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The Unforgettables: What you need to pack for a trip to Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and More

Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original colonies of the United States, offering travelers a diverse mix of small colonial towns and big city sights. If you’re taking in a number of different destinations during your stay, it can be easy to forget things you should have packed.

The following is a list of the unforgettables – everything you should have in your bag when packing for a trip to Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and more.

Sports Gear for Philadelphia

For those interested in athletics and the outdoors, Philadelphia has a huge range of trails and rivers which make for a fun way to explore, so be sure to pack your sports gear.

Head out to the river in your kayak or canoe and take in the beautiful views of Boathouse Row and the art museum from the water. A popular spot among runners are the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Run up the steps like Rocky or just pick one of the many scenic running trails which wind throughout the city or by the banks of the Schuulkill River to get your heart pumping.

Driver’s License for King of Prussia

King of Prussia is northwest of Philadelphia – one of the neighboring small towns in the greater Philly region. The easiest way to get around here is by car, so make sure you have your driver’s license with you to book a rental.

For many domestic travelers, this will act as your primary form of ID anyway, but many international visitors leave their license at home, opting to carry their passport instead.  Don’t do this.  Bring your license and enjoy the 30-minute drive from Philadelphia to King of Prussia.

Camera for Corapolis

Corapolis is a neighboring town 20 minutes from Pittsburgh. Make sure you pack your camera for trips into the city – the Pittsburgh area is a lot prettier than most people give it credit for.

There are plenty of photogenic locations around Corapolis and Pittsburgh. You can find great scenic views along the North Shore, West End Overlook, and at Mt. Washington. This is an area National Geographic calls one of the most beautiful scenes in the world.

Comfortable Walking Shoes for Bethlehem

Bethlehem is a historic city with a beautiful downtown, and walking tours are a popular way to learn about the culture and heritage of the area.  Founded in 1741, travelers marvel at exquisite colonial and Victorian architecture, and the town boasts two National Historic Landmarks (Bethlehem Waterworks and the 1741 Gemeinhaus).

Bring comfortable shoes to avoid sore, tired feet at the end of a long, informative day of sightseeing.

Rain Gear for Pittsburgh

Rain gear is a good thing to pack for any destination, though Pittsburgh sees more rain than most other US cities. Heavy rain season is generally March – June so be sure to pack an umbrella, a raincoat, and a windbreaker. If traveling in winter, be sure to pack warm clothing as it gets very cold.

Hotels in Pittsburgh are likely to have a small supply of umbrellas for guests at the front desk, though these run out quite quickly. It’s a lot more reliable to pack your own.

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  1. You need to pack a sense of humor and patience for the drive from Philly to KofP (I live nearby) as I76 can be a nightmare – I tend to tell folks to take the back roads past the multiple college towns of the Main Line on the way to Valley Forge National Park and the KofP Mall (great shopping)

    • Thanks for the tips Suzanne – one thing which struck me about the US was the crazy traffic between cities. So I’m all for alternative routes if there is that option! Usually when I’m in an unknown city I stick to whatever my GPS says, though unfortunately that usually heads straight into the traffic! So it’s awesome to have your advice as a local :)

  2. I had non of these things

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