffrey. Marrakech by Andrew Nash & Jamie McCaffrey. Fes by just_a_cheeseburger & Mark Fischer. Agadir by Emko Bos & Hugues.


  1. I love Morocco. It was one of our favorite destinations and biggest surprises when we went around the world. We went planning to stay 7-10 days and stayed a month which still wasn’t enough. Fes, Merzouga and the Atlas mountains were our favorites of the locations listed here.

    • So glad to hear that Rhonda! I don’t really think Morocco is on too many people’s radars which is sad, as it truly does have so much to offer, and I’ve heard from quite a few people that this was one destination which was their biggest surprise…in a good way!

      Not having enough time on your first trip sounds to me like the perfect excuse to return :D! Happy travels!

  2. Thank you for the tips and photos! I’ve wanted to visit Morocco since I translated a travel book set in the 1920s North-Africa.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post :) Hope you can manage to organize a trip to Morocco soon!

  3. Morocco always fascinates me–I would love to go there! I never thought skiing was an option in Morocco, but the Atlas Mountains do look like a great spot for it! I think Merzouga would be at the top of my list–exploring the desert would be so much fun!

    • I hope you manage a trip to Morocco soon Jenna – and I agree; the desert really is such a fascinating place to be, especially when you’ve come from the other side of the world where the landscape if much different :)

  4. Send me to the spice market in Fes. I visited one in Istanbul and just loved it – so many amazing smells and sounds and tastes to experience at once!

    • Ooooh I know right! I would love to visit Istanbul for the same reason – love being immersed in cultures which are completely foreign and full of so many senses and sounds which just overwhelm!

  5. Wow. I’ve literally heard of only half of these. It’s amazing to see so many more places worth exploring beyond marrakech and fes!

    • Glad we could fill your Moroccan bucket-list with some additional destinations!

  6. I love Morocco, it’s actually a pretty big destination for French tourists since we share a lot of history and also French is spoken quite a lot there.
    Seeing those places you recommend I really want to go back there! My other half has never been and I wish he could see how amazing this country is.

    • Glad to hear Marie! I hope you have the opportunity for a second visit and to make it a first for your husband :)

  7. I’ve been to four of these places and I agree, they’re really amazing and must visit to Morocco! I especially loved Merzouga (night at the desert is one of the best experiences in a lifetime!) and Fes! Guess I need to return to Morocco as I still missed some major places!

    • 4 down, 3 more to go! Happy travels Kami :) So glad to hear you loved your time in Morocco – hope you can get back to experience the rest of the country soon :)

  8. Ah, my favourite country, glad to see it’s made it to Mapping Megan! We’re just back from out 6th trip and each time we still keep discovering new places to visit. You’ve got some great suggestions there (with the exception of Agadir which is a bit of a dump, and a concrete holiday resort hell IMO), but I’d also add the whitewashed coastal hippy town of Essaouira on the north coast, and Chefchaouen, the famous blue city in the Rif Mountains. Something for everyone!

    • Wow 6 trips is amazing Heather! So glad to hear you’re enjoying Morocco that much :) Thanks for the tip on Essaouira and Chefchaouen – I’ve actually seen a lot of photos of the blue city via Nat Geo and the like, and have been dying to get there to experience it for myself. Seems like a truly unique place!

      Really is one of the very rare countries which has enough diversity that there’s something to please everyone. Maybe I’ll bump into you back there one day!

  9. Morocco is one of those countries I’m dying to visit! I didn’t know about Merzouga, but I looked it up and it looks really beautiful, so I’ve added it on my long “places to see in Morocco” list :)

    • Hope you have the chance to visit soon Vlad :) Glad we could provide you with a few more destinations to add to the Moroccan bucket list :)

  10. Morocco is so unique and rich in culture and scenery. The ancient city of Fes is a beautiful place to experience the people and architecture and sand dunes of Merzouga are enchanting. Thanks for the post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Mary, and glad to hear you’re also a fan of Morocco – it really is one of the most amazing and culturally rich countries on earth :)

  11. Great list. I agree with your choices. I’ll add Essaouira, Chefchaouen and the incredibly underrated Moulay Idriss into the list… and there you have the very best of Morocco!

    • Thanks Andrew! Glad you enjoyed the post :) Definitely Essaouira, Chefchaouen … haven’t taken in Moulay Idriss so will add that to our list for the next trip. Thanks for the tip!

  12. Hi Megan, I’m from Spain so Morocco is pretty close and I have visited the country like 6 times. I think it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world! There is a small town close to Tangier, chefchaouen, it’s such a beautiful place!


    • Hi Miguel, so glad to hear you’re also a big fan of Morocco! Incredible to live so close :)

      I’ve heard great things about Chefchaouen so will definitely be including it on the itinerary the next time. Maybe we’ll bump into you one day!

  13. I absolutely want to visit morocco now:’) The peripheral design is wonderful.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post and have been inspired to plan a trip! Happy travels :)

  14. Your post captures the beauty of Morocco. I’ve been there many times and each time, I have new experiences. OMG and the food? Heaven!

    Thank you for your post and the great pictures!

    • So glad to hear you’ve fallen in love with Morocco too! Definitely one of those destinations that has something new to discover every time you return.

      Happy travels Anna!

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