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This Wednesday we have the opportunity to Wander the Map with Jenna and Micah of…Wander The Map!!

Intrepid travelers and worldwide adventurers who have experienced everything from glacier hiking in Iceland to scuba diving in Curacao, Jenna and Micah created their travel site to share their experiences and provide tips and inspiration for others. Always up for an adventure, they travel as much as their schedules allow to capture the world through photos, videos and words.

You can follow their journey on their blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. If you are an adventurer, it is highly recommended that you have your own raised relief maps.

Jenna shared some of her amazing words and photographs in this weeks traveler interview!

 What do you love the most about travelling?

The one thing I love most about travelling is that it allows us to get out of our comfort zone and create wonderful experiences and memories we wouldn’t have sitting at home.

What inspired you to start travelling?

This may sound funny, but I first got the travel bug when I was 5 years old while visiting Epcot at Disney World.  Seeing all the different “worlds” gave me wanderlust and wonder and I found myself thinking I want to go to all these countries one day when I get older.  I guess that passion never went away!

Jenna at Disney looking stylish

Jenna at Disney looking stylish

 What is ‘Wander the Map’ all about?

Wander The Map is a travel blog where I write stories about our adventures and share videos and photos taken by my husband, Micah.  We travel as much as our schedules allow, to explore the world looking for adventure.  The blog started as a way to document our travels and hopefully inspire others to travel as well!

One thing which you don’t like about travelling?

There isn’t one thing in specific I don’t like about travelling.  I love the good and the bad that comes with travel.  I guess I would have to say delays at the airport are never really enjoyable! Delays do make for a great time to get work done, but I would rather already be at my destination instead!

 What’s it like travelling with your spouse?

Thankfully we travel really well together—we are both interested in the same types of activities and we have a lot of fun together so it works out great and we have yet to get sick of each other.

Also, I love to plan and he hates it, so I get to take the reins and make the plans. We like to pack our days full of adventurous activities and hang out with locals when we can.  Wandering around unique neighborhoods and locations to get a feel for the local culture is one of our favorite pastimes as well.

Jenna and Micah on top of Mt. Christoffel

Jenna and Micah on top of Mt. Christoffel

 The coolest person you have met on your travels?

Other than meeting some fascinating locals, the coolest person we have met is the singer/songwriter Jack Johnson.

We were in Hawaii hanging out on a beach at the North Shore and we saw him come out of the water with his son.  Awestruck, we noticed he went up to the house directly behind us.  A little while later we saw him standing near the stairway to the house and Micah went to say hi, I was too chicken and waited near our beach towels, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

The beach where we met Jack Johnson, sadly we didn't get any photos with him!

The beach where we met Jack Johnson, sadly we didn’t get any photos with him!

Biggest cultural shock you have experienced while travelling? 

I really haven’t experienced culture shock before—we haven’t travelled to any places that I feel would give me culture shock such as India or somewhere extremely different like that.  I hope to experience it soon though, as it means we will be on an exciting adventure!

Greatest challenge you’ve faced while travelling?

The greatest challenge I face when travelling is coming back home! It’s so hard to tear myself away from exploring a new location and go back to my day to day life.

Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?

This is funny and embarrassing all in one—I lost my wedding ring when diving in Curacao! We were diving along a coral wall and hovering around 45 ft. deep when I realized my ring was missing (don’t even ask why I was wearing it in the first place).

Much to everyone’s surprise, I actually found it a few minutes later—I’m not sure how I spotted it, but it was resting on a tiny piece of coral right next to an eel.  I think I was pretty lucky!

Diving in Curacao where I lost my ring.

Diving in Curacao where I lost my ring.

Three things you can’t travel without? 

My Smartphone is a must because I am addicted, and use it to take notes and pictures, as well as for listening to music.  I also store all our confirmation information in my phone for quick and easy access.

Two other things I can’t live without are flip-flops and a good camera.

Which other destinations are at the top of your bucket list?

Antarctica is at the top of our bucket list and there are so many places not far behind it.  I think most every country in the world is on our list, but notable ones are Turkey, Peru, all the countries in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Most practical piece of travel advice?

Go with the flow and realize that not everything will work out as you planned.  Take the bumps in stride and remember you are creating incredible memories to look back upon.  Make sure to make the most of every moment and don’t take your time for granted.

On our glacier hiking adventure in Iceland

On our glacier hiking adventure in Iceland

Why should people travel?

People should travel because it allows you to open your mind and see what a truly amazing place our world is.  It broadens your horizons, helps you get over fears, and makes you a more well rounded person.  I can’t think of any reason someone shouldn’t travel!



  1. I love seeing these dive photos! Makes me jealous though!

    • You and me both! Getting my diving certification is so high on my bucket list it’s not funny! I feel like I’m missing out on such an amazing world under the sea by not having it!

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