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What to Pack for a Trip to Austin, Texas

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, but that doesn’t mean your luggage should be. Sure, Austin is a big city with a huge range of attractions and things to see and do, with an often unpredictable climate, though that doesn’t mean you need to pack everything plus the kitchen sink!

The following are packing tips for what you’ll really need when visiting our favorite Texas city of Austin.

First, Find a Hotel (or Airbnb)


The biggest thing to remember when packing for a trip to Austin is to make sure that your clothing is weather appropriate. Summers are extremely hot and sticky, and average around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Best to pack light, casual, clothing and stick to materials like cotton or linen.

Winter is much cooler and the temperature hovers around the mark of 60, though can jump from 90 degrees one day to 40 the next. As such, it’s important to pack warm clothes and layers if traveling during the months of October to March. Winters can also be wet, so bring an umbrella and a raincoat, though even during this season, Austin is generally hotter and drier than the rest of the US, and you’ll most likely see locals walking around in shorts in October, November and some of February.

Make sure your clothes are weather appropriate.

Remember to bring a bathing suit, as swimming is one of the cheapest and most popular activities in the city. A lot of cheap Austin hotels also have swimming pools for guest use.


Comfortable walking shoes are a must for a visit to Austin, as hiking, biking and walking are the best way to explore the city.

Pack sandals for visits to the beach, and if you own a pair of women’s cowboy boots these are acceptable just about everywhere and are a fantastic local touch if you’re hitting the bar scene.


Austin is a main hub, so toiletries are readily available throughout the city. Though do make sure to pack suntan lotion, and any other personal medications you may need while on the road. Aloe Vera gel for sunburn is always a great idea too.

Females should keep their make-up natural and simple, and it’s not a bad idea carrying baby powder to prevent sweat stains in flats and the underarms of your favorite clothes.

Outdoor Gear

Water is an absolute must if planning for outdoor activity in Austin, and it’s even a good idea to travel with a bottle of water if you’re just walking the streets. Make sure you pack a drink bottle for refills, though bottled water is available in every store.

Hiking and camping are popular activities outside of the city limits, so make sure you’re set up with a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable walking shoes are a must.


Packing for a Trip to Austin

Packing for a trip to Austin doesn’t have to be difficult, and you certainly don’t have to pack the kitchen sink!

Be mindful of the weather and season, pack comfortable walking shoes to explore, and abide by the above tips and tricks to fully enjoy your Texas trip!

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  1. Great post! I like the type of clothes and shoes you chose to pack. It is very important to know where we are going and what is the climate in order to choose our clothes appropriately. Greetings

    • Thanks Claudia! Glad you found the post helpful. Yes, it’s very important to choose appropriate clothing for the destination we’re planning to visit :)

      Travel safe!

  2. Going to Austin and San Antonio TX in December 2018, what do I need to wear in 56*-60* sunny weather? Thank you!

    • Hi Linda, I would pack warm weather clothes for when you’re out and about, especially if you plan to be active, but definitely pack warm clothes and layers for when you stop as it can get pretty cold. Winter can also be wet, so take a raincoat :)

      Have a great trip!

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