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How to Use PayPal to Pay for Hotels and Travel

PayPal is one of those systems that can be used for a number of things from creating standing orders to paying for retail items and even topping up online gambling accounts. Even 348 million of the 377 million active accounts on PayPal in 2020 were consumer accounts.

But by far one of the most popular uses of PayPal is that you can use it to pay for things whilst you’re travelling. You can pay for things like your flights, car hire, hotel and more.

Pay for car hire via paypal.

It’s actually pretty easy to use PayPal to pay for things whilst you’re travelling. For starters, you need to create what’s known as a Travel Profile on PayPal and this normally needs to be done 30 days in advance of your planned excursion.

To create a Travel Profile you need to go to your PayPal account, then head into the settings sections and select ‘Get Started by Travel Plans’. Once you do that you will normally be prompted to enter the dates that you will be abroad as well as your contact information.

A great feature of this is that you can plan out one trip at a time or an entire years’ worth in the one go. However this has to be done if you plan on using PayPal whilst abroad, because if you don’t your account could be locked, leaving you cut-off from your cash.

Whilst you’re travelling all you need to do is transfer cash from your card to your PayPal account and then use contactless payment using your mobile with the PayPal app.

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Contactless payment using your mobile app. Photo CC by

The majority of hotels, airports and car hire locations will accept payments from anyone using this method, so you should find it relatively easy to pay for things whilst you’re travelling.

Or if you prefer a simpler method, you can use this brilliant payment system to transfer cash to cards that you’re using whilst you’re abroad. You can even have friends or family back home transfer cash this way, although to do this you will need to provide them with your email or mobile number first.

But it’s not just things like flights and hotels you can use PayPal for; it’s also pretty handy for keeping a mobile casino account topped up.

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