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The type of jacket you wear on your trip will depend on the season in the destination(s) you’re travelling to. Even in the summer, I’d recommend travelling with at least a light, breathable jacket. You never know when a chilly night will sneak up on you, or worse, a rain storm.

A portable one like this one will take up no room at all in your luggage, but if weather permits, a more stylish option can definitely be worn on the plane (or whichever other method of travel you’ve elected to take).

Going on a hike during your latest travels? Safety and quality gear are both optimal to a fun and successful trek, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned trekker. When it comes to what you’ll be wearing, ideally you’ll have some form of hiking specific clothing packed with you. This is one area where spending a little extra is worth it, which you’ll know if you’ve done this before.

A good pair of trekking trousers, fitted, but not too tight, is the ideal pant for a hike, since they’re breathable and quick-drying. If you prefer leggings, I would go with a sporty pair, rather than a throwaway pair from Target. Pair either with light layers on top, and you should be good to go.

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Hiking in sneakers isn’t recommended, though if you’re trying to save on luggage (or backpack) space, it might be necessary. If you’re not bringing a pair of hiking boots along, make sure you pack the adequate socks necessary to hike in sneakers comfortably. Here’s a great post advocating dropping hiking boots altogether for sneakers that’s worth a read.

Speaking of sneakers, they’re my travel shoe of choice. They’re supportive, comfortable, and best of all, there’s been a resurgence in sneakers in the fashion world, so they’re cute as heck now! Quite a few major brands, like Nike and Adidas, offer cute patterns, partnerships with major fashion designers, and customizable sneaks.

A couple of my favorites are the glow in the dark Minimus by New Balance and these Nikes, called the Zoom Wildhorse.

Anything else you’d recommend? Let me know!

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