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Washington State Bound: Tours and Activities Surrounding the Budding Marijuana Industry

There are a lot of ways you can get your weed on in the great state of Washington. And, while it’s not legal in all 50 states, there are tours here in the state that are second to none. In fact, many people travel from all over the country just to see the sites and the industry. Here’s what it’s all about.


There are plenty of ways to enjoy the cannabis industry and sites in Seattle. Since weed in Washington is legal now, you can buy it in stores. But, you might want to take the tour first if you want to remember anything about it.

Check out Analytical 360, a pot-testing lab and a demo at Boro School of Glassblowing. If you’re wondering why this is on the list, it’s because you can learn to make your own pipe. You’ll then move on to Uncle Ike’s, which is a popular local pot shop.

You can literally smoke it in the streets, if you want. And, while the tour is about education, you can toke up if you want to. In fact, the menu at Uncle Ike’s changes based on the season, but most of best stuff in the shop is pretty potent, and offers a clear high that’s great for daytime smoking.

Photo CC by Jonathan Piccolo

Bacon Mansion

If you’re near Lower Queen Anne, Cannabis City, the first recreational marijuana store in the city is a great place to buy something to smoke. Short-term rental sites are your best bet if you need 420-friendly accommodations.

The Bacon Mansion is a Capitol Hill bed-and-breakfast, and permits marijuana smoking outside on porches and patios. You can use vaporizers indoors, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Washington (State-Wide)

If you’re heading outside Seattle, you should check out the Evergreen Market. It offers a wide selection and an awesome vision for what the weed dispensary should be. It has modern fixtures, a generous open floor plan, and a highly industrial vibe to it.

However, there’s hardly a pot-leaf insignia in sight. So, you might not expect it to be a place where you can buy weed. In Olympia, Greed Lady Marijuana is a very unassuming shop with a great selection of edibles and discreet vaping pens.

Photo CC by Katheirne Hitt

Spokane is also a great place to visit, with a fine selection of weed shops. Satori is best known for its knowledgeable staff and an impressive selection of marijuana.

If you want to take a tour, there are a number of other options, too.

First, the weed bus. The weed bus is an educational tour of Downtown Seattle, traveling to help and cannabis events. It costs $10 per month, and you get a newsletter monthly that keeps you updated on the industry. You also get a goodie bag.

The Original Cannabus

It’s a bus. It’s a guided tour. It’s a good time. The tour takes you to the epicenter of Seattle’s exploding cannabis culture. You get VIP access to a recreational marijuana store and you can smoke it on the bus as the tour continues.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing all of the information that you did. It is always great to be able to read someone’s writing knowing there are adventures that are sure to be had, especially in Washington!

    • Thanks Larissa – glad you enjoyed the post :) Happy travels!

  2. Wow, love the idea of the “cannabus” and the “weed bus” both sound like excellent very fun and creative ideas! Definitely sounds like and awesome place to visit!

    • Hope you have the chance to visit soon! :)

  3. A place named Cannabis City sounds like an ideal spot to find a recreational marijuana store. The bed and breakfast sounds like an entertaining place as well.

    • Quite aptly named for Seattle’s first pot shop isn’t it! Definitely check out Bacon Mansion if you’re heading through and looking for a weed friendly place to stay :) Happy travels!

  4. The bed and breakfast sounds like such a great place if you are wanting to visit and totally relax. Thank for sharing all of this!

    • Absolutely! So glad you enjoyed the post :)

  5. Great post!!
    Sound like heaven, cannabis city + canna-bus + bed and breakfast…. I may visit Seattle soon!!

    • Thanks James – Seattle is where it’s at!

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