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This post was originally published in 2016, first titled ‘Where to Flee Now that Trump Has Won the Presidency’. The title has been revised based on the election result in 2020 (content remains the same).

Let’s face it. The possibility of Trump being elected President of United States is getting closer to becoming just became a reality.

Independents tend to sway the outcome of every major election one way or the other, and most Independents may not didn’t vote for Clinton. Though some people truly believe Trump will make America great again (as his campaign message claims), and believe him to be the best choice to lead the free world.

But for those looking to exit the country because you can’t imagine living under Trump’s presidency, the following are fantastic options for you.

Where to Flee if Now that Trump Has Won the American Presidency

Where Donald Trump Can Flee Now He’s Lost the Presidency

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

As the birthplace of Trump’s wife Melania, it’s ironic that I choose Solvenia. Though this country is a hidden gem. Most Americans tend to head to Western European countries when they travel or immigrate, but this small former Yugoslavian country is a much better choice for your wallet (cost of living is 50% less compared to major cities in the U.S). Will Donald Trump be president?

Slovenia is still part of EU and uses the single European currency. The capital city Ljubljana is among the highest in the global scale of quality of life. It was recently named as the greenest capital for Europe in 2016, and in the last decade has worked tirelessly towards an aim of pedestrian and bike friendly streets. Which countries have a better cost of living than America?

It is also an ideal place for those who love spectacular nature. From Ljubljana you can discover the beauty of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. Triglav mountain is great for mountain hiking and camping in the summer.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Frequently awarded the title of the happiest country on Earth, Denmark is also the greenest capital city in the world. It’s no joke that the Danes replaced Christianity with cycling as their religion. I guarantee you’ll never see as many bikes anywhere else. Countries that are better than America?

If you are into interior design and fashion there are plenty of stores that will fulfill your appetite. Denmark offers scholarships for International students (free for EU students), and college education is inexpensive compared to America’s over-rated Ivy leagues. Which countries are cheaper than the US?

If you’re planning to raise a family, Denmark is the ideal place to live. Why? You get 52 weeks (1 year) of paid parental leave and 5 weeks of guaranteed vacation. Can you top that America? Best countries to live in overseas?

With a better standard of living, lower cost of education, and far superior health and benefits, Denmark is one country you should consider if you choose to flee. Cost of living is 10% less compared to major cities in U.S.

Kyoto, Japan

The land of rising sun, Japan is known for an ultra efficient system of transportation, clean environment, and friendly people. Kyoto, the former imperial capital city of Japan, continually receives nominations for the best city in the world. With gorgeous Japanese gardens, incredible shrines and temples, parks and markets, it’s no secret why expats love it here.

The Kyoto protocol was signed here back in 1992 with the purpose of cutting greenhouse gases emission. So it’s no wonder that the city is clean and pollution free. Did you know that Japan has more electric car charging spots than gas stations? If you’re one of those who drives an electric vehicle, Japan might be a great choice for you. Am I safe if Trump becomes president?

Pros: Efficient transportation, nature, and a high quality of education. Cost of Living: 20 – 30% less compared to major cities in U.S.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand, the land of smiles, is a tropical paradise albeit a touristy paradise. There are so many diverse attractions packed into such a small place. From white sandy beaches to bustling cities, beautiful pagodas, mountainous jungles and waterfalls, Thailand promises to wet anyone’s appetite for travel and adventure. What will happen to America if Donald Trump become president?

In traveling through Thailand, you will meet many expats who have happily retired and live a decent life with income from their Social security. For a country in South East Asian, Thailand is also relatively clean and safe for foreigners. Will people move overseas if Donald Trump wins?

Establish your base in the northern part of Thailand around Chiang Mai or Pai, and make trips to the beaches in the south. The weather is much cooler in the north and is less filled with tourists. The cost of living here is 70% cheap compared to major cities in U.S. American immigration to Thailand. 

Medellin, Colombia

Colombia has well and truly come back from its gritty past. Now the economy is thriving. Medellin especially has made some smart choices in the recent past in terms of investing in developing infrastructure around transportation and public services. This in turn helped to curb and reduce violence and crime rate to a historic low. Is it safe to move to Colombia from America?

Medellin, the city of Eternal Spring (read my Ultimate Travel guide to Medellin) boasts a moderate spring like climate all year around. Most of the public services like Sports stadiums are free to use, and the city has free public bicycle system (Encicla) that is open for citizens and visitors.

If you are from the East coast you are only one hour behind. Hospitals and medical services are advanced like in the western world but relatively cheaper compared to America. Pros of moving to Medellin include great all year weather, low cost of living (70% cheaper than the U.S), free public services, and world class healthcare. Do Colombians like American expats?

Montreal, Canada

Mark my words. If Trump becomes president, it’s Canada who will need to build a wall! One of the top destinations I recommend you flee is Montreal.

Canada is just like America. But better. A safe and stable country is a politically stable and a peaceful country. Their healthcare is second to none. Free healthcare starts when you are born and stays with you for life. And their education system is excellent, with lower cost compared to most English speaking countries. Also, the country has 38 National parks.

As a bilingual city, Montreal is the ideal place to base yourself to explore the rest of the country. It has everything ranging from great educational systems, nightlife, and public parks. It feels relatively less crowded for a big city. Plus if you from the east coast you are on the same time zone. Cost of living is 40% cheaper here compared to major cities in U.S.

Where Would You Flee?

I am personally leaning towards either Medellin or Montreal as my next home base. Let me know in the comments section where you would flee if Trump wins the presidency. Where can Americans immigrate to easily?


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Chan is an avid traveler and a tech enthusiast who has traveled to 5 continents and 40 countries in his lifetime. He quit his job last December to pursue his dream of traveling to the far corners of the world.

Based in New York, while traveling he does stock trading and blogging at You can connect with Chan on Facebook and Twitter. You can read more of his guest posts on this blog on his author page.

Comparison data based on Expatistan. Photo credits: Featured photo & Pinterest cartoon by DonkeyHoteyLjubljana by Gilad Rom. Lake Bled by Ramón. Copenhagen & Kyoto photos by Moyan Brenn. Lantern festival Chiang Mai by Andrea Schaffer. Spires by Angelo Juan Ramos. Medellin by Iván Erre JotaPiedra del penol Medellin by Chan Komogan.


  1. This is probably the #1 topic of conversation that has come up during my current travels in Indonesia. Everyone wants to know which country I’ll flee to I think my answer would be Italy, since I have a dual passport and that is where my family lives.

    • That’s great Erika. I am glad you made that decision. Italy is a great choice indeed.

  2. Love your suggestions! I’m so relieved that I left the US a few years ago and am settled in Taiwan.

    I also shared some advice on escaping the threat of a Trump presidency:

    • Thanks Andi for reading the post. I will check out your article as well. I hope you are enjoying your stay in Taiwan.

  3. Cool options! Although I have to admit, being from Montana and knowing how great America already is, I’m not going to let some turd presidential contender (any of them) drive me away. This is my home.

    • Good point Jim … haven’t yet made it through Montanna but I hear it’s a beautiful part of the country :)

  4. I recently moved to Toronto, so if you’re considering Canada, here’s how to do it, from going back to school to becoming a permanent resident:

    • Thanks for the tips Cori. Canada is probably the easiest of all the options I mentioned in my post. I will check out your article.

  5. Very clever post – made me giggle! But why not London? (Proud Londoner here asking he he he). Agree about Chiang Mai and interesting choice of Slovenia. Pinned this to one of our favourite Expat Travel Tips boards

    • London is a great city but the cost of living is too high for me. I do like your national health insurance. I prefer Central Europe over Western Europe. Thanks for reading and commenting Stefan.

  6. Am I a horrible person, if I vote for Trump, so I get my husband to move abroad with me?!? I am a dual German/US citizen and I just want to leave the US. But the hubby still needs a little nudging to take the plunge. A Trump for president would do it, haha!

    • Haha. Voting for Trump. That would be one way to do it. Germany has much better quality of life in my opinion. I personally know two of my former colleagues moved from NY to Berlin.

  7. If I was still living in the US, a Trump win would certainly push me over the edge. But I already left for other (and cheaper) pastures some time ago. I recommend central Mexico, where I found my personal paradise. Spring-like weather year round. All the amenities I need. Safe. Way cheaper than anywhere I could stand to live in the US. Good health care options And easy to get back to the States whenever I want or need to.

    • Central Mexico sounds amazing Donna :) Would love to get there sometime!

  8. Great article! I haven’t been to Montreal, but I visited Toronto and absolutely loved it, but I would have to place it as my 2nd choice though. Japan is easily my first choice, I’m currently traveling through Asia so I may add more choices over time, but everywhere I went in Japan won me over almost instantly!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more about Japan. I was simply amazed. I will certainly go back to Japan soon. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Goid one.I’m definitely pinning this to a new Pinterest board I’m starting “Where to Ride Out the Trumpocalypse”.

    • Thanks for the share Suzanne! lol love the “Trumpocalypse”

  10. Great post and unfortunately too close to reality… Slovenia…Chiang Mai…really anywhere will be better than seeing the country in the hands of Trump. Wherever we go will have to be dog-friendly since I won’t leave my babies behind.

  11. I’m not American, so I’m not sure this applies, but if I was to uproot myself, out of all the countries you suggest, I’d want to try somewhere I haven’t explored much, and somewhere in Europe, so Slovenia wins. I travelled there briefly and thought it was beautiful – plus Melania and I can have tea.

    • Yes, Slovenia is still undiscovered and might be a great time to visit/move there. I am not sure about having coffee with Melania there though :)

      Thanks for reading my article.

  12. We are full-time travelers and are always asked when we will be going home. I always tell my parents I will not be coming home within the next 4 years if he becomes president. I love Kyoto, would probably move to Japan.

    • Kyoto would probably be my first choice too :D!

  13. Bold and terrific. We left years ago and are expats living in New Zealand. We just visited friends and family as it may be the last time we do so for a while.

    • New Zealand could definitely be an addition to this list … we’re hoping to visit next year – can’t wait to experience the nature first hand :)

  14. This is a great post. Very funny. It was talked about as a joke before, even on the Ellen show but now it’s becoming too real.lucky for me I live in Toronto, Montreal is about 6 hrs away by car. I really feel for my American friends and family. Trump….your fired!!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Christoper! I’m sure it’s talked about as a joke quite a lot – I got quite a kick out of the idea when Chan pitched the guest post :D

      I’ve heard fabulous things about Toronto – sounds like a great place to call home!

  15. I love this post!! Although I now live in Australia – and have no intention of leaving – I would certainly be fleeing the USA if Trump gets in. Whenever this conversation comes up I always wonder if American’s truly understand how concerned the rest of the world are that it has got to this point! But that’s by the by – out of your picks I think i’d go to Slovenia!

    • I’m very interested to see what would happen to international relations if he does come in – honestly, I don’t think his supporters care about what the rest of the world thinks – they seem to have a reasonably narrow view … generalization of course, but that would be my observation.

  16. I’m still of the opinion that Hillary is the least of the evils here, but we’ve already decided to flee to London, no matter what the outcome. It’s too bad it’s come to this. Second place… I think Slovenia sounds nice!

    • London is an amazing spot – one of my favorite cities in the world. You’ll have an amazing time!

  17. Very diverse list so lots of good options here!

    I love the idea of moving from Boston to Montreal if Trump wins (gulp), but I can’t imagine dealing with even harsher winters than I currently have. Montreal is a fantastic city to visit and would be great to live for those willing to deal with the cold though.

    I’ve lived in quite a few cities and for me, the most liveable was Melbourne, Australia. That’s my escape plan! :-)

  18. I like what Jim said haha!Plus half the people that say they will leave havent been outside of their hometown in their entire life. Regardless of who is elected, I think these places deserve a vist!

    • Who knows, maybe this’ll give them the push to explore further than the borders of their State :)

  19. I am not one to freak out at the first opportunity. If I were, I would have already left when a criminal like Hillary Clinton decided to run for president. Nor do I automatically believe the media, which inflates every overseas event into a reason to fear travelling anywhere. Me, I’ll weigh my options after I see what happens under the new administration – whoever wins. I’m even willing to give Trump a chance. He’s a businessman after all, and the United States of America is a corporation. So why not.

    Anyway, you have chosen some interesting destinations. I’ve already considered living in some of those countries, but there are limits to how long we can legally stay there. The Schengen countries in Europe (Slovenia & Denmark) only allow people to stay for 90 out of every 180 days. Maybe I should get homes in 2-3 countries and move around. THAT would be fun, at least until the next election. :)

    • Thanks for your comment Linda. I agree about how media portrays the safety of visiting/living in other countries. They tend to exaggerate the truth. I agree with your assessment on Clinton as well as I am not a big fan of her either. I hope my article at least inspires people to consider traveling or living in other countries if not just for the Trump factor. There are many options to make your stay longer in Schengan countries like enrolling in a school and get a student visa. But moving from one country to another is way more fun :)

  20. We have actually been to half of those places listed here. Our favorite is probably Medellin though. Copenhagen is pretty cool too but way to cold for us :D

    • Half the year in Copenhagen and half the year in Medellin perhaps :D

  21. Queenstown, New Zealand for adventure, scenic sites and meet amazing people. New Zealand is by far the best country in the world and why not live in the most beautiful city as well. Life here is easy, friendly, and you’ll never get bored here because there is always something to do!

    • Great idea Josh! Haven’t yet made it to Queenstown myself which is a travesty as I’m just across the water in Aus!! Will have to add it to my list for 2017 … I’ve heard so much about the scenery and the adventure scene :)

  22. Well, I’d look into becoming an expat in Canada ….. but it seems the Americans (with any sense of decency) just crashed the website.

    • I heard the immigration website crashed … I always said that if anyone was to need a wall it would probably be Canada lol! Jokes aside, it’s sad that the country is so decisively divided right now :(

  23. Medellin sounds interesting…..
    Where can I get that guide????

    I am itching to leave, ESPECIALLY because I am in Trump-happy Florida☹️

  24. Well, I’m already in Canada (Toronto) but maybe I should move further west (Victoria, BC?) to get away from Trump!

    • Haha I was joking a couple of months ago that it’s Canada who will need to build a wall :D

  25. Very good post at a very good time. :) My favorite here is Kyoto.

    • Technically written in July, but we thought we would republish since it seemed like quite a relevant time :D! Kyoto is a great choice :)

  26. This is such a funny article. I don’t think people moved when the US elected a community organizer, and I doubt many will leave when a businessman takes over. Obama increasing the debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion, should probably get everyone ready to move, and definately the premium increases for Obamacare too.

    • Haha thanks Mike! When we published originally in June we didn’t actually think it would eventuate, so it was more of a joke at the time. Though I guess it could come in handy for some people after all!!

      All jokes aside though I do hope that the country comes together for a successful presidency – I agree with you that I don’t know if too many people will follow through with the whole “I’m moving overseas” claim. Will be interesting to watch as the presidency plays out.

  27. New Zealand is my pick!

    • A great choice! Let us know if you swing by Aus in the process :)

    • Indeed a good choice especially the South Island. I might be heading to NZ in Sep/Oct. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  28. I’m not letting Trump and his anti-American band of Trumpettes chase me anywhere. F that!

    • Good attitude!

  29. Nice to see she gave Canada a nod but I would have added Toronto, Quebec City, Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax, St. John’s etc. etc. as well! Sorry to Mike but we will probably not head south again until he is gone!

    • All fabulous destinations as well! Don’t worry we’re the same, we have no desire to get back to the States in any hurray under the current government!

  30. trump actually has a duel citizenzship in slovenia…
    hopefully the military can put a blockade around him and keep him from escaping…

    • Haha one would hope!

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