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Fancy kindling some adventure and romance in the desert? Look no further than Tunisia; land of sweeping dunes, bright medinas, palm-fringed resorts and camels.

With a coastline on the Mediterranean, this versatile country is as enticing a beach destination as it is a cultural terminal. Its cuisine is delicious and challenging, while the desert beckons those who seek to test their boundaries.

Tunisian Temple Run in Carthage

Once mighty seat of the Roman Empire, and home to over half a million inhabitants, ruin-strewn Carthage will delight those with any interest in the past.

Photo Credit:

Antonin Baths, Tunisia. Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

Visit the Antonin Baths, the largest of their kind outside Rome, and hop between crumbling cisterns and an Olympic-sized pool that was supplied by the Zaghouan Aqueduct.

Then, debunk the findings from the city’s various archaeological sites in the Carthage Museum.

Relax in blissful Hammamet

Described often as the ‘Tunisian St Tropez’ this jasmine-scented town of sparkling ocean, plump citrus trees and whitewashed buildings adds a touch of Mediterranean glamour to any getaway.

You’ll find little to occupy your attention beyond the sea and being pampered.

If you can drag yourself away from the sun lounger, you’ll find a quaint enough medina for buying souvenirs, and the fortified walls of the old town, which are well worth walking for the views the offer of the sea.

Shop ‘til you sizzle in bustling Sousse

With a giant, UNESCO recognised medina, Sousse is the perfect place to get a cultural snapshot of Tunisia.

Check out the pictorial delights of the mosaic museum, and explore the quaint charm of Dar Esid, a museum located inside an authentic Tunisian house.

High quality brightly designed rugs and carpets are on display for purchase throughout Tunisia. Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Don’t neglect to see the Ribat, a fortress dating back to 821 AD with a watchtower affording an eagle-eye view of the city. Once you feel suitably glutted with culture, dive into the bazaar area of the medina and engage in some haggling – it’s all part of the fun, and fully expected.

If you get the chance, check out the camel market – no, you won’t be able to purchase a bactarian beast to take back home, but you can pick up many beautiful Tunisian trinkets for a steal.

Get the blues in Sidi Bou Said

Accessible from Tunis or Carthage by light train, this teeny village is of a similar palette to Santorini in Greece: all gleaming white walls with cornflower blue trim, and teetering on a cliff overlooking the Med.

By night, the package tourists dissipate, and those who have opted to stay can enjoy the twinkling lights of the harbour from one of the many excellent hillside cafes.

Photo Credit:

Sidi Bou Said. Photo Credit: grolli77

There are so many places to see and things to try on a Tunisian holiday, well known tour operator – First Choice will help you to create some new memories in this beautiful and ancient land.

Meg Jerrard is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. I have always questioned whether I wanted to visit Tunisia as I have spoken to others who really didn’t enjoy their visit. Seeing the mix of beautiful landscapes and ruins all mixed in with a bit of shopping however, makes me think that maybe I have been a bit hasty.

    • We really love Tunisia and have only ever heard great things from other travelers – I hope you get the chance to travel and check it out for yourself!

  2. Confession: Everytime I think of Tunisia I think of star wars…you’re pictures are much prettier though! Sidi Bou looks adorable!

    • LoL I haven’t seen Star Wars so I can’t make the connection – but sure :D!

  3. This looks like an exciting destination! One I don’t know very much about! Those white washed buildings remind me of Santorini!

    • It really is so reminiscent of Santorini! Such a beautiful spot on our earth :)

  4. Wow! It looks like an incredible place to visit. We will have to go there sometime soon =) The Mediterranean is simply so gorgeous, and your pictures certainly brings it to life.

    • It truly is an incredible spot to visit! I hope you have the chance to travel here sometime soon!

  5. I always had a feeling that Tunisia is such an interesting yet underrated country. Everyone seems to be going to Egipt but if I had a chance Tunisia would be my choice and I’d definitely go to all the places mentioned here!

    • I’m also a big fan of hitting the more underrated destinations – they tend to offer so much more and always seem to live up to expectations!

  6. Enjoyed your write up, thanks for sharing. I came across your blog via Dave and Deb Travel. Thanks for sharing Tunisia in a such a true positive way. Tunisia is getting a lot of great press lately and deserving so! Happy Travels.

    • Thanks Daniel! So glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for heading over to the blog. We’re big fans of highlighting underrated destinations!

  7. Tunesia is definitely a country I could see myself visit. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post – happy to inspire where we can!

  8. I really know nothing about Tunisia, so thank you for the introduction! :) I love those white buildings and the view of the water!

    • Glad we could provide an introduction to the country for you :) It truly is an amazing and very underrated spot!

  9. Great photos and post zooming in on Tunisia! Each of those alone are reason enough to visit! Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you enjoyed the article! Tunisia has a lot to offer the traveler who’s willing to give her a chance!

  10. “If you can drag yourself away from the sun lounger…” oooooh how I could go for a sun lounge right about now! Haven’t seen the sun here in Germany for 2 weeks straight!! Oh well, but we have Christmas markets :D

    • I’m about to head to Australia so I’ll send some sun your way!! Though I do envy those German Christmas markets – I went once in 2010 and it was so magical!

      I hope it’s not too cold for you!! Happy Holidays :)

  11. Beautiful! I last went there 35 years ago and I see it is now on Lonely Planet’s list of 15 places to go in 2015.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Will have to plan a visit back – I’m sure it would be interesting to see how the country has changed since then :)

  12. We also enjoyed our time traveling around Tunisia (we went in 2009, I think). Sidi Bou Said is so picturesque! Did you go to Tozeur? That was one of my favorite places with the Star Wars set, lots of sand dunes, and beautiful oasis (oases?) in the desert.

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Tunisia! Didn’t go to Tozeur – will have to add it to the list on our next trip through the area – I will admit to having not seen a single one of the Star Wars films lol but I’m sure it would still be great all the same!

    • Great slideshow Alaeddine – thanks for sharing :)

  13. here what i had in tuisia

    • Hope you enjoyed your time :)

  14. Hi Meg Jerrar, Thank you so much for this amazing post, I love Antonin Baths so much……..this is my dream to visit that place ! The Anonine Baths was a huge Roman bath complex in ancient Carthage, the well-preserved ruins of which can still be viewed today.

    • Definitely some of the most impressive Roman ruins outside of Rome! Hope you have the chance to visit and explore the Carthage ruins at some stage soon :)

  15. I enjoyed a recent trip to Tunisia – including staying in Sidi Bou Said, which is beautiful (and has delicious bamalounis!). However, I was rather underwhelmed by the Roman ruins in/around Carthage. I really recommend getting out to Dougga – amazing Roman ruins there, plus it’s pretty much just you and a few sheep!

    • Thanks for the recommendation James, and glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Tunisia overall :) Any reason you found the Carthage temples underwhelming specifically? Have they just become a bit too touristy by comparison to Dougga? I’ll add Dougga to my list for the next visit.


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