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Top Things to Do in Malaga

As autumn ends and winter breaks, many are quick to plot their escape. And who can blame them.  When you haven’t seen the sun for months your only course of action is to fly somewhere hot. Somewhere with a magnificent warm climate all year round. Somewhere you can feel the sun on your skin. Somewhere like Malaga.

A fabulous choice of winter sun escapes, Malaga holidays not only offer sunshine all year round, but the city is brimming with culture, entertainment and art. Those who can tear themselves away from the famed beached and bars will enjoy quirky museums, excellent shopping, innovative restaurants and stylish hotels, many featuring trendy rooftop terraces with bar, pool and stunning views.

The city is very safe and offers a wide variety of historical attractions and Gothic architecture too. “Cast your eyes up to enjoy a skyline that reflects the city’s eclectic character; church spires jostle for space with russet-red tiled roofs and lofty apartment buildings while, like a grand old dame, the 11th-century Gibralfaro castle sits grandly aloft and provides the best view of all.”

The following are the top things to do in Malaga; book a trip with Monster Travel today!

The Pablo Picasso Museum

Malaga has more museums than any other city in Andalucia, however one of the most popular is the Picasso Museum. Malaga locals are incredibly proud of the fact that Picasso was born here, and the artist’s actual birthplace, the Casa Natal, is also open to the public in the Plaza de la Merced. There are exhibition rooms and photos which show what his life was like in his early years. Though this is seperate to the actual Picasso Museum, located a few buildings down the road.

There are 12 permanent gallery halls which exhibit some of Picasso’s most famous works; ‘Olga Kokhlova with Mantilla (Barcelona 1917), Mother and Child (1921-1922) and Portrait of Paulo with white hat (1923), and the museum also has a selection of sketches and ceramics on display. Temporary exhibitions are usually also in play, and these rotate throughout the year – you pay an additional fee to see these.

The museum is located in the heart of the Historic Centre of the city, right across from Malaga Cathedral; a beautiful historic church which has been restored to it’s original glory.

Photo CC by Cea.

Take a Great Spanish Drive

Andalucía is the country’s largest autonomous community and is well known as the land of bullfighting, siestas and passionate flamenco dancing.

For those travellers keen to see more of Andalucía, a rented or borrowed car allows you to reach those authentic, small town destinations without the hassle of trains and regional buses. There are so many little towns to visit, and if you hire a car you have the flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace.

Go to Church

Malaga is a city that boasts quite a number of fascinating religious venues, and the churches in Malaga have unique architecture, many of them dating back to as early as the late 1400’s. There are many churches dotted around the city, enough for a dedicated religious walking tour, though some of the favorites include Parroquia Nuestra Señora Del Carmen, Iglesia San Pedro and Iglesia San Juan Bautista.

Visit Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón for neo – Gothic design, and Parroquia Santisima Trinidad for a church which was also a convent. There is much history in the surrounding area – the neighborhood of La Trinidad being an old section of Malaga that recently turned 500 years old.

Photo CC by aypexa

Go to the Beach

Malaga weather has a magnificent warm climate, and this is perfect for spending time at the beach! So don’t forget to pack summer clothes and swimwear. There are plenty of beaches for swimming.

One packing tip for those heading to the beach is to pack Ziplock bags. It’s more than likely that you’ll be traveling home with damp and dirty clothes, and Ziplock bags are great for storing these items so the rest of your luggage won’t also carry that smell. Though they’re also great for keeping your camera and cell away from the sand.

Make sure you take the zip lock bags home with you – non-biodegradable items are starting to cause a noticeable negative impact on the natural environment, so please don’t add to the problem.

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