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Hipmunk City Love: What to Pack for a Trip to Cancun

Cancun is one of the best destinations in Central America for a beach vacation, for a thriving nightlife, and a bustling restaurant scene, and being so close to many significant Mayan ruins, just as many people travel for the historic attractions as they do to take it easy and relax.

Though it’s difficult to lay back and take it easy when you’ve traveled ill prepared withouth knowing what to pack. The following are packing tips for your next trip to Cancun, items which many people forget or don’t consider until they’re there. Make a checklist from the below advice and travel safe with the knowledge that you’ll arrive prepared.

Chichen Itza. Photo CC by Dennis Jarvis

Driver’s License

Usually this is your best form of ID, though when traveling with your passport many people think they can leave their driver’s license at home. But car rental is one of the most viable options for getting around Cancun, and those wanting to explore the historic surroundings of the Yucatan should seriously consider booking a car.

A gateway to the ancient Mayan world, tour companies will come at you offering tours, though this is a destination where it pays to travel at your own pace.

Something Dressy

Cancun is a beach destination, though it is also a hub of nightlife and offers a fantastic restaurant and dining scene. Most travelers head here having only packed informal beach gear, but it’s nice to have something dressier on hand for dinner or a night at the club.

Women usually go for a short dress, and it’s acceptable for men to wear a polo shirt with linen pants to dress up while still staying cool.

Scuba and Snorkel Equipment

Cancun is a tourist hub, so it follows that equipment rental for the most popular water sport activities will be expensive. To save money, pick up your own snorkel and scuba gear before you go.

Not only will this make your excursions cheaper, but you’ll know you’re the only one who has used that gear. It is much more hygienic not having to share.

Don’t forget your scuba and snorkel gear.

Zip Lock Bags

You’re heading to the beach, so it’s more than likely that you’ll be traveling home with damp and dirty clothes. Ziplock bags are not only great for storing these items so the rest of your luggage won’t also carry that smell, but also for keeping your camera and cell away from the sand.

Make sure you take the zip lock bags home with you – non-biodegradable items are starting to cause a huge problem throughout the resort areas and Cancun hotels, so please don’t add to the problem.


You’re heading overseas, so you want to remember all the interesting and beautiful sights you see! Obviously a camera will be on most people’s packing list, though it’s a great idea to also throw in an inexpensive underwater camera for when you’re out enjoying the reefs.

Versatile cameras like GoPro come with underwater casings, so it could be worth investing in the optional extras and mounts which allow for use in water.

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