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Hipmunk CIty Love: What to Pack for a Trip to St. Augustine

With a winning combination of stunning white sand beaches and historic, colonial charm, it’s no wonder that St. Augustine is one of Florida’s most visited cities. International travelers and locals alike flock here–America’s oldest town–for an idea of life in the 18thcentury, as well as access to some of Florida’s most pristine coastlines.

The quickest way to ruin your trip, however, is to pack incorrectly and to arrive in the city unprepared. As such, the below tips will help to form your packing list – everything you need for a memorable trip to St. Augustine and items you should absolutely not forget.

Driver’s License

Normally you would travel with your driver’s license as a form of ID, though if you’re visiting St. Augustine from overseas you might leave your license at home, using your passport for ID instead. But with an amazing range of day trip options not too far away, St. Augustine is a fantastic base for exploring more of Florida, and car rental is a viable option for getting around.

The best part is that most rental car lots are situated close to the airport as well as many of St. Augustine’s cheap hotels, so organizing pick-up and drop-off is a breeze, and taking this route means you save on otherwise pricey group tours.

Don’t forget your drivers license.

Walking Shoes

St. Augustine is known as one of the most walkable cities in America, and as you’re making your way around the city’s cobblestone pedestrian streets you’re going to want decent walking shoes.

However, also be aware that St. Augustine is one of the most popular beach destinations in the States, so you’ll want to also pack flip-flops or other footwear for the beach.

Ziplock Bags

One of St. Augustine’s biggest draws is its world-class coastline, and one of the city’s most unique attractions is the option for tourists to drive onto the beach. A favorite pastime is indulging in a 4WD adventure across the sand ($7 per day for vehicle access), and ziplock bags are a genius way to keep your cell phone, camera and other electronics sand-free.

Make sure, however, that everything which goes with you to the beach is taken away from the beach – non-biodegradable items can negatively impact the environment when not disposed of correctly and left as litter along the coast.

Drive onto the beach.


St. Augustine is one of the most charming towns in America, and you’re going to want to capture its historical character and colonial charm. However, once again remember that this is a big beach destination, so it’s also a decent idea to invest in a cheap underwater camera for some footage from beyond the shore.

Watersports is a huge draw in Jacksonville, one of the most popular day trips from St. Augustine, so versatile adventure cameras like GoPro are great as they offer a fantastic range of underwater casings. These optional extras may be worth considering if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the water.

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