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Authored by Madhurima Maji

One of the America’s 13 colonies, and named after King George II of Great Britain, the state of Georgia is a fabulously diverse destination, featuring marshland and beaches, and bordered in the north by a great mountain range.

Known for its slow moving lifestyle, openness and impeccable manners, Georgia is host to numerous visitors throughout the year from various parts of the world.

If you’re considering a Georgia vacation, or perhaps even thinking about moving to Georgia, the following are tips on where you should go.

Tybee Islands

Set near Savannah, this easternmost point of Georgia is a sparsely-populated island in the city of Tybee. A haven for travellers who love to surf and fish, this island becomes greatly populated with college students in the month of April as it hosts the Orange Crush Weekend – a huge beach party that includes music, drinks and dancing.

The island also hosts the Beach Bum Parade annually that includes water gun fights and a lot of public involvement. If you miss these fun events, Tybee also promises relaxed beaches, lighthouse tours and amazing galleries for a fun summer away from home.

Sunset at Tybee Island

Photo CC by by Ryan McKee

Lively and Scenic Athens

Prominent as a college town in Georgia, Athens is also a major attraction for its historical traditions. The key attractions of Athens are the double-barrelled cannon from the civil war on display, the beautiful cemetery, and the spectacular 19th-century University of Georgia buildings that will make you choose to go back to school!

This town has been a popular wedding destination due to it’s beautiful backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountain and picturesque antebellum architecture sprawled across the town. If this isn’t on your list of possible wedding destinations, you might want to add it; it’s truly the perfect place for a romantic holiday.


Atlanta is an interesting city that attracts people from all over the country. It’s fairly common for residents of much more popular cities like LA or New York City to pack up their things and move here.

Because of the allure the city has, there are some very interesting tours to offer to you. Begin with a tour of the World of Coco-Cola, a museum that showcases the history of the company and contains many points of entertainment and attraction.

Take your family to the Georgia Aquarium for an engaging afternoon or relax and enjoy the Centennial Olympic Park with the glorious fountains and lights on display.

Atlanta Georgia

Photo CC by Richard Cawood.

Coastal Glory of Savannah

The coastal city of the Savannah is known for its romantic atmosphere. Think well tailored parks, horse-driven carriages, antebellum architecture around, and hundred year old gnarled and twisted trees which line the streets, parks and squares, drizzling a canopy of Spanish Moss. I

The city blooms with the magnolia blossoms and Spanish moss-covered oak trees, especially in the Forsyth Park. Take your lunch and relax under these magnificent trees and enjoy the meal with your friends or relish nature in all its glory by yourself.

This city is also marked by landmarks such as Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and Gothic-Revival Cathedral. Your itinerary planner is missing one of the most scenic cities without Savannah mentioned in it.

The Alpine Town of Helen

Set along the Chattahoochee River, Helen is a small town that might fool you into thinking you are in Germany with its old-world towers, artistically constructed colourful chateaus and cobblestone alleys.

This mountain town offers a wide range of activities like river rafting and hiking. Visit the gorgeous waterfalls, rivers and creeks as well as relax in the afternoon at the vineyard, completing this perfect getaway.

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Madhurima Maji is a writer by profession, working for Inspirock. She is a Christ University English major with a major book fetish and fond of dogs.Where to go in Georgia

She has previously worked as a children’s story writer and as a content developer for e-educational portal. In her free time, she loves traveling, drinking unhealthy amounts of tea, dancing, and reading.


  1. Aside from Atlanta, I haven’t spent much time in Georgia although I hear there’s great nature to be seen (as proven by this post as well). Thanks for the tips!

    • You’re welcome Jessica! Hope you have the chance to revisit Georgia and discover more of the State soon :)

  2. I’ve only been to Atlanta and it was very brief. I’ve heard great things about the beauty of Georgia so this post just confirms my desire to travel there someday.

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon Natasha! Atlanta is wonderful, but there’s definitely a lot more out there to see :)

  3. I have to admit I didn’t know much about Georgia, so that was interesting and useful to read. The Tybee islands sound like just my thing. I wouldn’t go to the parade but the relaxed beaches are what I would look for. Especially the photo with the sunset over the beach is amazing!

    • Glad we could offer a little bit of an introduction then Sia! Tybee Islands really are very beautiful, perfect for a getaway on the beach :)

  4. Georgia has a unique quality about it which is so endearing. I can see it has a diverse and vast range of options when it comes to travel. My personal preferences here would be Tybee Island and the town of Helen.

    • So glad you’ve been inspired to travel to Georgia Vyjay! You’ll love Tybee Island and the town of Helen when you get the chance :)

  5. Awhile back I took a 2 week road trips and spent some time along the coast. Tybee island is amazing and I think I might have enjoyed it more than Savannah. The fort was really cool also. There are some really wonderful small fishing towns along the coast if you are an adventurous individual.

    • So glad you enjoyed your time in Georgia Michael! Agree that some of the best experiences are just waiting along the coast in unassuming towns :)

  6. Thanks for such an informative post. For me Georgia always started and ended with Atlanta, but now I know more places to look for.

    • Glad we could introduce you to a couple of further destinations in the State :)

  7. It looks beautiful in Georgia. Have you read John Berendt’s book ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’? Absolute MUST if you’re a Savannah lover.

    • I haven’t come across that title before, thanks for the tip! Will try to find it :)

  8. Haven’t been to Helen GA yet but 100% agree with the others.

    • Maybe 2019 is your year for finishing out the list :D Happy holidays!

    • Maybe! We do have a couple Georgia visits on the books for 2019…

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