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The Unforgettables: What you need to pack for a trip to Missouri

Missouri is a destination that offers travelers a reasonably diverse mix of sophisticated city life and down-to-earth country sights. So if touring several destinations within the State it can be easy to forget things you should have packed.

We have as such put together a list which will help you when packing for Missouri. These are the unforgettables; everything that should be in your bag for a trip to Saint Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, and/or Chesterfield.

Umbrella for Saint Louis

Umbrellas are a great thing to pack for any destination, though rain seems to hit Saint Louis more randomly than in other destinations.

The majority of hotels will have a small supply of these at the front desk, though they often run out, so it’s much more reliable to travel with your own. Travel-size umbrellas are great as you can easily store them in a backpack or a purse once the rain clears and the sun comes out.

Drink Bottle and Comfortable Walking Shoes for Springfield

Springfield is a popular destination for those looking to explore the Ozarks. With pristine parks, rivers, streams, and nature trails, this city is often considered a gateway to the great outdoors. Popular pastimes include hiking, biking, and even camping in the many state parks in and around the city.

As such, you should bring comfortable walking shoes and something to drink. Bottled water is readily available in almost every store, though these are too often disposed of incorrectly and left as litter throughout State Parks and trails. Traveling with a drink bottle means curbing this issue and preserving the environment from non-biodegradable litter.

Photo credit: The Legendary Adventures of Anna

Transitional Wardrobe for Kansas City

Kansas City has a flourishing culture and art scene, so you’ll need to pack versatile clothing for your trip.  Having a transitional wardrobe that will carry your outfit from day to evening will make your trip hassle-free.

Kansas City is also known to be one of the top shopping destinations of the Midwest though, so worst case, if you’re unable to return to your hotel to change, it’s just as quick and easy to stop in at a shopping spot. Popular shopping includes the Legends Outlets, City Market, Country Club Plaza and Zona Rosa, all of which are located outside. If you are planning on hitting up the shops, make sure you pack a set of comfortable walking shoes – the Plaza alone is spread throughput more than 15 blocks of the city.

High Quality Camera for Chesterfield

Most people settle for photography on their phone these days, though Chesterfield is one location where you want a high quality camera with you. The city is a photographer’s playground and good shooting locations include the Butterfly House within the Missouri Botanic Gardens, Castlewood State Park, Creve Coeur Lake, and Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Additionally, if you head to Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center there are fantastic trails where you can spot birds and deer. This is a free spot where mainly locals go – it is a hidden gem not often frequented by tourists.

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