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Travelling anywhere, anytime requires a certain amount of planning. But especially when it comes time to pack. After-all, who hasn’t traveled overseas and left something important at home!

It’s always a good idea to maintain a checklist of all the things that you might require on your trip. Especially when it comes to hen party trips abroad, your suitcase might look a tad different from a regular trip abroad.

Here are the top five essentials you definitely don’t want to miss at your hen party destination abroad.

 What Your Suitcase Should Look Like For Your Hen Do Abroad

Important Documents and Funds

Passport stamps

Starting with the most important document that you need to travel abroad, the passport. Ensure this is the first thing packed and preferably in your handbag so that you can take it out at the airport quickly at the time of need.

Also make sure you have copies of your passport stashed in your suitcase, handbag and also with someone back at home. This is in case you lose your passport and need the copy for embassy formalities. It’s always better to have back ups.

Next thing you need is your foreign currency. Keep these handy along with your international debit/ credit card, whatever mode of currency you are using.

If you’re only carrying cash, make sure you distribute it in more than one place in your luggage. In case you lose a piece of luggage or your wallet, you don’t want to lose out on all the money, so keep some funds in your main luggage and other places that you can.

It’s always wise to keep hard copies of your hotel reservations and also email the reservation copies to all members of the hen gang so that you’re not dependent on one person for the entire itinerary.


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The most important gadgets that you need to keep with you are your phone and your phone charger so make sure you pack these up. If you’re carrying a camera, obviously the camera charger, battery etc. need to be packed as well.

Travelling abroad means you will need an international power converter to charge all your electronics because different countries have different voltage requirements which might not be suitable to your gadget chargers.

Apart from the essential electronics, you might want to carry a pair of wireless speakers to listen to some of your favourite tunes whenever you want. If you are an avid user of straighteners or hair dryers then add them to the essential electronics list.

Clothes, Shoes and Makeup

Instead of using disposable plastic bags when packing, it’s far more environmentally friendly (and a lot easier to stay organized) to use packing cubes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re packing for your hen do destination is checking the weather and temperature of that place.

You will need clothes for the day time to stroll around the city and a comfortable pair of shoes which you can walk in for long hours. Depending on your hen party ideas, if you’ve got a themed hen do lined up, then pack up all the required clothing for it.

Try not to pack more than two shoes, one for your formal evening out and one to do most of the walking and strolling in. While heels are gorgeous, you won’t have much fun if you are uncomfortable walking in them for long hours.

Pack the essential makeup that you will need for the trip. Remember that you’re going to be spending more time just having fun with the girls so you might not need all of your makeup, so try and limit yourself to the absolutely important stuff.


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You’ll likely have access to first aid at most of the places but it’s always better to carry some of the essentials on your own. Especially to treat your hangovers, carry some vitamins, minerals and painkillers.

Also add lots of bandages and antiseptic creams for shoe bites from your new heels or any minor scratches or scrapes. Wipes are also a good idea for any emergency cleansing of wounds or makeup.

Hen Night Props

If you have some decor ideas for the hen party like hen night sash, banners and other props, then make some space for them in your luggage as well.

If you want, you can add a pre-prepared playlist to your list of hen do ideas. Nothing will get your hen gang dancing like your very own selection of music.

Final Tips

The aim for your hen do trip abroad, should be to travel light and keep some space for shopping and gifts as well. Even while packing the essentials, try to cut down on what you think you will always get at your destination.

For example, you will get necessities like toiletries, towels, snacks etc. so try to keep these to minimum and let the other important stuff occupy your luggage space.


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