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Finding the best British casinos can be a big task as there are so many options available that you can choose from (a bit like scrolling through your Netflix on a Saturday night for longer than the show you end up choosing!)

And while everyone knows that “the house always wins”, casinos have been attracting both fools and the unlucky for hundreds of years now – but they still come, especially to London!

Regardless of which category you fall into, and regardless of your odds of landing that elusive win, we know travelers still hit up casinos for the thrill, so we’ve compiled the most important tips for gambling in London. 

Tips for Visiting Casinos in London

Try One of the Online Casinos First!

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There are hundreds of online casinos available right now. This means that you’ll be able to find the games you want to play in London, and brush up on how to play. 

Casinos around the world vary in the way they play even the most popular games, and online casinos offer local variations, as well as the chance to join live table games so you can get a feel for what it’ll be like on the day. 

Increase your odds by being prepared, instead of rocking up and being taken by surprise if you’re used to certain games being played your local way.

Find the Most Suitable Means of Transportation

Although London has some of the best transport links in the whole of the UK they do have early stops which makes them unsuitable for late night casino players!

It’s therefore important to choose a casino close to where you have decided to stay and decide the way back before you head out for the evening. 

Know what transportation you will use to get to and from the casino and to travel around the city in general. This is especially important if you plan on drinking while playing. 

A great way to do this is to look at the different venues that host concerts, and choose a casino close by. Having a concert means there is cheap, reliable overnight transportation. 

On your way out, ask the hotel front desk for a card which lists their phone number and address, just in case you need to catch a London black cab. Hand it to the driver so you don’t have to remember yourself.

Avoid Casinos that Host Big Events

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London is known for its big, citywide celebrations. National and religious events have the potential to attract massive crowds of people, and happen quite frequently throughout the year.

If you want to play in a casino during big events, your best option is to find a casino away from the celebration mess. This way you will avoid crowding and be able to go and back to the casino easily.

Check Reviews / Comments

Just as you would check comments and reviews of your hotel before staying, this is also true of land based casinos.

Use trusted sites like TripAdvisor, where you can find out what the casino’s overall rating is, and its main pros and cons. In addition, you can find out what are the average prices for other services it offers, the minimum and maximum bet and other important details.

This means that you’ll have an idea of ​​what to expect before you enter the casino. So, for example, if you’re specifically looking for a casino that doesn’t have a dress code, you can easily find it.

You can also see what is available in terms of food and drink. If you want to be able to eat something in the middle of a gaming session, it is important that there is a good restaurant near the casino or attached to it.

Best Land-based London Casinos

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Maxim Casino

Maxim’s Casino was first built in 1862 for John Forster – a famous critic of the era and close friend of Charles Dickens.

The main hall has retained its classic design, complete with marble fireplaces and wood paneling along with plenty of gaming tables and slot machines.

This casino is available to players 24 hours a day, all year round, except on Christmas Day. As for the food, in the restaurant you can find all the cuisines from all over the world including Arabic, Chinese and European.


While the Ritz is luxurious, the Aspinall is prestigious!

For many tourists, Aspinall is the most exclusive and elegant Mayfair casino. The heyday of this casino was in the seventies when it was attended by notable personalities such as James Goldsmith, Sultan of Brunei, and Adnan Khashoggi.

Although the venue tries to keep its winners’ stories secret, they leak! For example, one evening a player managed to get £12m, a win that required the owners to seek refinancing!

Les Ambassadeurs

This casino was established at the end of the 19th century and was owned by Leopold de Rothschild. This casino has an elegant and refined Georgian design.

The membership value of this club is £1,000. One of the widespread stories about this casino is that Philip Green managed to win (and lose) millions in one night.

Mike Ashley came there too but for some unknown reason never played.

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