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Thailand has become one of the popular countries in the world for travelers seeking affordable luxury, with everything from 5 star hotels, to Michelin star restaurants, and private luxury villas available for less.

Budget travelers and backpackers can often get by in Thailand for US $25 per day, but most of us have a lot more to spend. And what might get you a 3 star hotel in some of the world’s more expensive cities like London, Paris, or New York, can often translate into a stay in a million dollar villa in Phuket.

A country that offers some of the best value for the money, a trip to Thailand gives everyday travelers the unique opportunity to shoot higher than 5 star hotels, and as such, private luxury villas have become the trend.

One of our favorite private luxury villas in the Eats & Retreats collection, we have put together a photo tour of Villa Iorama; but fair warning … these photos might make you want to book a flight to Phuket!!

Photo Tour of Villa Iorama

A Private Luxury Villa in Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

Set in a private villas compound 3-minute drive from Naiharn Beach, Iorama is a two bedroom villa by Tropiclook, with all the comforts and modern commodities travelers have come to expect (like complimentary WiFi).

The villa features an 8×3 meter swimming pool amid lush gardens, with a fully equipped Western kitchen, six seater dining suite, and living area with sofas and pop-up LCD TV.

Located in Nai Harn Beach on the southernmost strip of sand in Phuket, locals love the location just as much as visitors. “Picture gleaming white sands bordered by grassy knolls and rolling cerulean waves, and you’ll start to be able to imagine the beauty of this seemingly remote spot.”

There are only a few hotels in this tranquil area and it is a beautiful anchorage for yachts during the high season (as well as a popular place to swim). There are many authentic restaurants within walking distance, including Thai, French, German, Italian, Swiss and many others, as well as local food markets.

Photo Tour of Villa Iorama by Tropiclook

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

Villa Iorama

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The winner will be prized with a voucher for a 4 night stay at Villa Iorama, Phuket, Thailand. This prize covers accommodation only, for up to 4 guests. Flights and transportation are at the expense of the prize recipient. Airport pickup is included in the prize from Phuket International Airport. Travel must occur before 1 November 2018. If voucher is unused after this date, it will expire.

This prize has been donated by Eats & Retreats who may change the conditions of their prizes at any time. We have done our best to cover all conditions, but ultimately hold no responsibility for any change, interruption or termination of the prizes. No claims on the part of the participants shall arise in these cases.

This is not a game of skill, and a random winner will be generated from the entries collected by the Rafflecopter app. Eats & Retreats is solely responsible for prize fulfillment.

Failure to claim the prize within one week of being emailed may lead to a new winner being drawn. You will receive your prizes directly from Eats & Retreats. All prizes are as stated and no cash alternative will be given or exchange. Competition closes at 11.59pm on Monday 30 April 2018 GMT-8 Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Participation is free and at the participant’s own risk. By entering this giveaway you acknowledge and consent to be signed up to the Eats & Retreats rewards program with the email address you use to enter. All costs, taxes and fees arising in connection with the winning of a prize are in the sole responsibility of the winner. There is no right of appeal. By entering this giveaway you accept these conditions.

Ability to transfer the prize to a family member or friend: The prize must be redeemed by the prize winner. The prize winner may transfer the prize to a family member or friend in the instance that a copy of their photo ID is provided when redeemed.


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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.



  1. Looks amazing!

    • Doesn’t it! Good luck in the giveaway!

  2. Good luck to all who enter!

    • Thanks Patti!

  3. That looks like a fantastic place. Would be so cool to stay at.

    • It is indeed! Good luck in the giveaway! :)

  4. Sucha an amazing giveaway – this would be amazing

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    • It would be an incredible spot for a family vacation for sure. Good luck & thanks for your entry :)

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  7. Planning to go to Phuket in June. This will be fantastic!

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    • Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  9. This looks AMAZING. I would love to stay in a villa with my family. My kids have never left their home country and I want to show them the world!

    • Doesn’t it! Good luck with the giveaway :) Thailand is a great country as a first to visit with kids :)

  10. Naiharn Meg! Best part of the island. We always stay in Rawai, so Naiharn is our beach of choice. Feels like home to me. Horse shoe shaped bay, peaceful surroundings, tip of the island. Close to Promthep Cape too. Glorious and what a giveaway.


    • Totally agree! Good luck in the giveaway! Hope you have the chance to visit again soon :)

  11. This is so amazing, I won’t be able to thing about anything else all day!!!! Dream!!

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  12. What a gorgeous private pool.

    • I know right! I want one in my backyard too!

  13. The villa looks absolutely stunning. I hope we win! If not it is such an inexpensive place to visit. This might have to be our first country outside of the US to visit.

    • Doesn’t it! Good luck in the competition! And yes, I can highly recommend Thailand if you’re looking for a great first family trip; it’s very affordable, and very family friendly :)

  14. Its so hard to choose just one but my fave is the villa 180 Samui. My hubs and I cannot wait to visit Thailand, maybe we could win and get there sooner!!!!

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  15. Looks amazing!

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  16. Great giveaway! I would love to stay in this beautiful villa!

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  17. How beautiful! I would love to win and stay there. Looks like it would be the perfect place for relaxation and pampering.

    • It is indeed! Good luck in the giveaway – hope you have the chance to visit Thailand soon!

  18. My soul needs this. But I don’t do Facebook, can I still enter?

    • Hi Leah, if you don’t use Facebook you can log in with your email – underneath the button to log-in with Facebook should be an “or” and then another button which says “Use your email”. Click that and it will ask you for your name and email, and then click login :)

      Let me know if you run into any issues. Good luck!

  19. Love it! So beautiful. I’d love a villa holiday in Thailand or Bali!

    • Best of luck in the giveaway … thanks for your entry!

  20. fabulous – I’d love to stay at Villa Iorama in Phuket

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  21. WOW, all of these look so stunning! Sign me up!

    • Same villa :D Good luck!

  22. This villa looks amazing! We are heading to Thailand later this year and would love to stay in a place like this. Will have to look into these properties for sure! Thanks!

    • Fabulous Jenna! Have a wonderful time in Thailand, and good luck in the giveaway! :)

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  26. Pointe Sud in Sri Lanka looks like an incredible villa and experience! I must do this at some point and learn more about my roots (my parents and ancestors are from Sri Lanka).

    • Oooh I haven’t spotted that one yet – jumping over to their website to search for it now :) Tracing your ancestry would make for such an incredible trip. I’m hoping to do this in Ireland at some point soon too.

  27. Although we spend a large part of the year in Thailand we have yet to visit this resort in Phuket. Looks like a wonderful place to unwind for a few days.

    • Can highly recommend if you head back soon :) Good luck in the giveaway! Maybe that would give you an excuse :D

  28. This seems like an amazing place and a lovely pool

    • Doesn’t it! Wish I could have one in my own backyard too!

  29. Would love a vacay in Thailand!

    • Good luck in the giveaway! Hope you have the chance to travel soon :)

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    • Fabulous Cory! Good luck in the draw … and I know, I want that pool in my backyard too!

  31. Nai Harn Beach sounds like my kind of beach. Except I’m not sure I’d be able to peel myself away from such a luxurious villa. Either way, fingers crossed I have a lucky entry. :D

    • It’s a bit like that!! I don’t blame you :D Good luck in the draw :)

  32. Winning this would be a dream, especially since I have not yet traveled to Thailand!

    • Good luck Howard! Thanks for your entry :)

  33. Entered (16/16)!!! A 4-night stay at Villa Iorama, Phuket would be awesome!I am imagining myself and my 3 buddies in front of your lovely photos having a great time.

    • Thanks for your entry Ash – good luck in the draw!

  34. The villas in Phuket certainly are luxurious! Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my ways in paradise!

    • Good luck in the draw! Thank for your entry Raul :)

  35. I entered. Pick me. :D

    • Good luck! Random draw so I can’t be bias :D

  36. I love Thailand! And this place looks amazing too. Thanks much!!!

    • Who doesn’t love Thailand right :D! Thanks for your entry Steve :)

  37. I’d love to go back to Thailand and the villa looks like the perfect place to stay!

    • Maybe this would be the perfect excuse :D Good luck in the giveaway!

  38. What an awesome opportunity! I would absolutely love to visit here and experience all this beauty!

    • Thanks for your entry Kevin!

  39. What an amazing collection!! That’s what I call ultimate paradise. If you are going to put me on the spot to choose a favorite area, I would have to go with Bali…would I say no to any of these breathtaking villas??? NO!!!!!! I would be there in a heartbeat. They look amazing and definitely on our radar for a future trip to this region.

    • They really do have such an incredible collection of villas at Eats & Retreats – and Bali in particular! I can highly recommend a villa stay for your upcoming trip; Villa Amy in Bali is my personal favorite if you’re heading that way :)

  40. Looks beautiful! Visiting such places is so out of my regular travels that I must win! :)

    • Good luck! Thanks for your entry :)

  41. This giveaway is amazing! I’m visiting Thailand in July to August and Phuket is on the list just we haven’t got anywhere to stay at the moment, so winning this would be a dream come true!

    • Perfect timing for you then! Good luck in the giveaway – and either way, enjoy your time in Thailand!

  42. That’s amazing! We would love a villa holiday in Phuket! It’s been on our bucketlist for far too long!

    • I hope you have the opportunity to visit soon! Thanks for your entry .. good luck!

  43. Haven’t had a chance to look at their portfolio yet but the villa looks amazing

    • If you find yourself planning a holiday to SE Asia definitely check out their collection of villas – it makes for an unfortgettable vacation :)

  44. Look amazing! Would love to get this! I’ve never been to Thailand, ha :)

    • Maybe winning this would give you an excuse to visit :D God luck!

  45. Villa Iorama in Phuket looks fabulous. We are heading to Bangkok later in the year, if I win, I will be tacking on Phuket.

    • Doesn’t it! Good luck! Thanks for your entry Rhonda :)

  46. I’m going back to Thailand soon and would love to be the lucky one! Fingers crossed! :-)

    • Good luck! Thanks for your entry Pedro :)

  47. Winning this would be a great excuse to return to Thailand! And in a luxury villa too. :)

    • Good luck Jan! Thanks for your entry :)

  48. Hard to choose my favorite they all look breathtaking!

    • Choosing a favorite is definitely the most difficult part!!

  49. Nothing beats Thailand and there wonderful resorts and villas, it screams out paradise and we all want a dose of that. Villa Iorama looks to be very appropriate for my family of 4.

    • Absolutely Anthony – definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world! And the luxury vs affordability is on another level! Villa Iorama is a great choice for a family of 4 – good luck in the draw!

  50. Can’t wait to be back in Phuket again. Villa Thousand Hills and Villa Iorama both look amazing. Both at Nai Harn. But there isn’t one villa that doesn’t look amazing.

    • Hope you have the opportunity to head back soon Art – you’re right, it’s quite difficult to choose a favorite when they’re all quite incredible! Good luck in the draw :)

  51. I’m always looking for an environmentally-aware stay, so it’s a bit hard to say which villa would be my favourite, even though I’ve scrolled through many! I’ll need to do a bit more research, but I like the look of Blue Lagoon in Hua Hin, Thailand. I’ve only been to Hua Hin once years ago and I’d love to go again. Would be great to see an option to filter villas that are a bit more ‘green’.

    • Great recommendation Jen, I’ll pass on your feedback about developing a green filter to the Eats & Retreats team – they have many villas in their collection which are environmentally friendly and set among pristine surrounds, so it would definitely be great to highlight them :)

  52. Love this giveaway so full of luscious luxury ideas. I’d love to go resort diving or spend time in a Lake Como villa. Can’t wait to take pictures & videos there. Imagine the drone shots that that, like my vacation memories, will replay for a lifetime.

    • Thailand is a great place for resort diving! Hope you have the chance to travel soon Elaine :)

  53. Was looking for a place where we can spend our 3rd year wedding anniversary and this place is on my list but sadly when I tried to contact the villa it’s already booked. :( Hopefully by next year, we can experience the luxury and enjoy the magnificent pool of this resort.

    • Sorry to hear that it’s already booked Luke. Definitely keep it in mind for future trips though. Thailand is such an incredible destination, I have no doubt you’ll have an amazing anniversary!

  54. Thanks for sharing this informative article. I will follow your instructions on my next tour.

    • You’re welcome Louis, I’m glad we could give you a bit of a villa tour :) Have a great trip!

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