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Why The World Loves to Eat in Brisbane?

Gone are those days when Brisbane was reviewed to be behind its counterparts in the culinary world. The city has now emerged as a serious contender and is quickly gaining popularity with gourmands from across the world.

In a recent interview, Joanne Savill, a food writer and enthusiast called Brisbane a booming place for fine dining restaurants and bars. Read on to find out what are the best dishes to savour in the capital city of Queensland.

Campari Sherbet and Whey from Esquire

Esquire offers the most flavourful dessert in the country, the Campari Sherbet with the super silky whey curd ice cream. Dive deep into this delightful dessert and experience the taste bombs explode right in your mouth.

The bitter twist of this Scandi-inspired dish makes it the most unique dessert treat in Brisbane.

Kentucky Fried Duck (KFD) from Public

When the owners of Public took this dish off the menu with an aim to reintroduce a re-worked version, the public wouldn’t agree! They criticized, rebelled and brought back this killer dish on the menu ASAP!

Quite unbelievably Kentucky-style fried duck tastes much better and oozes out more flavour that the conventional chicken.

Paleo Pancakes from Primal Pantry

How often do you get to enjoy a stack of pancakes with your favourite toppings and no sense of guilt? Primal Pantry’s dairy-free grain pancakes are a rage!

Hire a car with Hertz in Brisbane and drive down to Teneriffe to try their latest addition, the coconut banana pancake topped with hot cocoa sauce

Crab soufflé from Montrachet

The signature crab soufflé from Montrachet is truly a creative culinary creation that is sure to leave your taste buds ringing with flavours. The Dungeness crab is double cooked with cheese and cream to make it feel light.

The veracity of the soufflé to simply tag alone with any other dish like a plate of salad or a bowl of soup and together work a marvel so effortlessly makes it a must-try for everyone in Brisbane.

Photo CC by TheGirlsNY

The Sand Crab Lasagne from IL Centro

It seems like the crab and Brisbane have something to do with each other! Yet another crab-based delicacy from Brisbane is the Sand Crab Lasagne from IL Centro which is believed to bring in a major chunk of the sales in that restaurant.

The sweetness of the crab combined with the tanginess of the Italian sauces and wrapped generously between layers of melting lasagne makes you fall relentlessly in love.

Salmon Sashimi Taco from Sake

Sake in Eagle Street is the place of the perfect marriage between Mexico and Japan! The combination of Japanese-style cooked salmon chunks wrapped in tacos and topped with salsa is the salmon sashimi taco.

A real beauty in its own stride, this dish is so unique to Brisbane and demands an indulgence instantly.

The Bombe from Stokehouse

Imagine a warm cushion of rich meringue engulfing frozen white chocolate on a sponge base and topped with strawberry sorbet. Slurpp! That’s The Bombe from Stokehouse and has been their iconic dessert for many years now. True to its name, the dish bursts with awesome flavours and is a treat to all the senses.

The cosy, quiet city of Brisbane has undoubtedly marched ahead in the culinary race and comes in as the sweetest surprise ever!

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