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The Blue Ridge Parkway is no ordinary road. A scenic highway connecting Shenandoah National Park and the Skyline Drive in Virginia with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee, “America’s favorite Drive” winds its way through 469 miles of Grand Mountains and seemingly endless vistas and valleys.

The view?  Absolutely spectacular!

Check out our photos from driving the Blue Ridge Parkway. For more details on booking your own trip, check out

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains

The best way to capture steady video footage while driving!

Blue Ridge Parkway

Various lookouts along the Blue Ridge Parkway offer spectacular views.

On a clear day, the sky is half the view!

On a clear day, the sky is half the view!

Blue Ridge Mountains

Peace and Solitude. Blue Ridge Mountains.

Smoky Mountains

They don’t call it the Great Smoky Mountains for nothing!

Wooden gates

Split rail fences line part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains

Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Photographing the Blue Ridge Mountains

Photographing the Blue Ridge Mountains

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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. I love the Blue Ridge Parkway…was planning on making it there soon myself :)

    • YOu definitely should!! Feel free to share photos!

  2. Having lived in VA for five years I have to admit the Blue Ridge Parkway was always an available weekend adventure with gorgeous trails and great biodiversity. Thank you Megan! =)

    • Very jealous – you have an amazing backyard! Would love to live in the area … that being said Florida’s not too bad :D

  3. My sister lives near the Blue Mountain Pkwy and we love taking drives-it’s really gorgeous during sunset! :)

    • You know we didn’t see it at sunset but I can imagine it would be spectacular! Will have to plan another trip to catch that!!

  4. Love the Blue Ridge Parkway! So beautiful and serene. I always recommend taking it mid-week though as the Saturday and Sunday traffic can spoil the drive.

    • Thankfully we did take it mid week, and got lucky because planned the trip the week school went back, so we virtually had the road to ourselves…not discounting a few bears that came out to play :D!!

  5. very cool! i like the foggy picture the most

    • Thanks Zof! Driving through the clouds was a crazy experience!

  6. This looks like a spectacular roadtrip location. Make sure the breaks are good on a rental care to be safe!

    • For sure! This road was actually one of the best I’ve been on. Road to Hana in Maui though lol now thats a scenic drive you definitely want your breaks working for!!

  7. Very beautiful. I’ve been to the Smoky Mountains, and have driven from Tennessee north to the D.C. area via interstate and it’s such a beautiful area. But I’ve never made this drive.

    • Another trip for you to plan then! We want to plan another trip to take in Tennessee and the whole Smoky Mountains area – we only really touched the very top of it. Have heard it’s also absolutely stunning down there :)

  8. really gorgeous during sunset!

    • You know, sadly I don’t think we ever really appreciated the area during sunset! We were so exhausted at the end of each day from a full day of outdoor activities that we collapsed into each new hotel!!

      Sounds like the perfect excuse to go back to me!

  9. Beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing these photos. I love the variety you’ve captured here!

    • Thanks Annie! It’s one of my favorite drives in America!

  10. One of my favorite places!

    • It’s the best! Views are spectacular!

    • I would so love to hit the Blue Ridge parkway in fall – I’ve seen photos of how beautiful the orange leaves look – camping sounds like a great way to go, maybe we’ll do that on our next drive through.

      Thanks for your link – love your sunset photos, and that butterfly is gorgeous! Can’t believe you got a photo so close up!

      Safe travels Lexie!

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