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It was 2009, and I had traveled to Italy with my mum. We’d seen many highlights like Rome, the Colosseum, the Vatican City, and, for a memorable experience, even stayed in a convent with resident nuns.

Though something I was most looking forward to was my dream of hiking the Cinque Terre. And why wouldn’t you (dream of the chance)? Set amid some of the most dramatic coastal scenery on the planet, these five ingeniously constructed fishing villages have captured hearts worldwide.

A Unesco World Heritage site, the Cinque Terre is a series of centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline. Colorful houses and vineyards cling to steep terraces, and the Sentiero Azzurro cliffside hiking trail links the villages and offers sweeping sea vistas.

For something I had been dreaming of my whole life, I got there and nearly cried. Not because I was overwhelmed with the joy of being there. But because my camera wouldn’t turn on. The battery was still on charge in the hotel room, and if I went back to get it, I wouldn’t have time for the hike.

Wall Art Prints: Where to Buy Beautiful Travel Canvas For Your Walls

Wall Art Prints is one of the largest Australian online art galleries, with stunning artwork they will print for you to hang on your walls.

8 Years Later …

Despite the fact that I don’t have any photos from my time in the Cinque Terre, it ranks as one of my travel highlights. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been and one of the most memorable things I’ve done.

8 years on, Mike and I quit our life of full time travel to buy a house and our previously sold stuff. And one of the first things we did was shop for travel prints for the walls. We wanted something to brighten the house up. And I hate bare walls!

While there are 79 pages of incredible travel photography you can buy as a canvas from Wall Art Prints, it only took me a second to decide. The travel print I wanted was staring at me right there on the third line.

I ordered a huge 150 x 100 cm of Magical Manarola, Italy; a town which, despite not having been able to take pictures myself, left a lasting impression on my mind.

Wall Art Prints

Wall Art Prints is one of the largest Australian online art galleries, with stunning artwork they will print for you to hang on your walls. Their diverse and carefully chosen art collections span a wide variety of genres and styles, though there is a huge section for travel photography, over which travel nerds will rejoice!

To help you navigate the 79 pages of possible travel prints, you can search by color, shape, or perhaps you have a particular destination in mind. When you do choose your print you can then select from up to 8 sizes.

Having chosen the second to largest size, I was very eager to see how it looked when it arrived (you need a high quality image to be blown up to that size).

Review of the Product

I was giddy with excitement when the package arrived – the product was a beautiful premium canvas, wrapped around a kiln-dried wooden frame, with exceptional depth of colour, and a sharp image. It’s seriously divine!

Delivered stretched and ready to hang, it looks like it belongs in an art gallery instead of my kitchen / living room wall. And even though we have an over-head skylight, all of their products are coated for protection against UV light (and dust damage), and are guaranteed against fading and warping for 20 years.

Canvas prints are a great way to add colour, depth and texture to any room. Since my first canvas print arrived, I’ve gone back for further shopping to find beautiful travel art for every wall!

Wall Art Prints is one of the largest Australian online art galleries, with stunning artwork they will print for you to hang on your walls.

Wall Art Prints is one of the largest Australian online art galleries, with stunning artwork they will print for you to hang on your walls.

Wall Art Prints is one of the largest Australian online art galleries, with stunning artwork they will print for you to hang on your walls.

Wall Art Prints is one of the largest Australian online art galleries, with stunning artwork they will print for you to hang on your walls.

Information to Note

➡ Wall Art Prints has a low price commitment, so offer free delivery across Australia, USA and Canada on all orders, regardless of quantity or size. Their prints are offered at trade prices because they believe in affordable art.

➡ Their canvas prints are made to order and carefully checked before dispatch, so allow 5-10 business days for delivery. Mine took a little over a week to arrive.

➡ Once your artwork arrives, if you’re not happy (for any reason!) just contact them. They have a great customer service team, and each each print comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your print is damaged, not as described, or simply not right for your room, let them know and they’ll exchange or replace it for you.

➡I got my print during a 50% sale (even though they have low prices anyway), so make sure you connect to their Facebook, Twitter, and Newsletter to hear about discounts as they arise. Also, you get $10 off your first order when you subscribe (scroll to the end of any page).

Browse the Wall Art Prints Collection


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Canon PowerShot SX50 HS 12MP Digital Camera

ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Travel Tripod


Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

If you enjoy getting social, you can follow their journey on FacebookTwitterYouTubePinterest and Instagram.


  1. Those colors are so bright and vibrant! Surrounding myself with travel images is one of my favorite ways to decorate my home, going to check this out!

    • Aren’t they! I love this print so much, it really brightens up the room :) Totally agree that it’s the best way to decorate – I’m a bit obsessed now!!

  2. I love beautiful, colourful canvas art like this. The bright colours just make me feel good. We did a day trip to the Cinque Terre earlier this year – we saw some of it from a boat and visited a couple of the villages but unfortunately it was a rainy day so a little dreary colour-wise. Art like this just brings somewhere like Cinque Terre to life to show us the colours we missed on our day trip.

    • Totally agree Therese – I smile every time I walk into the living room, because the colors are so vibrant and bright – really promotes an uplifting mood :)

      Sorry to hear that your time in the Cinque Terre was a bit downcast. But I’m sure it was still very beautiful all the same. And perhaps now you even have a reason to plan a return trip to Italy, and catch it again on a sunny day :)

  3. Wall art is a wonderful reminder of places we have been and perhaps even places we want to go. A great travel souvenir.

    • Absolutely agree! I’m going a bit overboard now with all the travel prints I want! LOL!

  4. Wow, I had no idea you could buy prints like that. In fact, a lot of travel bloggers can start their own print shops with all the high-resolution images that we click all the time.

    • Glad we could introduce you to the idea of Wall Art Prints – their travel collection is amazing! Yes, I’ve heard of travel bloggers selling their photos in prints too – it’s a great idea for making money from the photos you’ve got :)

  5. This is prefect as I’m redoing my office with a travel theme. Your canvas is gorgeous and I can’t wait to peruse the offerings at Wall Art Prints.

    • Glad we could share the link with you – you’ll love the travel collection at Wall Art Prints – the hardest part will be deciding which one :D!

  6. That canvas is gorgeous – I can see why you love it. The colours are fantastic and I can imagine it transporting you back to Cinque Terre and bringing back memories. So lovely.

    • Thanks Sarah! It really does have an amazing way of transporting you back – their prints are truly stunning – can highly recommend :)

  7. We have a few places that we buy canvas, but we always wait until they go on sale to purchase any. We also only use our own photos on the canvas – as my daughter and I are both photographers, it would be silly not to.

    • What a wonderful way to decorate your home with your own photos Rhonda :) Clever printing your favorite shots onto a Canvas – a great way to remember your most cherished trips!

  8. Having travel as a theme for doing the interiors of your house is so fitting for a traveler. It keeps alive in a visual manner the memories of destinations and experiences.The canvas prints look really awesome, I am sure they bring alive the spirit of the places they are themed on in vivid colour.

    • Absolutely – why not remind yourself of your most cherished trips, and inject your home with a little wanderlust every day!

      Canvas prints definitely have a great way of capturing the spirit of the destination they picture. The photos in the gallery at Wall Art Prints are part of a truly stunning collection :)

  9. It’s gorgeous to have wall arts on the wall. What’s better is that you are the creator of the arts. Such a wonderful reminder of places we have been. You inspire me to do the same for my new house too!

    • Glad we could give you a couple of ideas for your own walls Chloe! You’ll love the collection at Wall Art Prints – amazing photos from destinations you’ve been and places yet to go!

  10. I had been there, done that and felt the same way. I lost a camera in Syndey, forgot the camera’s battery to Key West, and ran out of battery hiking the Grand Canyon… but well. Great choice of painting and maybe you will visit Italy again some day! It’s a great idea to get out of the historic sites in Italy some time too! ???????@ knycx.journeying

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear that … I feel your pain! Definitely if you’re looking for ways to brighten your home, consider some Wall Art Prints – they have some stunning canvas of the Grand Canyon and Sydney as a way to remember those trips :)

      Hopefully one day I will get to Italy again – with my battery this time!!

  11. Somebody just posted a photo of that place in one of my FB travel groups. There were so many guesses but only a few knew it was Manarola! :) Your wall art looks gorgeous and is a great accent to your wall. :)

    • Isn’t it incredible! I couldn’t believe that the one day I forget my camera was the one day I had the chance for photos of the most stunning town on earth!! Murpheys law right! But it made for a very good excuse to buy this travel print :)

      Can highly recommend Wall Art Prints!

  12. But the thing I have been looking for the longest time is how to print out my own travel photos in canvas that i can hang on my walls.

    • I know that Rhonda in the comments above mentioned that she and her daughter do this, so I know it’s a possibility – I’ll keep you posted if I hear of anything :)

  13. I’m so glad you were able to get a visual reminder of such a once-in-a-lifetime trip – being surrounded with photos of and art from other places can make staying home a little more bearable :) Also glad that you had such a positive experience with the vendor! The product looks lovely. I’ll definitely consider them for future purchases :)

    • Thanks Megan! Yes, it’s so nice to have such beautiful print be also a reminder of a fabulous trip. Can highly recommend Wall Art Prints – they were awesome to deal with from start to finish.

  14. That is gorgeous! Would love to hang that up. I want to visit there so bad too. Very high on my list! That is a great piece.

    • Isn’t it! Definitely my favorite of their prints – hope you have the chance to travel to the Cinque Terre soon!

  15. I have an apartment wall just begging for a canvas like this! I love how vivid the shots are. I’ll have to watch for a good deal :-)

    • Definitely keep an eye out as they run sales quite often – they’re prints are stunning aren’t they!

  16. I love this kind of art. I have one with the world map on my wall. I would like to buy one from Paris for my bedroom though. I will check it out! I totally feel you with not having a photo from your trip to Italy. I don’t have any from my trip to Japan due to an ex-boyfriend.

    • Paris would be an amazing canvas to hang on your bedroom wall – they have some amazing prints from Paris, so definitely check out the travel section.

      Ah, sorry to hear you lost your Japan shots!! That sucks :( Hopefully the memories live on though … or if it’s with an ex maybe better not remembered anyway? :)

  17. Oh I’ve done that too, been so freakin’ organized as to make sure all my batteries are on charge the night before a big adventure only to forget to bring them. Buying a travel print of the places you didn’t photograph…. brilliant idea.

    • Glad I’m not the only one – sucks doesn’t it! Especially when you’ve had the forethought to make sure everything is charged!!

      But yes, I was so psyched to see this in their collection and have the opportunity to hang it on the wall :)

  18. Cinque Terre is a dreamy destination, and I understand how you must have felt about being unable to capture its beauty! Wall Art Prints looks like a great site to buy amazing pictures. I love being surrounded by colorful pictures, and I’ll remember to check them out when I buy a home for myself :D

    • It truly is a fairytale destination – quite surreal when you’re experiencing it first hand!

      Definitely check out Wall Art Prints if you enjoy being surrounded by colorful photographs – they have so many to choose from, amazing vivid prints too :)

  19. Enlarging your larger than life trip’s memories is such a cool way to live those moments again n again every single day. And it is so cool that they come with free delivery and are made to order and carefully checked before dispatch. I would definitely love to have wall art prints of my favorite photos.

    • Absolutely Archana, and yes, I love their low price commitment , and their customer service is excellent – a really fabulous company, I’ll be ordering prints I think as gifts for Christmas and Birthday presents too :)

  20. wall art painting is a unique thing but many people have this hobby. Every person can not do that properly that is an art. That is very beautiful for any house. Many times I see some painting in my friend house that looking so beautiful. Some days ago I also a bye wall painting. Thanks for sharing your information. That is very helpful for me.

    • Absolutely – I prefer to order from a professional company because there’s no way I could achieve the same result from a wall art print myself :)

      I’m glad the post was helpful for you. Have fun decorating your house!

  21. I am amazed of the connection that you had with the photo the first time you saw it even when it had already been a really long time when you’d been there. I know that feeling of not needing to look further because it’s already right in front you like it’s also waiting for you at the same time. It’s a beautiful recollection of you and Cinque Terre through Wall Art Prints. <3

    • Thanks Trisha! One of the strongest memories from my travels, and it’s funny how even if something is not at the forefront of your memory every day, there are certain things like a smell, or a photo, which trigger that memory so vividly.

      I was so excited to get my hands on this print :)

  22. Hey, Megan! 150x100cm isn’t that huge but yes it’s big enough. But I loved more is the excellent vibrant color of the painting. I was wondering if it really looks the same as the image or not. But I’m pretty much sure now. The price is cheap considering the size of it. <3

    Marvellous art for the home to have. Thanks to you. Lots of love.

    • Definitely a big print! But we needed something that large to fill the space above our living room windows. Fits perfectly!

      Definitely looks the same as advertised on their website – I do always wonder how the quality will come out when you’re blowing something up to that size, but it was perfect! Image quality and depth of color is top notch :)

      Thanks Stephany!

  23. This sounds pretty neat. But, I have always used my own photos, and had them printed on canvas. But, if you lack photos (or talent)…

    • Using your own photos is a very special way to decorate your home with prints indeed :) But yes, there are some wonderful prints in the Wall Art Prints collection if you don’t have access to the look or theme you want :)

  24. I so love the vibrant colors of the paintings. This will surely make home more adorable and wonderful.

    • Isn’t is beautiful! The vibrant colors drew me to this print, I was so happy when it arrived to find the depth of color and photo quality was exceptional :)

  25. Is that a painting or photograph? I just really can not believe that is painting art. It seems so real to me.Really very nice. Thanks for sharing this great thing.

    • It’s a photograph which has been blown up and printed on a canvas :) Quality is insane though, definitely looks like you could walk straight into the scene!

  26. Colorful and relaxing for eyes to watch for a long time. Its great to have a wall print, most importantly something captured by own camera.

    It will remind you decades later that you had a great time in Italy. Thanks for this awesome share.

    • Absolutely Jim – we wake up every day and have a wonderful reminder of a great trip!

      Can highly recommend Wall Art Prints :)

  27. Happy reading your article Meg ! ? ? For people in Australia and around there, Wall Art Prints seem to deliver with excellent quality. Unfortunately, for us here in Europe (Norway), our picture was sent from a less careful branch/warehouse in China. It was badly packaged, and the frame had been cracked in two on 2 separate places.

    • Hi Mira, thanks for sharing your experience – sorry to hear that the frame was damaged in transit :( You ordered through Wall Art Prints? If so, contact their customer service team as they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to exchange or replace it for you if it arrives damaged.

      I hope they get it sorted out for you :)

  28. What a great wall art i love it. its colors are so beautiful and vibrant. Your photography was amazing. Happy to read this article thanks to sharing your experience.

    • Thanks Faisal! Glad you enjoyed the post, yes, the wall art is our favorite of the art we have hanging in the house. Nice way to inspire wanderlust everyday!

  29. It was a great article. It really got a lot of fun. Thank you Megan

    • Thanks John, glad you enjoyed the post!

  30. Oh, this looks so huge and amazing and wonderful and what not! Well, I am falling short of adjectives, but this art piece is just majestic. I have always heard about Manarola and wanted to visit. Last year I finally did, and I could not imagine an art piece doing justice to its beauty. Well, this one surely lives up to my expectation!!

    • Definitely one of those places where an image doesn’t do it justice! Though this specific wall art I think is the next closest thing :D Definitely a majestic painting, I hope you had an amazing time in Italy, and got to come home with some great photos to turn into prints :)

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