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Dish Our Town’s Recommendations For The Best Traditional Hotels in Albany, Ithaca, Syracuse and More

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When people refer to New York, they often think of New York City. The state, however, is vast and has a lot more to offer than skyscrapers and a busy lifestyle.

A few hours north, in the upstate region of the state, are cities that offer some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. Along with the scenery comes wonderful culture, entertainment, and dining. It also has a lot to offer when it comes to traditional hotel stays.

Photo Credit via Creative Commons Paul Sableman


Albany is the state capital and has a lot to offer any visitor. Staying at the Morgan State House maximizes that visit by putting its guests in the heart of the city.

With Lark Street, also known as Albany’s “village in the city”, right outside its front door, the Morgan State House is well situated for guests to enjoy the restaurant, cafe, museums and entertainment scene that the city has to offer.

Like many Albany hotels, this venue is well appointed with luxurious bedding, cable television, and Wi-Fi. Perfectly traditional in its aesthetic, it does not get much more charming than this place. Rooms start at $98 pernight.


Ithaca sits on the shores of Cayuga Lake. Situated on a hill surrounded by dense forests, towering waterfalls, and gorges, Ithaca is a natural wonder. There is, of course, the added value of the city being the home of Ivy League university Cornell, and you’ll never lack for beautiful, traditional Ithaca hotels.

A wonderful place to stay is Homewood Suites by Hilton. Though part of a large hotel chain, this specific hotel has a very traditional feel about it. All suites are well-appointed with fully equipped kitchens, separate living areas, lush bedding, and bathroom amenities. Traditional wooden furnishings abound as well as modern luxuries, such as 32’ flatscreen televisions and Wi-Fi. Rooms start at $190 per night.


Stamford is in the heart of the famous Catskills, known as one of the most favored sites for outdoors lovers. Stay at the Colonial B&B Stamford and enjoy a wonderful, traditional experience. The rooms harken upon a luxurious time of yore. Excellent service along with well-appointed, luxurious rooms make this one of the most sought-after Stamford hotels. Rooms start at $190 per night.


Syracuse may be the most well-known city in this region. Much of its fame can be attributed to Syracuse University. The university and its athletic program put the city on the map. Accommodations can be hard to come by, especially at the height of basketball season. Though it is part of a large hotel chain, the Springhill Suites by Marriott gives its guests a special traditional feel, and it’s one of the most beautiful hotels in Syracuse. Highlights include an indoor swimming pool and a state of the art fitness center. Rates start at $150 per night.


We can’t talk about New York and not mention a good option for a East Elmhurst hotel. It’s hard to find an affordable and traditional stay in New York City itself, so one way of being able to do this is to stay in one of the suburbs. One of the best areas to do this is in East Elmhurst. The One Boutique Hotel isn’t necessarily traditional as far as the aesthetic is concerned, but it’s traditional in the way they value their guests.

The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, while the amenities are endless, ranging from an excellent spa to great dining. Service, of course, is second to none.

Book a room at these wonderful hotels. You’ll enjoy all New York has to offer outside of the city and enjoy a traditional stay.

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