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Snow Gold: 6 Smart Ways to Cut Costs on Your Next Ski Vacation


Going skiing this year? Then follow some tips to save some money while still having a great time. There are loads of ways you can save cash, and here are six of the best.

Go at the Right Time


For a cheaper trip, go skiing outside of the high season and you will always get better deals on accommodation, food, skiing, and more. The start or end of the season are good times to go, but just ensure you avoid the holiday season, just after New Year, other important holidays, and around spring break.

For a shorter trip, avoid the weekends. If you go during the week, you may find prices are lower and you may also be able to get better deals on lift tickets.

Choose Long-Term Rentals

Renting your own accommodation rather than staying in a hotel is a great option if you want to save some cash. Research the options available at your chosen resort, and choose something like Park City long term rentals to cut your costs.

There is no need to spend lots of money on a hotel when you can get the same level of luxury for less, and you will enjoy greater independence. You can also save even more money by cooking your own food in your accommodation rather than eating out.

Borrow All the Equipment You Can

If you are a regular, this won’t apply so much because you will probably have your own gear already. But if this is your first time, or you don’t have all the gear, try to borrow what you can rather than buying it, because it can be expensive to buy all your travel equipment at once.

Renting is another option, but this is clearly another expense that you can save on by borrowing.

Go in a Group

If you go skiing in a group, you may find that there are many savings to be made.

You can share the cost of accommodation, for example, and you may find that large groups are often given discounts on lessons, lift tickets, and more.

Plan in Advance


The longer you give yourself to plan, the better, so start planning your ski trip months in advance. Choosing your resort, finding your accommodation, and booking your transport are often cheaper if you start early, and it gives you more time to compare prices and deals.

You may find that other expenses such as airport parking are also cheaper.

Photo CC by Trysil.

Drive to the Resort


Getting to the resort can often be expensive, so save some more money by driving there. It may not be possible, but give it a go if it is.

Plan it carefully and find out whether it is the cheaper option, then go for it if you find you can save some money this way. Even if the journey is long, the trip there can be part of the adventure.

Save Money On Your Skiing Vacation


There are many ways to save money on a ski vacation, and these are six to start with.

To save even more money, always be on the lookout for deals for everything from meals out to accommodation, and always compare things online to find the best rates. Then save money and have a great time on your ski vacation.

Melinda Morrison is a self-confessed ski addict. When she can’t hit the slopes, she’s writing about it online. You can read her interesting articles on many travel and recreational blog sites online.

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