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Authored by Peter Hanson

Phu Quoc island is a relatively unknown tourism destination in Vietnam. Yet, the biggest island in Vietnam and the gulf of Thailand offers no shortage of tourism attractions, landmark, and unique tropical experiences.

As an almost virgin, relatively unknown destination, you can expect a clean tropical paradise with spectacular panoramas. For beach lovers, Phu Quoc is definitely a tropical paradise, but the island offers a wide variety of landscapes from rocky mountains to beaches to the city itself.

If you are looking for your next adventurous destination, Phu Quoc should be a serious contender; here are some of the unique experiences you can enjoy.

Activities You Shouldn’t Miss on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Discover Phu Quoc National Park

Long-tailed macaque

Spreading more than 30,000 hectares, Phu Quoc National Park covers almost half of the Phu Quoc island. It’s hard to miss, and if you happen to be in the area, it’s definitely a must-visit.

There is a wide range of landscape variety, from several types of forests, mangrove, wetlands, rocky mountains, and coastal vegetations. It is home to more than 1,000 plant species and 200 animal species, including 12 globally endangered plants and 19 animals, including hornbill, long-tailed macaque, otter and silver langur.

You can either book a tour to explore the national park, use a motorcycle available for hire, or use the walking trails.

Diving and Snorkeling

Snorkeling by Markolf Zimmer

As a virgin-like, relatively unknown island, it’s no surprise that the clear water of Phu Quoc  is a major attraction for marine enthusiasts.

The water surrounding the island is relatively warm and calm, and the diving experience is relatively easy even for first-timers. The island has a rich marine vegetation, with a beautiful and colorful variety of corals ready to amaze you.

Diving operators and tours are available widely on the island, but there are two main diving destinations: the An Thoi Archipelago, roughly 45 minutes boat trip from the tourism center of Duong Dong, or the Turtle Island (Doi Moi), about 30 minutes boat ride from Duong Dong.

If snorkeling is for you, almost all of the diving operators will gladly cater to your needs.

Visit Dinh Cau Cape, Temple, and Lighthouse

The Dinh Cau cape is often referred as the symbol of the people of Phu Quoc. The part temple, part lighthouse is located on top of the cape at the mouth of Duong Dong river and is the most popular tourism destination on the island.

The lighthouse and the temple is a beautiful historical landmark and the beach near it is an excellent place to enjoy the sunset. After you’ve enjoyed the Dinh Cau cape and beach, the night market of Phu Quoc is fairly close by to indulge your shopping and culinary needs.


For the people of Phu Quoc, fishing is the bread and butter way of living, so it’s no surprise that you can find a lot of great fishing spots across the island.

Various fishing tours are available throughout the island, but the truly unique experience is the night fishing trip, where you can catch squid while enjoying the amazing view of tropical nighttime. Phu Quoc is also famous for their fish sauce, which is exported all around the world, as well as the traditional delight of local seafood dishes.

If you happen to come back with a good catch, ask your guesthouse or local restaurant to cook it for you. You can enjoy your fishing success while spoiling yourself with a Vietnamese seafood delight.

Other Landmarks

Phu Quoc has many other landmarks and attractions too. For animal lovers, the Vinpearl Safari Zoo is the biggest open air zoo in Vietnam, and you can enjoy the wide variety of tropical faunas, some of them rare species. If you are more into natural landmarks, the Tranh stream is a must-go destination, offering you a 15-kilometer long of mountain streams with beautiful forestations and waterfall.

For history lovers, many historical landmarks are also available, including the Phu Quoc prison, exploring the dark past of Vietnam’s history. The best way to explore the island is to use a motorcycle, widely available for hire throughout the island. You can also book a tour to explore various landmarks in one day.


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Photo credits: Sunrise Vietnam Pinterest image by Lenny K Photography. Snorkeling by Markolf Zimmer.


  1. Yet another Thailand island that I have not heard of. This one seems even less touristy…perfect for lazying around, diving, swimming and enjoying local cuisine. I’m sure you’ve been to quite a few of these.

  2. No Punita, Phu Quoc is a Vietnamese island, a paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s known for wild beaches, white sand, resorts, and even a zoo. It has many similarities with Phuket but more pristine.

  3. Phu Quoc looks so pristine! (I wish I knew how to pronounce that name!) As I read your article, I thought I would love to shop the markets, do some snorkeling, and check out the lighthouse (I’m kind of into lighthouses!). Looks like I’ll be adding another location to my bucket list!

    • Yes, Tami. I can not also pronounce that name well. But everyone understands when I say ‘Phu Quoc’, so I think it is quite famous. ;) I will come back this island in May before the tropical storms spoil my plan.

  4. What a gorgeous (and relatively untouched) destination! Certainly a hidden part of Vietnam just waiting to be discovered by the masses. Hopefully I can get here before the secret gets out – I’d love to get a couple of dives in here!

    • Yes, definitely travel soon before word gets out :D!

  5. A nature lovers dream destination! What a beautiful place in Vietnam. I hope the destination continues to stay pristine.

    • I hope so too :) We’ve seen many destinations fall victim to mass tourism and sacrifice their natural beauty to accommodate crowds – I have hope though that the levels of awareness now around sustainable and responsible travel will keep it pristine :)

  6. Phu Quoc Island looks amazing. We love offbeat locations. Will keep in mind if we go to Vietnam this year. The food looks so yummy!

    • Glad you enjoyed Peter’s post! Definitely include Phu Quoc on the itinerary if you do end up in Vietnam :)

  7. Even if not for the water activities, I would love to visit Phu Quoc for other things like the national park, its history and just do some biking around. I would be visiting Vietnam this here and thanks for this post, I’m adding it to my list!

    • Definitely still a lot to offer even for those who don’t like to spend too much time in the water :) The nature, history, wildlife and food are truly special here!

  8. Pho Quoc Island looks amazing. The water is so clear and crystal blue! I love that they will cook your catch for you. Yet another place to add to my list.

    • I know, I love places which will cook your catch for you! Makes it so much easier on tourists in particular who generally don’t have the facilities to do it themselves :) Something so satisfying about knowing you caught it!

  9. Such a gorgeous and pristine island! Not been to Vietnam till now. Phu Quoc looks so fab! How do you pronounce it? :)
    After reading your article, it looks like a great place to chill out.

    Will include it in my itinerary for sure.

    • I believe it’s pronounced foo kwok :) Definitely include it on your itinerary it you make it to Vietnam!

  10. It truly looks like a magical place to discover wildlife, whether it’s on land or in the water! This place looks like another one that I’ll just have to add to my growing bucket list!

    • Absolutely Lauren! Glad Peter’s post could inspire you :)

  11. Phu Quoc island looks simply amazing! I have to admit I didn’t know much about it before reading this article, but it is definitely a place to visit!

    • Glad we could collaborate with Peter to introduce you to Phu Quoc Loredana! Hope you have the chance to visit soon!

  12. I have never heard of this island before. It looks absolutely beautiful. also, the food looks great!

    • Glad we could collaborate with Peter to introduce you :)

  13. @Meg: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my holiday

    • Thankyou for the great post!

  14. its pronounced FUU WUOK :)

    • Thanks!

  15. Phu Quoc is an amazing place! Not only does it has crystal clear beaches but also tasty food and relaxing atmosphere!
    Your blog post make me wanna visit Phu Quoc again :(

    • One of those places you can definitely return to again and again and never get bored of it! Maybe we’ll bump into you on a return trip again soon :)

  16. I do not think the top pic beach is not phu quoc as I have been myself there 2x

    • So glad you had a fabulous time on Phu Quoc Tom! I’ve replaced the header image just in case the photos they sent us were confusing different islands :)

      Thanks for reading!

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