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One of the biggest challenges when traveling is overcoming barriers to communication – while English is one of the three most-spoken languages – behind Chinese and Spanish – only 27.5% of countries have English as an official language. Voice translator app. 

So for someone who frequently travels, it’s highly likely you’ll eventually land in a country where you don’t understand a word. Speech translator.

And this can be quite daunting. I’m sure I’m not the only traveler who’s landed abroad and felt like a mute for being unable to speak the native language. Frankly, it’s embarrassing; so you end up taking some pictures, looking at the scenery, and leaving, without having interacted with anyone.

Though as for learning a new language, the brutal truth is that not many people have the time or energy, or even the mental ability to retain a new language, especially when you’re touring multiple countries and need knowledge of several different dialects. best translation app.

So if you’re wondering how to overcome barriers of communication, you’e not alone. But you don’t need to worry anymore! There’s a new smart voice translator which means you can speak 20 languages in 2 seconds! It’s an incredible device, and may just kill the language barrier for good.

This Voice Translator Will Kill the Language Barrier When Traveling

MESAY: Speak 20 Languages in 2 Seconds

I was kicking around twitter when I heard about MESAY. Offering simultaneous translation between 20 languages, it’s a device which has been created to be the most handy portable language translator in the world. 

It weighs only 0.1 pound, which is fantastic for keeping with you on the move – it’s light enough to keep in your pocket or hang around your neck. Though surprisingly, making life easier for the traveler wasn’t the inspiration for this device.

It’s co-founders believe that if people all over the world could speak the same language, the world would be a different place. Misunderstanding, suspicion, conflict, aggression and war would be much less. And this means more than a dream for them. Speech translator. 

This Voice Translator Will Kill the Language Barrier When Traveling

For centuries, people had trained interpreters to communicate. But it’s difficult to train a qualified translator. And not everyone can travel with one. So a bright group of young Chinese gurus thought, what about using AI?

Their team has always had a dream to change the way people communicate to promote cultural development; to make cross-culture communication a more pleasant thing, and to have all countries linked with each other and finally make our earth a real global village. Electronic translator. 

So they created MESAY; a portable device which uses artificial intelligence to make translations in real time. You speak into the device, and it spits out your sentence in your desired language almost instantly, with 90% accuracy.

This Voice Translator Will Kill the Language Barrier When Traveling

This Voice Translator Will Kill the Language Barrier When Traveling

This is Not an App. It’s Better

Although I’ve used the word “app” in the title, this isn’t really an app; whatever you want to call it; a voice translator, an audio translator, a travel translator, it’s all of these things, but important to note that it’s a device in it’s own right.

And the reason it is different to an app, is that Mesay supports off-line operation (only English-Chinese is available offline right now, but updates to support more languages are coming soon), so it’s capable of running normally even if there’s no signal, which is totally different from even the best language translator app; most of them are completely depend on data traffic.

Secondly, phones can power many apps at the same time when travelling, which leads to fast battery consumption. But Mesay being it’s own device means a longer battery life. It currently lasts for 72 hours on standby, and 6 hours of use before it needs recharging.

How to Use MESAY Portable Voice Translator

MESAY is literally as easy as selecting your two languages, and speaking into the device. The person to whom you’re communicating with then speaks into the device, and it translates back to you. You can speak back and forth, with 90% accuracy. All language translator app. 

This Voice Translator Will Kill the Language Barrier When Traveling

It currently supports Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portugese, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Catlan, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, with the aim to update more languages soon.

It has a built in speaker, and a dual noise reduction built in microphone to make the conversation as clear as possible, and is operated with an LCD touch display. Though while a kick ass translator, the device offers a lot more.

It supports MP3 Player (and earphones), and you can play / record music and other files when you’re not using the translation feature. There’s a pedometer, so you can record the amount of steps you’re taking while away, and 3G / WiFi so you can connect via a hotspot off your phone to stay online. It also has Bluetooth capability. Translation app without internet.

There’s a GPS positioning feature, and it supports WhatsAPP which is the main social media for communication throughout China. You can instantly receive information from friends and colleagues and can send and receive information, pictures, audio, and video information.

How to Get One

If you’re looking for the best translator for travel, MESAY is what you’ll need. Don’t bother with a Spanish translator app, or a Chinese translator app, this device is the only voice translator you’ll ever need.

The company had a hugely successful kickstarter campaign, and after initially manufacturing small quantities of 100 products, they were instantly sold out.

You can order MESAY via their website (they ship worldwide). There are additional options available, and you can include a mini crystal speaker (for amplifying the volume in public spaces), and get discounts if buying in bulk (perhaps you’re a tour guide, or think it would be a kick-ass Christmas gift).


This Voice Translator Will Kill the Language Barrier When Traveling


Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air Laptop

SONY ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder

Moleskine Classic Notebook


Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. I was sold at 90% accuracy! So many times I have downloaded an app with the translations only working 10% of the time. I really wish I had this when I was in Cuba. The people there were so friendly and my translating app was failing horribly :(

    • I’ve not yet comes across any translation app or device which works at 90% accuracy lol even some bi-lingual interpreters are never the best!!

      So I cant wait for MESAY to ship out – going to be so much easier to travel and communicate!

  2. This is a cool device, but I still prefer to delve deeper into the depths of languages. As a speaker of five languages, I find it amazing to explore new ones.

    I will recommend the device to others who don’t share my enthusiasm, though :)

    Thanks for sharing, Megan!

    • Wow, 5 languages, way to go Svet! I’m incredibly impressed, for some reason I can’t seem to retain languages, though would love to – perhaps it’s that I don’t have the opportunity to put them to practical use enough.

      Maybe MESAY would be a great Christmas gift for a friend or relative :)

  3. Well this looks like a lot of fun. I do love to fumble around with my best broken versions of new languages but when you’re in a crunch and really struggling this would be the perfect back up. Out of all our there, this looks like the one to pick too.

    • Charades is definitely a great ice breaker, which I usually fall back on haha! But yes, I can’t wait to start traveling with MESAY if I can’t get the whole message across :)

  4. The voice translator sounds like a smart way to communicate when you do not know the local language of the place you are in. This is very handy for our global travels. Of course in India which has 22 official spoken languages, this gadget would prove to be a godsend.

    • Absolutely Sandy & Vyjay – wow, I had no idea that India has 22 spoken languages, it must be quite difficult even for domestic travel if a different region has an unknown dialect.

      Yes, I can’t wait for MESAY to be released; I have no doubt they will update and expand to encompass more languages as it grows in popularity :)

  5. I really like the sound of this. We are heading to china next year and suspect we will need something like this. Having said this, I also like the fun of trying to make yourself understood using a variety of means. I personally like the pictionary method but it’s frustrating when it doesn’t work!

    • Pictionary and charades are definitely fun ice breakers! But definitely consider pre-ordering MESAY, especially if you’re heading to China next year, the English – China translations work offline which is great :)

  6. This device is a blessing for people who end up in places where language becomes a huge barrier. I myself would surely love to have this gadget as its offline. More often then not the translator apps are not accurate but this device boasts of 90% accuracy. Will support the kickstarter campaign for sure.


    • Absolutely Ozzy – and I love their mission that removing the language barrier will lead to a better world as we know it.

      I’ve not yet comes across any translation app or device which works at 90% accuracy lol even some bi-lingual interpreters are never the best!!

      So I cant wait for MESAY to ship out – going to be so much easier to travel and communicate!

  7. This is so useful, even if it has only 20 languages. I’ve recently been to Macedonia and many people there don’t speak English at all. They are very friendly and hospitable but at some point the miscommunication was very exhausting for me as I had to concentrate more and focus on every word and mimic of their face.

    • Absolutely – I have no doubt that more languages will be released with updates as the device grows in popularity. I’ve been to similar regions in Eastern Europe, and you’re right, the people are so friendly and hospitable, but yes the language barrier does become quite exhausting!!

      I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on MESAY :)

  8. This is amazing! I am so used to travelling where I can speak the language (I’m fluent in Spanish) that honestly I’m nervous about going anywhere else – this would be a life saver!

    • Spanish is an awesome language to be fluent in – my husband is also quite good with Spanish, so it was great to travel with him throughout South America haha!!

      But it definitely cuts out a large part of the experience when you’re unable to communicate, so I’m really looking forward to MESAY. And hopefully it will help those people who feel the same nerves about traveling to a country where they don’t speak the language. Give them more confidence to see the world!

  9. Omg this sounds so cool. While I was reading the intro, I thought, “Is this another app?” But then you answered my question– Nope, it’s not! That makes it sound more usable as the apps I’ve looked into weren’t reliable without data. Good find!

    • Glad we could answer that! So much better than another app :D I feel like there are so many translation apps out there already but they’re each all one in the same. MESAY takes it to another level being a proper device, and the offline usage is great :)

  10. That sounds incredible! I want it:)

    • Doesn’t it! Can preorder now and have it in a little over a months time :)

  11. This is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve seen lately. I need one of these in my life. It would be SO handy to have with me when I travel…I can get by with my Spanish but there are so many times I just wish I could have more in-depth conversations without typing everything into a translator app!

    • Isn’t it! Convenience is definitely one of it’s biggest pros! Yep, I’ve had those apps before and it’s so time consuming and kind of awkward when you’re there trying to type into an app – love the speed promise on this one too :)

  12. Wow! I really could have used this when I lived in China for 3 years! This is so great, I’ll definitely look at buying one of these when I travel next.

    • Wow, sounds like a great experience Jenn! Though I bet without having a translation device you were forced to learn the language quicker right?

      This will definitely come in handy for your next trip, where-ever you decide to go!

  13. Hi Meg,

    This is absolutely brilliant.

    I know that feeling oh so well. A smile. A wave. Embarrassment, but more than that, I feel like I lost an opportunity to connect with a fellow human being when I cannot speak the language.

    Even saying a few words makes a difference because most locals appreciate you making the effort, feeling uncomfortable and trying to connect.

    With this high accuracy app you can enjoy a real convo in the native tongue, have fun, connect and be part of a completely different experience.

    My wife and I are kinda fluent in Spanish, night-day experience visiting Central and South America, versus so many other places we see.

    Thanks for the rocking share Meg.


    • Hi Ryan, I totally agree with you, more often than not the embarrassment is one thing, but what makes me feel worse is the missed opportunity for a cultural exchange. Because that’s what travel is all about!

      I’ve found the same thing that even a couple of words makes all the difference, when locals see that you’re at least trying to connect, and they do appreciate the effort.

      But yes, I can’t wait for MESAY to be released to start having real in depth conversations, and richer cultural exchanges. Spanish is an awesome language to be close to fluent in, with so much of the world with this as their main language. But maybe MESAY will carry you through for the rest :)

      Happy travels! Happy you enjoyed reading the post!

  14. I’ve just seen a few TV programs that featured this device. Now, I know what it is, so I can get one!

    • Glad we could provide some further information for you Roy :)

  15. Owhhhhh!!! I’ve heard of these, it’s so amazing to see it in action. I work with tourists all the time and I’m thinking some days I’d kill to just be able to say words that will help their frustrations…. I want one.

    • Guess who’s work just ordered one of these bad boys? YUP… no more shall we be awkwardly pointing and talking like idiots trying to explain to guests where their room is, how to turn the lamp on, where the shops are, and when they will be picked up for their tour. Thanks Meg. You da GURL!!!

    • Woot! Can’t wait until they arrive! Yes, they would be totally amazing for living in a place like the WhitSundays too which sees a lot of international tourism, and people trying to connect with you.

      This would be a huge help! Excited for you!!

  16. This is awesome! I don’t need it so much for travel, but my every day life in France. Instead of finally learning French, I’ll just get this. ;-)

    Kidding…I really need to learn French, but until I do…

    • Haha it’s kind of a catch 22 right, because you desperately wish you have a translation device when you’ve moved to a foreign land, because it takes the difficulty out of your day to day, but in not having it forces you to learn the language a lot quicker.

      Personally I would go for the device too lol! Hope you’re settling in well and having an amazing time in France!

  17. I’ve heard about this voice translator a couple of weeks ago, and thought that it would really be so cool to have one. What’s really amazing is that it can also be used to play and record music, and that it even has a pedometer and a GPS position feature! I mean, what more could we ask? Having this device will allow us to use our iPhone less, thus keep it to take more photos without recharging our phones! Absolutely awesome!

    • Absolutely, it’s so much more than a simple translator – they’ve put a lot of thought into making it very practical to have with you on the road – diverse features like doubling as an mp3 player, GPS etc were a great idea!!

      And absolutely, with the additional features, this should take the reliance on your smartphone down a notch which preserves that battery a lot more too – win win right!

  18. I love the idea of easy communication bringing peace and understanding to the world. We can dream! Sounds like a great device, and when you talk about lack of speaking the language as a barrier to interaction I had to laugh at one of my fav travel memories. I’d been living in Asia for years, so when I met up with a friend from Canada and we took a taxi to our hotel, I had a lengthy conversation with the taxi driver. It wasn’t until mid ride that my friend pointed out, ‘You know you don’t speak a word of the same language, right?’ I hadn’t even noticed that we were using expressions, hand gestures and laughter rather than words. (But a translator device would have helped!) Thanks for the tip, Meg.

    • Right! Their mission to foster understanding throughout the world by removing the language barrier is an incredible one. I truly hope they achieve something great with this device – I don’t think realistically the human race will ever achieve world peace, but as you said, we sure can dream, and I think something like this is a step in the right direction to finding it.

      And thats amazing Carol that you had a whole conversation with your driver without having realized that there should have been a language barrier! What a beautiful story!

  19. Wow, this looks so much better than the Google Translate app. With that one, too many time I’m without internet or the translation is nothing like I want to say. I certainly wouldn’t mind having an extra device, especially one this small and light, when I travel. I’ve certainly been one of those people feeling like a mute in a country where it’s nearly impossible to find someone else who speaks English. My next purchase is going to be my videography equipment, but then I’ll be looking into this device.

    • Absolutely – even Google comes up short in their translations sometimes, and you’re right, even though the world is very connected these days, I find myself without WiFi most of the time that I’m traveling / away. So it’s nice to know that they’re working on making more and more languages available offline because this is a great feature which isn’t offered by many other apps.

      Yes, it’s definitely small and light, they’ve done a great job of making it practical to have with you when you’re on the move.

      Videography equipment sounds fun! What types of videos are you hoping to shoot?

  20. Wow this is really incredible, I have been using google translator till date, but I couldn’t use it everywhere, I have to type and then show it the other person which is practically a lot of work to start a conversation. That’s the kind of thing I don’t like whenever I travel abroad that I can’t connect with people not speaking English. I’m already learning French & German but as you said it can be daunting and not easy to retain. But this is going to be super useful and actually help us connect with locals in a foreign land.

    • Google translate is definitely a lot of work, especially when you’re trying to have a conversation in real time. It’s not that practical in those situations.

      Can’t wait for MESAY – congrats on the commitment to learn French and German, that’s a lot more than I can say! My ability for language retention is shocking – going to be amazing to finally be able to have a proper conversation without a language barrier in the way!

  21. I can so much relate with being a situation of langugae barrier. I’ve been stranded at a point in life due to incomprehensible communication, and it wasn’t funny. I like the features and specs of Messay. It promises to be holy grail for travelers. One can travel confidently.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’ve found yourself in a dire situation due to a language barrier Lydia – I can imagine quite a number of situations which would be incredibly stressful for not being able to communicate when you desperately need help from someone.

      Absolutely re being able to travel confidently with MESAY – it opens up a world of possibilities for travelers, and I think confidence is a really valuable thing to be able to give somebody. You really can’t put a price on that.

  22. My daughter is now fluent in Spanish after a year overseas in Argentina, but she told me that for the first few months of her exchange she had to carry a little dictionary around in her pocket and was constantly flipping through it. I’m sure she would have appreciated a device like Messay. It has so many other capabilities alongside language translation. I think the music would be the best for those long journeys.

    • Definitely one of those catch 22 situations, because you desperately wish you have a translation device when you’ve moved to a foreign land, because it takes the difficulty out of your day to day, but in not having it forces you to learn the language a lot quicker.

      But yes, MESAY will be a life saver for travelers and expats alike – and I LOVE that they’ve combined it with other useful features like a mp3 player too :)

  23. I’d love to try this out and see how it works! The problems I’ve encountered so far with voice recognition, are that they sometimes struggle to pick up English accents correctly. If they’ve solved this, it would be super-useful on some of my extended cycling trips, especially as I am planning one through China very soon!

    • Will definitely be interesting to see how it works in the field – you’re right on the difficulties sometimes with recognizing accents across a particular language – if you’re visiting China, the China – English translation are their core two languages, and right now the only one they have available offline, so it would definitely come in handy.

      Cycling through China sounds incredible – have an amazing time!

  24. This is so interesting! It would be incredible to be able to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Almost feels like cheating though!

    • Haha it does a little bit (feel like cheating), but I was never good at languages at school, so I’ll take it :D!

  25. OMG I need one of these so bad. Learning Spanish is sooooo hard!!!

    • I’m right there with you – I can’t wait until this beauty gets shipped!

  26. Hey

    I was looking for some information on this topic this morning and came across your Article.

    Good stuff! I especially liked it.


    • Glad we could tell you about Mesay – don’t miss out on the pre-order – should be arriving soon!

  27. ahh I really want one of these! So cool!!

    • Right!! They ship out in mid November – I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  28. i am interested to buy mesay transalator. but i do not know to buy it. i live in new york, us.

    please me information about messy translator. Can we use Indonesian to english us or its reverse

    • Hi Tommy, you can buy it from their website here: and then click “order now”. It looks like it will forward you to their page on Indegogo to actually purchase.

      Indonesian – English is a supported language (and it’s reverse also). But this is an online translation meaning you need a connection. Hope that helps :)

  29. Is there a phone number to reach you. I do mission work in Cuba
    And want a device that will allow me to speak Spanish. Do I need Internet, wifi, how does it work

    • Hi Jeannie, we are not contactable by phone as we travel, but I am happy to answer any questions you have here. Yes, you will need WiFi to connect to the Spanish translation, right now English – Chinese is the only language which works offline.

  30. … and take away all the fun to be had trying out a few words in their own language with the person in front of you.

    • Haha true, I’ve had games of charades with locals in many countries lol!

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