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Hipmunk City Love: What to Pack for a Trip to Houston, Texas

Since everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas, that means your baggage should be, too. Houston has a reputation for fabulous weather, shopping and food, though the huge range of activities and attractions on offer doesn’t mean you should be packing everything including the kitchen sink!

Following are packing tips for your upcoming visit to Houston, Texas, including everything you’ll really need for your trip. Sticking to these tips will help you pack lightly, and you may find you even have room to spare.


When packing for your trip to Houston, be sure that the clothes you throw in your bag are appropriate for both heat and humidity. The temperature here is high all year round and the city can be humid as hell, so weather appropriate clothing is a necessity. Pack lightweight, breathable clothing that is comfortable in hot and sticky weather. Materials like linen or cotton are best.

Due to the weather in Houston, most venues accept casual dress. If you’re planning to enjoy fine dining in one of Houston’s best restaurants or perhaps a night out at the opera, a simple dress or blouse and skirt will work for women. For men, a collared shirt with twill pants is best.

Make sure your clothes are weather appropriate.


Comfortable walking shoes are a must for exploring on foot or taking in a Houston city tour. If you’re exploring Houston for more than one or two days, you’ll likely want to rent a car to cover more ground in this big city.


Since Houston is a major city, toiletries are easily accessible at almost any pharmacy or shop. Of course make sure that you are stocked up on personal medications that you’ll need while traveling.

Female travelers should try to keep makeup simple and natural. If you don’t, you may find it sliding off your face, thanks to Houston’s humidity. Carry a small amount of baby powder to prevent sweat stains from ruining your flats and favorite clothes.


Sunscreen is a must to protect yourself from the blazing sun, even if you won’t be spending very much time outdoors. Don’t forget that aloe vera gel is always a good idea just in case of sunburn.

Travelers hitting Houston between April and September should travel with an umbrella, as it’s almost guaranteed to rain. Rest assured that you can pick these up at the front desk of all cheap Houston hotels.

Pack a bottle of your favorite mosquito repellant, too, since the humidity brings them out in droves. It’s a good idea to bring a water-bottle along with you for refills, even if you’re just walking the streets.

Good idea to bring a water bottle.

Good idea to bring a water bottle. Photo CC by Rubbermaid Products.

Packing for a trip to Houston doesn’t have to prove a difficult ordeal, and you definitely don’t need to pack the kitchen sink.

Things to keep in mind while packing include the weather and the season, though if you follow these tips and tricks you’ll be set with the perfect bag. Enjoy your Texas trip!

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  1. You make a nice point about comfortable walking shoes. These are a must for tourists.

    • I find it’s something people usually forget! Sometimes even I underestimate how much we walk while traveling and think I can get away with heading out in flats. But comfy walking shoes all the way!

    • Always bring a light jacket, sweater or something to keep you warm. Houston’s weather can change in a flash. Once I walked into a restaurant in a pair of shorts and tank top. I walked out of the restaurant and was freezing. Be prepared for anything.

    • Great advice Becky :)

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