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So I know I said that this week was all about accommodation, however I’m interrupting my scheduled post tonight for breaking news.

One of the most common excuses for not travelling is that it is dangerous. This frustrates me, because you’re just as likely to get into a dangerous situation in your home town than you are when travelling.

Example: About 4 hours ago Mike and I left the house to go on a day hike. As we were driving along roads which we drive along every day, a massive car crash happened right in front of us causing a truck to explode. The flames burned so hot they melted part of the road. It’s a miracle that no lives were lost. So I’ve had a pretty hectic day today, but I want to use this to really hit home to people that horrible situations happen EVERYWHERE and not just overseas.

All photos were taken by Mike Jerrard.  For more information on the crash today head to ABC.

IMG_0540 IMG_0531 IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0537


  1. Especially those of us from the US, this is very very true. I’m statistically much safer living in Korea than I am in Pittsburgh!

    • Which is so funny because the vast majority of people within the US seem so scared to leave! I think the percentage rate for owning a passport is at around 20-30% within the US.

  2. I was coming back from the Dominican Republic last year and I had 2 stops before I made it back to Kansas City. The first one was Newark and the second stop was Cleveland. While we were boarding in Cleveland, the gate agent asked us where we were coming from because my husband had his sun hat on. When I told her we were coming back from Dominican Republic, she asked if it was safe. I told her we had just come from Newark…so relatively speaking, yes, we felt safe. We all got a good laugh! Bad things happen everywhere, we are not immune from it simply because we are at home!

    • Lol I would probably feel safer in the Dominican than in a lot of places in the US :D Glad I’m not alone in my thoughts!

      Safe travels :)

  3. We have been burgled too many times to count in NZ but had zero mishaps in six months of travel. In other words: right behind you on this!

    • I think that means you should just continue traveling :D! Travel safe!

  4. growing up in the US, i never had anything bad happen…but living in oslo my fiance has been robbed so many times its sick. and the US is the ‘dangerous’ one and norway is the ‘safe’ one ;) its all stereotypes and all about how headlines run. i feel safer walking around NYC than i do oslo most often. and you’re right, its just life. ive traveled to countries that are on high warning lists from the US government (abkhazia) and never felt safer. then i go to places like canada and i end up having my stuff stolen. things happen everywhere!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that – which goes to my point I guess, as I would have picked Norway for an incredibly safe country! Wouldn’t have even thought twice about traveling here and having to worry about my things!

      I’ve had the same experiences – we traveled to the Solomon Islands while it was on the Aus Gvt’s no travel list and we loved every second of our time there. The locals were so friendly and hospitable and welcoming.

      Where-as I feel unsafe every day here in the US just because of the horrible drivers!!

    • LOL! i was one of those horrible drivers. Loving the public transportation in Norway because it keeps me safe! ;) ;) Have a great weekend!

    • Lol I think the States is turning me into one of those drivers!!

      You too!

  5. I backpacked across SE Asia for 6 mths with my daughters, and we’ve visited lots of other countries, in fact between us we’ve only one continent left to visit. Only 2 things have ever happened… a pair of shoes stolen on an Indian overnight train, and a bag snatch in Fiji, which was sorted out very quickly by the extremely helpful major of the town, who was behind my daughter as it happened! We travelled in Sri Lanka during the civil war, Australia during the bush fires and New Zealand in the immediate aftermath of earthquakes. 99% of people were helpful, friendly and welcoming. Travelling will give you some of the most incredible moments if your life! Ignore the fear media and go for it.

    • So glad to hear you had such positive experiences Heidi, and kudos for traveling with your daughters and giving them an education far richer than what the majority of children learn in schools. It really is that world experience which I think contributes to growing up a really well rounded and down to earth person.

      Absolutely re ignoring the fear media – those who believe everything they hear on the news and don’t travel accordingly are really missing out!

  6. It’s true for India too. This is a question I get asked all the time because of my curiosity to go to places that are on few people’s wishlist!

    • Well I’m glad you still have the curiosity to travel regardless of what other people say and think – people really do pay way too much attention to the media these days – it’s sad that incorrect perceptions of other nations can scare someone out of traveling and exploring the world.

      Happy travels Elita & safe journey :)

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