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We really do live in fast moving times and even some of our gaming action has to be able to be bite sized enough for us play whilst constantly on the move.

Online gamers who enjoy a quick burst or two of their favourite gaming experiences can now conveniently turn their attentions to their smartphones and swiftly load up the latest gaming app and kill a few minutes.

For the specialists out there—those that enjoy a specific type of game—the explosive growth of gaming has led to many solutions. For instance, if you’re into retro games, you can check out the best vintage game shop, The Old School Game Vault. Everything seems to be fast-paced and slowing down doesn’t appear to be an option.

It’s especially great for those racing around with almost no time to spare or even commuters who find themselves with a few spare moments that can easily be filled with some game-based fun. Here are a few of the best games out there you can enjoy on the go.

Candy Crush Saga

You simply must have been living under a rock these past few years since the phenomenon that was Candy Crush Saga arrived in the app store.

The game once more involves plenty of colour matching in order to progress and this time it’s via the colour matching of various sweet treats and sugary goodness.

It’s one of the most successful apps ever and that’s mostly due to its simplicity and its addictive style of play. One or two levels may not be enough and this will likely be one game that you keep on coming back to.

Candy Crush mobile phone


There are hundreds of traditional games now available to play while on the go. Games such as poker, roulette games and other casino-based entertainment are some of the more popular.

However, games such as chess and offline games are growing as a stronger internet connection is becoming more and more necessary.

Popular modern day gaming apps have proved a lot of things over their years of development and one of those things is that even the old ones can still be the best.

Al Factory’s Chess game for Android may seem like a standard no thrills virtual chess experience but this free app can help you fall in love with this classic once more and even help you to learn and play better chess as you play.


Temple Run 2

There are endless imitators out there but the Temple Run franchise is really where it all began. So forget the rip-off replications because the endless runner gaming sub-genre begins and ends with Temple Run.

It’s the perfect game for some quick action on a short bus ride or whilst you’re out for a stroll and most of the gaming action can be enjoyed with just one hand.

Simply by moving and tilting your phone you can take control of your runner to guide him around obstacles collecting bonuses and coins as you run.


Compulsive is a great little game which is quick and easy to get started but enjoying it briefly may be more of a challenge especially due to the sheer addictiveness of it all.

Match up the colours into groups of four or more in order for them to disappear from the line-up and keep on going.

Of course it’s very similar to many other games on the market but that takes nothing away from the effectiveness of this one. You can unlock plenty of new modes and levels as you go along so you’ll plenty to play for.

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  1. I love to play Chess and I play online pretty often. The problem as I see it is the cheaters. Way too often I find myself playing people obviously using a Chess computer. I have a few friends I play with, hopefully thewy don’tr cheat. Not as obvious at least ;-)

    • Interesting, I had no idea that cheaters were so prevalent in this space – it’s sad when the whole point is to enjoy a friendly game. Happy travels Ollie! :)

  2. Totally agree with your suggestions! If I may add a few, a deck of UNO card is also wonderful. In fact, a deck of card always work wonders but UNO will almost always give you more than enough simple fun even while on the road :)

    • Love UNO! Great tip – one of my favorite games too – definitely comes in handy on a road trip :)

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