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Tips for Travelers During Mardi Gras in New Orleans

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If there is one city that knows how to throw a party, it would have to be New Orléans. Travelers from all over the world flock here every February and March for one event. There are elaborate costumes, glittering floats, an explosion of color, and a carnival celebration in the streets unlike anywhere else in the world.

When people think of New Orléans, they think Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras in New Orléans is one of the biggest events of the US calendar year, and with over 1.2 million annual visitors, it’s not wise to leave travel plans to the last-minute.

As such, here are our top tips to consider when booking travel to New Orléans during Mardi Gras season.

Make Reservations Well in Advance

Making reservations well in advance applies to both accommodation and dinner bookings, and is not only important for locking in the cheapest accommodation possible but also to make sure you don’t completely miss out.

As the biggest event of each year, New Orléans annually books out for Mardi Gras, and there are very little options for last-minute accommodation and dining; the city often solidly booked out by December.

Book well in advance so to not miss out on accommodation.

Cheap hotels in New Orléans are possible if you book well enough in advance, and you can even find them a few blocks back from the main festivities. Dinner reservations are a must for those wanting a seat in any of the city’s best restaurants.

A Family Friendly Event

It surprises many travelers; however, Mardi Gras is a family friendly event, and families with small children enjoy the festivities just as much as everyone else.

There is a code that those in attendance respect children at the event, allowing kids of all ages to enjoy the glittery floats, elaborate costumes, music, dancing, and shiny stuff flying at them through the air.

Walk or Take Public Transport

Finding parking in New Orléans during Mardi Gras is near impossible; plan on walking or taking public transportation, and as such, remember to pack decent walking shoes. This will also mean there is no chance of being in the position of driving while intoxicated at the end of the night.

When planning your timing for getting to the festivities, plan to arrive at least 2 hours ahead of schedule so you can reserve a spot at the front.

Walk and soak up the street scenes

At the end of the night take a taxi or public transport – do not walk back to your hotel alone in the dark.

Take a Ladder

Balcony hotel rooms overlooking the events are charged at a premium, so for the best views of the festivities, take a ladder!

You will find decorated ladders lined up against the barricades all over New Orléans – aim to set yours up next to those already out as these usually belong to locals who know where the good spots are.

Book Your Mardi Gras Trip Now!

Now that you’re prepared with the knowledge of what it takes to travel to New Orléans for Mardi Gras, go ahead and book your trip today!

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Featured Photo by Andy Castro

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