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Curious Colorado: Unusual and Odd Attractions for Bored Travelers

Colorado has majestic mountains, clean air, and some of the world’s best ski and hiking destinations, but in between sport and rest, you’ll want to check out its unusual attractions.  Here is a list of things to do for the curious and bored traveler.

Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour

The Old Hundred Gold Mine began supplying gold bars to the Denver Mint.  Before long, it was bankrupt of gold.  The tour gives visitors a view from the inside via railcars.

A few original pathways allow for a firsthand view of what the old miners saw.  The outside of the mine shafts presents an incredible view of the surrounding mountains.

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

The Royal Gorge has a huge suspension bridge, one of the highest in the world.  It was built in 1929 for a few thousand dollars.  Today, it would cost over $15 million!  Walk or drive across to enjoy the panoramic view.  Alternatively, there is an aerial tram, the world’s longest single-span tram.

Once you get an eye full of the scenes from above, ride down the 45 degree incline railway.  It’s a unique way to appreciate the bridge from a different perspective.  Some prefer to take a mule ride through the pines and evergreens or glide through the Wapiti Western Wildlife Park.  A free-fall skycoaster is onsite as well as a plaza theatre, Mountain Man Trading Post, and a mountaintop lodge for those who want to spend the night.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

30 miles northeast of Denver rests 720 acres of land that host lions, tigers, leopards, mountain lions, bears, wolves, and other large animals.  It’s the first sanctuary of its kind and a great place for rescued animals to be safe.  Since 1980, the sanctuary has responded to about 1,000 requests to rescue animals in the United States and Mexico.

There are closed-off habitats around the main complex as well as observation ramps and decks that are suspended over the animals in the park.  The observation decks have picnic tables and chairs.  Visitors are encouraged to relax and bring a lunch.

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Colorado is a prime spot for those who love beer and want to visit microbreweries.  Colorado has more micro breweries per capita than any other US state.  Visit breweries for tours and learn of the unique ingredients and conditions that make a craft beer distinct from the rest.

Check out New Belgium Brewing Company, Boulder Beer Company, Twisted Pine Brewing Company, Crabtree Brewing Company, Left Hand Brewing Company, and Golden City Brewery.  Check listings or ask locals about breweries nearby First Choice Property Management accommodations.

Casa Bonita

Located in Denver, Casa Bonita has more than just great food.  There is shoot-em up gunfights, cliff divers, mariachi bands, puppet shows, magicians, games, prizes, and more.  The restaurant is 50,000 sq. ft with a maximum seating capacity for 1,000.  It is an incredible scene, which includes a 30-ft waterfall and serves up your typical Mexican cuisine.

Pike’s Peak

Pike’s Peak National Park is open all year.  However, dress for contrasting temperatures; conditions at the 14,110 ft summit can differ from the base, which rests at 8,000 ft.  The road upward is fit with guardrails, straight-down drops, incredible views, and a number of places you can pull to the side to enjoy the sights.

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