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There aren’t too many times in the year when we have the time and permission from the boss to leave our shores and escape to another part of the world. At least, for a week or two.

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to grab that passport, pack those bags, and board a plane. If you’re looking for destination ideas on where you can go, read on. Here are three summer travel destinations that can feature on your next itinerary abroad.


If you really want to get away from it all and spend a week or two relaxing on soft white sand, under the shade of a swaying coconut tree – with a refreshing beverage in hand – Fiji is perfect for you.

This naturally stunning archipelago nation situated in the South Pacific is a popular tourist destination all year round. And a quick Google image search will show you (literally) why.

Fiji -

Fiji – naturally stunning and perfect for a summer christmas vacation! Photo CC by M Sundstrom.

Comprised of 322 islands (over half are uninhabited) and surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, beautiful coral reefs, and abundant marine life, it’s as close to heaven on Earth as you’ll find.

Add in the fact that the islands are populated with some of the friendliest folk on the planet, contain lots of activities to keep you occupied on your non-relaxing days, and cater to all types of travellers – from the budget backpacker to the traveller with money to burn – and Fiji really is one of the best beach destinations in the world.

It sure beats spending the Christmas holidays cooped up at home. Visit for ideas on where to stay in Fiji and what you can do.


An interesting mix of sublime food, fascinating culture, and beautiful natural scenery, Thailand continues to attract scores of travellers from all over the world to its shores.

It offers incredible value for money, and there’s something to be found throughout the nation’s borders that will certainly appeal to almost everyone. For example, for those wanting a beach holiday, Thailand’s southern peninsula (Phuket) and islands (Koh Samui and Koh Tao) are perfectly suited.

For those wanting a more active Christmas break, northern Thailand (e.g., Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai) offers countless hiking, elephant trekking, and rafting opportunities.

The food in these northern provinces is especially to die for. Don’t forget to try at least a couple of servings of khao soi (a coconut-based curry noodle soup topped with shallots, pickled cabbage, lime and ground chilies) before you leave. No doubt it will leave quite the impression on your taste buds, begging you to stay a while longer, or at least to come back soon.

 Phang Nga Bay


Last but certainly not least, the Indonesian island of Bali is a fantastic summer holiday destination that’s sure not to disappoint. Picture idyllic palm-fringed shores, smiling locals, and gentle rolling surf during the day, and pumping nightlife during the night, and you’ve got Bali pretty much summed up.

Of course, the nightlife is optional, and if you’re more keen on getting to know that special someone instead of the drink prices at the bar, then there are certainly places on the island that are more suitable (e.g., stay away from Kuta and opt for Ubud or Sanur instead).

Did we mention it offers great value for money, too?


Sunset horseback riding in Bali. Just one way to spend your Christmas day! Photo CC by Jimmy McIntyre

What other summer holiday destinations would you recommend for those looking to get away during the Christmas break?

Leave your comments below and contribute to the discussion today.

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  1. The beaches of Brazil are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. If you want to mix in a bit of culture with your beach holiday, places like Paraty and Trancoso are old colonial towns with excellent restaurants and colorful artisanal shops. Plus, I think the Brazilians are some of the friendliest in the world – I may be biased though, as my girlfriend is from Sao Paulo.

    • I have to get to Brazil – I’ve heard so much about it but haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit. Maybe this Christmas!!

      Thanks for the tips – very cool that you have a reason to continually head back!!

  2. Some other beautiful places to visit might be the Philippines, Hawaii, and Malaysia during the Christmas season :D

    • All great choices for a Christmas vacation as well – I have an Aunt who lives in the Philippines – I may think about using that as an excuse to pay them a visit!

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