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Vacationing in Southern California Done Right

Southern California is one of the most inviting vacation spots in the United States. With all that it has to offer, it can be overwhelming when it comes to planning. Plenty of shopping, lots of delicious food, and miles of beaches are waiting to be explored by you.

We have curated a list of some of the best things to do while visiting California so that you can make better decisions. Here are our top suggestions on how to spend your time!

Exploring the Pacific Ocean

If you want to really relax, enjoy the sun, and do something that makes you want to come back, you should head on over to Marina Del Rey. Yacht lovers are married to Marina Del Rey because of the access to the ocean.

No yacht? No worries! Marina Del Rey yacht rentals makes it easy to hop aboard and head out to the sea. Lounging around, soaking up the sun, and you can explore the miles of beaches. There is no better way to vacation than to do a bit of yachting.

Yacht sailing boat Royalty Free

Hit the Beach

Whether you are coming from the Midwest or the East Coast, the beaches of Southern California are some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

Laguna Beach is one that boasts clean and calm waters that are perfect for relaxing with a picnic or enjoying some volleyball. Coronado Central Beach is an excellent choice for boogie board enthusiasts, body surfers, tide poolers, and sand sculptors.

El Matador takes you off the beaten path and is considered one of the more romantic spots. Pro tip: check tide schedules so your picnic for two isn’t bombarded by a rising tide.

Venice Beach is less about sand and surf and more about entertainment. Here you will find a 3 ring urban circus and plenty of bicycling and skating to be enjoyed.

beach RF

Take a Break From the Sun

Although Southern California is well known for the beaches, ocean, and sun, sometimes you have to head underground to find even more to fall in love with.

In La Jolla there is Sunny Jim’s Cave, a tunnel dug by Chinese laborers in 1902 & 1903. It was called Sunny Jim’s Cave by author Frank Baum, who wrote Wizard of Oz, because the opening resembled a cartoon character, named Sunny Jim, who served as mascot to a cereal company in the 1920’s.

This cave opening is the only land entrance and takes you down to some gorgeous views of fossilized shells and mineral deposits.

Snorkel with the Sharks

Snorkeling is a fantastic way to embrace the nature of the sea and visit with some spectacular sea life. In July and August, it’s peak season for leopard sharks in the beaches of La Jolla.

Leopard sharks flock to the area during the summer so many snorkeling outfits are busy helping folks learn the ropes and getting them into the water to see them up close. If it sounds dangerous, it really isn’t. Leopard sharks appear to be fairly skittish and so far there have been no reports of shark bites.

Whether you want something cool and unusual to do or stick with traditional beach outings, Southern California is your place to be. Just remember that with all they have to offer, you won’t get to do it all in one trip. That’s your big reason to come back time and time again!


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