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For all game lovers who enjoy time in the wild, taking great pictures of the animals and landscapes is a hobby that helps in bringing the rare images back to other nature lovers who might not be lucky enough to witness the wildlife in real-life. Wildlife photographs mostly contain a combination of animals as well as the wild landscapes where the animals mainly inhabit. Each continent has its own unique wildlife worth looking at.

Famous travelers who have had a privilege to visit different locations across the continents have also taken many pictures that remind them of the spectacular images that are not common in many other places. Although there are so many wild animals, there are certain animals that attract more attention than others. The big five in particular are a major attraction. They include the lion, the elephant, the leopard, the rhino, and the buffalo.

The Lion

The Lion. One of the Big Five. 

Where Did The Term Big Five Come From?

For anyone who has had a chance to visit the African jungle, it is difficult to go without meeting at least one of these five animals. The term big five however was not coined as a result of the physical sizes of these animals but as a result of their ferocity especially when under attack.

This terminology was brought about by the big game hunters who experienced serious trouble dealing with these animals. It turns out that killing these animals and bringing their prey home was always a difficult task. All hunters who had a chance of shooting any of the big five had a rough time because they often charged at their hunter so ferociously that many hunters ended up wounded or even dead.

It is out of these experiences that survivors coined this name that still remains in place.

Interesting pictures of some of the big five of the African jungle

Elephants are known to walk in large herds. This only means that anyone getting too close to them must watch out because they can easily charge at any perceived enemy especially if they feel insecure. This happens a lot especially if the elephant has a calf.

Pictures of elephants are very interesting especially if they are life size shots. Think of the large portrait of an elephant considering that an adult elephant is as large as a big truck. Most photographs of such kind are taken using very powerful lenses that can zoom in the images from a safe distance.

If lions can charge at a person, think of what a lion can do if they feel their territory has been invaded and they need to defend it. Although lions are not known to attack human beings deliberately, they can easily do so if they feel threatened.

Africa safari lion Tanzania

It is Not Common to Capture the Best Wildlife Action on Camera

The best photographs of wildlife have been taken in some of the most unique locations. While there are many wildlife pictures depicting animals in artificial places such as animal orphanages, the pictures taken in the wild are more appealing and realistic. Many people enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat.

The pictures that have wild trees in a bushy area always look real. Some animals such as the leopards like hiding in very bushy and secluded places. They are schemers who track their prey and calculate before making a move. Capturing the action on camera is a rare treat but one that can be as interesting as it can be appalling. Few people have had the pleasure of capturing such action packed images on camera and that is why the few that are available are guarded with lots of jealousy.


  1. great article and i love the lion’s cub, they are always so sweet at this age…when the growup….well one can argue..

    • Thanks Natan, so glad you enjoyed the article :) Definitely a lot sweeter when young :D!

  2. Wow great wild life photographs! Thanks for sharing them. You just made my day better!

    • So glad you enjoyed the photos Album :) Enjoy the rest of your day :)

  3. Best article and the lion’s cub are so cute that they made my day. Thnx for sharing …☺

    • Glad you enjoyed it Pritesh! Lion cubs are my favorite too :D Hope you have the chance to jump on an African safari soon!

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