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The Unforgettables: What You Need to Pack for Ontario

One of the most difficult things about travel is knowing what to pack for a region you’ve never visited. And although Ontario is a popular Canadian destination, there are still many items that first-time travelers forget to pack.

So we have compiled a list of the unforgettables for you. The following are tips for what to pack on your next trip to Ontario.

Comfortable Walking Shoes for Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill has over 150 beautiful parks, with a huge range of nature trails to enjoy. Parks you shouldn’t miss include Ozark Park, Phyllis Rawlinson Park, Sunset Beach Park, and Mill Pond Park.

Pack comfortable walking shoes as it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. The Eyer Ropes Challenge Course is a fun way to spend a day–a 1.75 acre park which features an outdoor high and low ropes challenge course, as well as a climbing wall and more.

If shopping is more your sport, there is a wide variety of stores. Richmond Hill has everything from plazas to mini-malls, local shops, business parks and full-scale mega-malls. With over 4,000 stores, you will need comfortable shoes!

Ziplock Bags for Niagara

If visiting Niagara, the chances are you’ve traveled here to see Niagara Falls. And ziplock bags come in incredibly handy when visiting the falls.

Depending on how close you get, you’re more than likely to end up traveling home with damp clothes. Ziplock bags are great for keeping these items separate from the rest of your luggage so that everything else won’t get damp, and also for keeping your electronics dry.

Photo by Paul Bica

Camera for Brampton

Brampton is a cultural hub with many fascinating museums. Favorites include the Great War Flying Museum, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, and the Canadian Airspace Museum. Each of these show full-scale replicas of planes used in wars throughout history, so this is one place where you don’t want to forget to pack your camera.

The Road Hazard Classic Car Show also runs in Brampton. Every Wednesday during summer you can see 100-150 beautiful classic cars at the Canadian Tire parking lot (6.30 p.m. until dusk).

Warm Clothes for Barrie

Barrie is the perfect Ontario destination for a winter getaway, seeing an average of 238 cm (95 inches) of snow each year.

This is a mecca for winter sports, and travelers can enjoy outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing, snowtubing, skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and sleigh rides. These will only be fun if you’re not freezing to death, so be sure to pack your warmest clothes! Scarves, beanies, ear muffs, gloves, woolly socks; these are all items of clothing people generally forget.

Ice Skates for Sudbury

The winter is a fantastic time to explore Sudbury’s outdoors, and there is a lot of opportunity here for unexpected outdoor adventures.

Sudbury has 330 lakes, and a popular pastime is to open-air skate. The lakes turn icy blue and visitors bring their own skates. Popular lakes include the Ramsey Lake Skating Path or the oval at Queen’s Athletic Field. Don’t miss out on this incredibly fun opportunity by forgetting to pack your skates!

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