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Not many places in the world combine ancient history, stunning scenery, quiet beaches, and endless parties, but Greece really does have it all.

While most tourists head to places like Mykonos, Athens, and Crete, the country has plenty of other fantastic destinations. Here are five underrated places that you should visit.

Five Underrated Greek Destinations You Need to Visit Soon


Nafplio Greece RF

The small seaside town of Nafplio is just a couple of hours away from Athens. If you’re looking for a relaxing place where you can watch the world go by, Nafplio is ideal.

The main square is lined with a cluster of tavernas, the Old Town’s cobbled streets are a wonder to roam, and there are several incredible castles and fortresses nearby.

The Fortress of Palamidi is one you should check out. It offers unparalleled panoramic views of the town.

Nafplio is also home to some gorgeous secluded beaches, which are a huge contrast to the bustling Greek party beaches like Psarou Beach in popular Mykonos.

If you want to get to know Greek culture in a quiet and beautiful place instead of clubbing until dawn, you should visit the underrated Nafplio. 


Greece church sifnos RF

Many people who travel to Greece visit gorgeous islands like Corfu and Crete, but if you’re looking for a Greek island that’s just as stunning but less popular, you won’t be disappointed with Sifnos.

The tiny island is home to more than two hundred cute churches. It also has some spellbinding beaches and coves, surrounded by mountains and olive trees.

But the main pull of the island these days is its gourmet food scene. In fact, Sifnos has some of the most delicious food in all of the Mediterranean.

Word is starting to get out about the culinary delights available on the twenty-eight-square-mile island, though. So, you should visit Sifnos soon.


Greece Hydra RF

Hydra is much less visited than the likes of Mykonos and Santorini, but it’s arguably even more beautiful. The island, which is located in the Aegean Sea, is as photogenic as you can get.

You’ll love lounging in the sun under a thatched parasol on Bisti Beach or snorkeling in the bay as you search for sea urchins and starfish.

Hydra is also home to some wonderful art galleries and restaurants. Furthermore, the island is car-free, which helps to give Hydra a unique vibe of calmness.


Cyclades Greece RF

Even though Tom Hanks owns a villa on Antiparos, the Greek island is still relatively little-known by the main tourist crowd.

There are several gorgeous beaches, but Saint George Beach stands out from the others due to its warm waters and incredible views.

To get to Antiparos, take the seven-minute ferry ride from the neighboring island of Paros, which is also worth a visit.

The best place to stay on Antiparos is The Rooster. The resort has comfortable accommodation as well as a spa, a bar, and even its own organic farm. You can taste the delicious homegrown produce at the resort’s wonderful restaurant.


In the town of Ioannina, which sits on the peaceful Lake Pamvotida, you’ll find the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece; dating from 528 B.C.

The town is also known for its Grecian silversmiths, novelists, and poets, so there’s a strong artistic flavor to Ioannina. Many of the hotels have artworks and rugs made by local artists.

The town is also home to some wonderful restaurants where you can try the local meze and a full-bodied glass of wine.

Ioannina is undoubtedly underrated, so visit the town before word spreads.

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